Character History

Bonnie is a human who lives in VEGAS in the era of the Grendel Khan. The Grendel’s Palace casino has been taken over by vampires. The authorities know about the vampires, and let them stay in there, but don’t let them out. A number of humans like to visit the casino to get off on the feeling of risk, or because they are into the goth-like vampire aesthetic.

Bonnie is one of these humans. She goes there often, and meets up with Clyde, who has long vampiric teeth. They flirt and dance. He’s even more of a regular than her, and when she drinks scotch, he gets some mysterious other drink.

He seems to be seducing her, and possibly plans to make her a vampire. However, he finally takes out his false teeth, and admits to being a human like her. Now that there’s no danger, her interest in him evaporates, and he drinks himself into a stupor.

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