Booster Gold


Michael Jon Carter was born on December 29th, in the year 2442. He grew up to be a foolhardy and egotistical man, and his only stand out talents were his notorious silver tongue, and his ability to promote himself. Never having been the best student growing up, he took a much deeper liking to sports, and football more specifically. Eventually he acquired a scholarship, and proceeded to become a star of college football, and even gained the nickname ‘Booster’. However, being the scheming and selfish man we’ve all come to know and love, Michael started actually betting on his own games. He was caught rather quickly, and was banned from playing the sport altogether.

Forced to take a part-time job at the Metropolis Space Museum, Michael ‘Booster’ Carter was down, out, and on his last leg. On his nights alone at the museum, Michael began to to take an interest in 20th century history, particularly in that time period’s Superheroes and Villains. After some time he became completely fed up with where his life was going, and began to concoct a scheme. Through the aid of a museum security robot called Skeets, Michael took a Legion Flight Ring from a display involving the Legion of Super-Heroes and a Force Field Belt that belonged to Brainiac 5. He also acquired a power suit that granted him Super Strength and belonged to an unknown Superhero. Lastly he took wrist bands that released Force Bolts and using Rip Hunter‘s Time Sphere he sets off for the 20th Century along with Skeets who possessed some historical records dating back to pre-20th Century history.


Booster Gold was created by Dan Jurgens. His first appearance was in Booster Gold #1 (February 1986). Booster was the first important new DC character made known in the Universe after Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Character Evolution

Modern Age

Booster Gold (Modern Age)
Booster Gold (Modern Age)

Upon arrival in our time, Michael used a credit card he had also taken from the museum and used it to set himself up until he could make a living on his own. He adopted the name Jesus Alvarez on the credit card for a short time telling himself that he would pay him back as soon as he could. After he found a place to stay he quickly made use of his stolen technology from the future and Skeets’ knowledge of events to come in order to mold himself into a successful Superhero. His first experience was saving the President’s life from a villain named Chiller. In gratitude the President honored Booster with the Medal of Honor. Booster planned to use this moment to announce his Superhero name. He planned on calling himself Goldstar but he was so nervous all he got out was “uhh…Booster… No wait Gold…” So the President called him Booster Gold. He shortly created a successful company he called Goldstar Incorporated and his sister and friend Trixie Collins would wear a uniform made by Dr. Jack Soo of S.T.A.R. Labs and they called her Goldstar as well.

An interesting transformation took place for the character eventually. Although his initial appearances focused on that of a kind of corporate celebrity superhero, he later came to take on a very different role. The roots of this are in an animated episode of Justice League Unlimited called the “The Greatest Story Never Told” where he is put on crowd control as the League fights a cataclysm. Unknown to them there is a much larger threat, where a scientist has accidentally opened a portal to another dimension which is going to devour our own. He successfully fights it off, but as he was working alone he never received credit for what he did. This is the same role which he came to play in the limited series 52 where he acted as a monitor (alongside Rip Hunter) of all the actions which are taking place. He later continued this as a member of a group of time travelers that monitored history. In the new 52 it appeared as though this aspect of the character was lost, but in Justice League Annual he meets a future version of himself who informs him that something is wrong with the timeline. Thus the most ostentatious and brash character also becomes one that fixes problems behind the scenes with no recognition.


Booster Gold (Post-Flashpoint)
Booster Gold (Post-Flashpoint)

After Flashpoint, Booster is selected as leader of a Justice League International team (the first of its kind in current continuity). Booster Gold is Canadian superhero in the DC New 52 storyline from Toronto. The Team was put together by the United Nations. The council first nominated Batman as its leader but they thought he would be too head strong and hard to control. So they decided to make Booster Gold the leader because they figured he’d be easy to control and they could control him easily. Booster did a commendable job as team leader and even got words of encouragement from Batman. During the short time this team was around they encountered aliens from space that were Green Lantern level enemies and even a couple of rogue firestorm type enemies. Booster also had an encounter with Blue Beetle which got a lot of fans excited due to the Blue and Gold connection, despite this Blue Beetle being Jaime Reyes.

Major Story Arcs

Modern Age

Booster Begins His Super-Hero Career

Begins his Super-Hero Career
Begins his Super-Hero Career

He proceeded then to found his company Goldstar, Incorporated (later known as Booster Gold International) as a holding company for himself, and also enlists a man named Dirk Davis as his agent. He sets up his company in the heart of Metropolis. Then he quickly makes a name for himself. He becomes Metropolis City’s main guy for a short time because Superman is not around and no one knows were he disappeared. Meanwhile his company would derive its funds from corporate sponsors and Booster’s own shrewd investments using his and Skeets’ knowledge of the past.

When Superman got back to Metropolis he had more than one run in with Booster and he was not a fan of how Booster is a Hero-for-profit. Booster really wants to get Superman to like him and he really wants to get in the Justice League but both things elude him for a long time. Things even get worse when Lex Luthor makes an android that looks like Booster with a piece of Kryptonite in it. This Android Booster runs a-muck of the city and even kidnaps the mayor’s daughter on Superman Day. When Superman hears her screams he quickly takes on the Booster android as gets his blue butt kicked. Then the real Booster arrives and saves Superman. This eases tension between the two and sets them on a path were eventually Superman comes to respect Booster. Booster however, always tells him not to let that get around.

