Alice Moreau


Alice Moreau was created by David Elliott for Titan ComicsA1: The Weirding Willows. She is based on the original Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.


Poor Alice can hardly remember her mother and her father, Doctor Philippe Moreau isn’t exactly Mister a Huggy-Wuggy Daddy-Waddy she can talk about her feelings to.

Alice’s mother disappeared when she was 5 or 6. Her only vivid memory of her is putting the owl necklace around her neck and telling her she will always watch over her. Then she was gone. This has caused her to distance herself from her father.

Her last friend Edith ran out of the house screaming when Alice was 13 after they came home and Dr. Moreau and surgically cut both her pet rabbit and cat in half and stitched them together. The “Rabat” died within a few hours, but the “Catnabit” lived for several months.

Alice has two pets now, Dinah, her cat, and Hoetoe, the White Rabbit.

Alice has a utility belt around her waist that has all her different potions and foods that affect her in different ways. The mushrooms she brings back from Wonderland, the potions are from her friend K’Tar Py’Lar Tarsus, farmer and tender of the mushroom fields and the turtles on whose backs they grow.


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