Disambiguation: This page is for the several different characters know as Americomando.

For the original Americommando, Tex Thompson aka Mr. America, go here.


As like others names in the DC comics lore, as Manhunter or Starman, Americomando is a name held by several characters unrelated among themselves.

Americommando was used first by Mr America as an epigraph to his name or as an alternative name. But also was the official name of several characters than (except for Tex Thompson, Mr America, the first to use the Americommando moniker ), share the characteristic of being a parody-homage to Marvel’s Captain America.

Fake Americommando: Freedom Fighters

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In Freedom Fighters #7 (March 1977), the villainous Silver Ghost poses as a fictional Americommando, leader of the Crusaders (a parody of Captain and the Invaders). This version of the character was the inspiration for the Earth-8 version and the modern Freedom Fighters villain.

Elseworld Americommando: Kingdom Come

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Other verion of Americommando appeared in the acclaimed elseworld series Kingdom Come, as a minor villain.

Here, Americommando was described as “Captain America as if he were designed by Rob Liefeld” by Kingdom Come creators Alex Ross and Mark Waid.

For more details, go to Americommando.

Brave New World: Agent of SHADE

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In the mini-series Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, a new Americommando appears as an agent of S.H.A.D.E. and its field leader, designed by Father Time to replace Chief Justice as leader of First Strike. To prove his determination Americommomando killed his own speedster, Spin Doctor, for talking him back. This version was more close to the previous incarnation who also fight the Freedom fighters first series, but with strong elements of Ultimate Captain America.

Depiste his blind behavior, Americommando was incapable to stop Uncle Sam. However the spirit of America granted him his own very private desire: go to the moon. Uncle Sam throw Americommando towards the earth’s satellite, delivering him his heart desire. However is unknow if Americommando survived.

Countdown: Earth-8’s President Americommando

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The last known incarnation of the character appeared in the miniseries Lord Havok and the Extremists. Now inhabitating Earth-8, this version of Americommando is not only the leader of a group called the Meta-Militia, an analogue of the Avengers/SHIELD, but also is President of the United States of Angor, with most of their teamates a his cabinet. He made a deal with Monarch to defeat Lord Havok but the treason of former ally Bluejay and the secret plot of Havok ended with most of the Meta Militia killed and Americommando under arrest for crimes against humanity and deposed of his position. This version was more morally dark than their predecessors, by enjoying killing his opponents, or having an affair with the wife of his best friend Bluejay without any guilt.

This version of the character was more a doppelganger of the Ultimate Captain America but included a parody of the Civil War post world present in the Marvel universe from that time.

Post-Flashpoint, Americommando was replaced by American Crusader.

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