Alicia Masters


Puppet Master replaces Sue with Alicia
Puppet Master replaces Sue with Alicia

The daughter of Jacob and Marcia Reiss, Alicia was blinded in the same explosion that killed her father, which was caused by Phillip Masters. Soon after, Masters married Marcia and raised Alicia as his own. He continued to care for her following the death of her mother, and encouraged her artistic talents. When he attempted to attack the Fantastic Four, Alicia aided him out of a sense of loyalty to him for having raised her and cared for her. Ultimately she turned against her stepfather and aided the Fantastic Four, eventually befriending them.


Alicia was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first appeared in Fantastic Four Vol. 1 issue 8 (1962).

Major Story Arcs

The Coming of Galactus

When Galactus arrives on Earth intending to devour the planet, Alicia is given care over the Silver Surfer, who has been rendered unconscious by a confrontation with the Fantastic Four. Learning of the Surfer’s part in the coming destruction of her world, Alicia appeals to him, begging him to save the Earth. She is able to convince him to help rescue the planet through her impassioned pleas, and he turns on Galactus.

Fantastic Four

Because of her association with the Fantastic Four, and particularly her romantic relationship with the Thing, Alicia is frequently put into harm’s way at the hands of various villains. During her association with the group, she is targeted for abduction or attack numerous times, by such enemies of the Four as Doctor Doom, Annihilus, and the Enclave. This constant danger puts strain on her relationship with the Thing, ultimately causing them to split.


Sometime during the Secret War event, Alicia is secretly replaced by the Skrull agent Lyja, who assumes her identity and infiltrates the Fantastic Four by romancing and ultimately marrying Johnny Storm. This infiltration is ultimately discovered by the group, who rescue Alicia from the stasis she has been kept in. Following the Secret Invasion she joins a support group for Skrull abductees.

Silver Surfer

Alicia becomes romantically involved with the Silver Surfer, who takes her travelling through space as his companion. During this time she wears a Cy-phrr armoured suit which allows her to survive in space, as well as to see energy signatures. She becomes unwittingly involved in a plan by an alien group called the Mergence to absorb the Earth’s life essence, but manages to escape their clutches with the help of the Silver Surfer. Later, she sacrifices her armour to save the Shi’ar homeworld from Galactus and returns to Earth, ending her relationship with the SIlver Surfer in the process.

Return to Ben

After her relationship with the Silver Surfer, Alicia stayed away from the Fantastic Four and Ben for some time. Some years later, she and Ben once more resumed their relationship after Reed Richards and Sue Richards where seemingly lost in the multiverse after the new Secret Wars that had shattered all of reality. While Ben was in morning over the loss of his friends, Alicia stayed with him.


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After the Fantastic Four was reunited, Ben asked Alicia to marry him, and she said yes. At long last, the long-standing lovers finnaly tied the knot and became mister and misses Grim.

Some months after their marriage, Ben and Alicia addopted two alien children anmed N’kalla and Jo-Venn.

Powers and Abilities

Alicia has no superhuman powers or abilities. She is a naturally empathetic and compassionate person, and tends to use her intuitions about peoples’ goodness to guide her. She is a talented sculptor.

Alternate Versions

Earth X

Alicia, like most previously non-powered inhabitants of Earth, gains powers due to a mutative agent. She is married to Ben Grimm, and the pair have two sons.

Ultimate Marvel

A college-age Alicia is studying sculpture at arts college. She encounters Ben Grimm in a park and is kind to him, which puts her in danger from Doctor Doom.

House of M

Alicia, a sculptor and activist, is a member of the resistance which seeks to overthrow the mutant ruling class.

The End

Alicia is married to Ben Grimm, and lives with him and their three children on Mars. She works in terraforming.

Other Media


Incredible Hulk

Alicia appears alongside her stepfather in the episode “Bruce Banner Unmasked”. She is voiced by BJ Ward.

Fantastic Four

Alicia is a recurring supporting character in this series. She is voiced by Pauline Arthur Lomas.

Fantastic Four: World’s Greats Heroes

Alicia appears in a supporting role in this series. She is portrayed as African-American. She is voiced by Sunita Prasad.

The Super Hero Squad Show

Alicia appears in the episode “Blind Rage Knows No Colour!” She is voiced by Tara Strong.


Fantastic Four

Alicia appears in this unreleased film adaptation. She is portrayed by Kat Green.

Fantastic Four

Alicia appears in a minor role in this film, where she is portrayed as African-American. She is portrayed by Kerry Washington.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Alicia has an expanded role in this film. Kerry Washington reprises her role.

Video Games

Fantastic Four

Alicia appears as a minor character who must be rescued in this video game based on the 2005 film of the same name. She is voiced by Cree Summer.

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