Alex Tyler

Despite a good heart, Alex Tyler found himself in juvie with a rap sheet and a bad reputation, leading to a strained relationship with his parents. Little did he know that his uncle, retired Fire Chief Ted Tyler, was secretly the original Fireball. Ted offered to take Alex under his wing and try to put him back on the straight and narrow.

When the Brain Emperor attacked a reunion of the original Mighty Crusaders, Alex’s uncle was apparently killed, but he was saved by his uncle’s old teammate The Shield, as were the five other teenagers that had been at the party. From this old hero Alex learned the truth about his uncle, and learned that Ted had hoped Alex would take up the mantle of Fireball if anything ever happened to him. After receiving a treatment meant to replicate the accident that gave the his uncle superpowers, Alex became the new Fireball, and joined the New Crusaders.

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