Enter Goldstar II

Goldstar II (Michelle Carter)
Goldstar II (Michelle Carter)

During the Legends crisis Booster is attacked by a mob of anti-superhero radicals. In the attack Booster’s power suit is depleted of energy, and he is physically injured. This forces him to travel forward to the future again to repair his suit. While there he runs into his twin sister Michelle. Michelle had a rough time after Booster left. Things had gotten bad for Michelle and their mother. They lived in near poverty until Booster’s mother died. Then Michelle was on her own. When Booster finds her she decides to go back to the 20th century with him. Back in the 20th century Michelle is happy. Her brother is wealthy and life is good. Unfortunately her time in the 20th century is literally short lived. She uses the costume that was meant for Booster’s super heroine sidekick ‘Goldstar’, and gets caught up in an adventure that gets herself killed much to her brother’s devastation.

Booster Declares Bankruptcy on Goldstar Company

In the midst of the Millennium crisis, in which the Guardians Of The Universe left this dimension, Dirk unveils himself as a lackey for the Manhunter Androids in disguise. He had been redirecting Booster’s finances in the hopes of getting him to bend to the Manhunters’ demands. Using this to his advantage, Booster attempted to infiltrate the Manhunters’ ranks, only to discover they had planted a destructive device at the core of the planet. In his attempts to foil their plans, Booster was declared a traitor by his new found superhero colleagues. He managed to dismantle the doomsday device, and was once again in their good graces. However, after the Millennium crisis is averted and the Manhunters are disposed of, Booster must declare bankruptcy for himself and his company due to the Manhunters’ actions.

Justice League International and The Conglomerate

Justice League International
Justice League International

What spurned from Legends is a Justice League less focused on only America. The Justice League branches out to other parts of the world, such as Europe. Booster Gold was one of the main players of this particular era, joining just after the Millennium Crisis. Other mainstays in this League included others such as Fire, Ice, Blue Beetle, Guy Gardner, Mr. Miracle, and the Martian Manhunter. Maxwell Lord acted as something of a manager for the Justice League and their new International embassy. He was instrumental for Booster’s original induction into the League. It is in the Justice League that Booster becomes such good friends with the Blue Beetle. He also becomes close friends with Fire and Ice.

The Justice League International soon became known for its more humorous and lighthearted take on the League, such as Booster Gold and Blue Beetle’s various schemes and cons, taking advantage of their own super heroism and Justice League membership. One of their more successful ventures was “The Blue and the Gold,” which was a Super-Human Repo service. Another of their infamous cons was set into motion when the living island of Kooey Kooey Kooey had its ownership transferred to the Justice League. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle constructed an enormous club and casino on the island that they named Club JLI. And while it certainly made them a nice quick buck, Maxwell Lord discovered their treachery, and punished them by assigning them to janitorial duty. The resort went bankrupt due to the actions of Major Disaster.

After several of these embarrassing schemes went wrong, Booster eventually began to feel that although he was a fully fledged member of the League, he wasn’t getting any respect from his fellow members, and was largely regarded as a joke of a hero. Because of this, he and Claire Montgomery (Maxwell Lord’s ex-wife) created a new Superhero group known as the Conglomerate, which would be funded by corporate sponsors. It’s members, including Booster, were Reverb, Maxi-Man, Echo, Praxis, Vapor, Gypsy, and Blue Beetle. Eventually though, after some moral dilemmas concerning their priorities as far as sponsorship and duty go, Booster rejoined the League, now under the guide of Superman. The Conglomerate had several later incarnations, although its current status is disbanded.

The Death of Superman


After Booster rejoined the League, now known as the JLA, the Earth soon came under the attack of a seemingly unstoppable alien force. Booster Gold dubbed the monster Doomsday, and the name stuck. During the battle between Earth’s heroes and Doomsday, Booster is injured deeply, and nearly looses his life. Fire suffers from the attack as well and looses her powers Blue Beetle is put in a coma and Superman is seemingly killed. Booster’s power suit, is also destroyed in the melee. His suit which contains much of his future tech and granted him a lot of his abilities, was completely destroyed. The Blue Beetle, after recovering from a coma, quickly built Booster a new suit that replicated his old abilities. Unfortunately, it was entirely too clunky and often malfunctioned. Blue Beetle continually had to make improvements. Superman’s death at the hands of Doomsday, and his victory, rocked the world and foundations of superheroes everywhere. Fortunately, his later return would herald a new hope among their ranks.

While the league was weak they have a confrontation with the Overmaster, a 600 million year-old Galactic conqueror. Booster would spearhead the initial attack against the invading force. In the attack his new suit is destroyed along with one of his arms in a vicious attack by the Devastator, one of the Overmaster’s lackeys. His friend Blue Beetle again came to his aid building yet another suit that acted as a life-support system, and provided a robotic arm in the place of the one he lost. Booster was quoted as saying, “Good friends give you a hand; best friends give you an arm.” At this time Ice is also killed and the Justice League is broken into four main groups known as the Justice League America, the Justice League Europe, the Justice League Task Force and Extreme Justice.

Extreme Justice

Extreme Justice
Extreme Justice

Booster is soon recruited by Captain Atom to join his new team Extreme Justice after the leagues splinter. While on the team, Booster struck a deal with super-villain Monarch, who was able to completely heal Gold, including his lost arm. He could finally remove the suit that was keeping him alive. A new suit, with a slight resemblance to his original, was constructed. Skeets was built into the suit, to allow more easy communication between the two of them. Although, once again, along with the disbanding of Extreme Justice, Booster’s suit is again destroyed. Fortunately, Michael was able to recover his robotic companion from the remains.

Eventually , Booster is out of the league completely and apparently permanently. He goes back to Metropolis where he first began his Superhero career. He has a replacement suit built for him by Professor Hamilton from the remains of Blue Superman’s containment suit. It was made to resemble his original costume, and grants him all of his original abilities.

The Superbuddies Heroes for the Common Man

The Superbuddies
The Superbuddies

Maxwell Lord, claiming that he finally wanted to do something for unselfish reasons, enlisted the help of his old robotic friend L-Ron to recruit Superheroes from the International League era for a new team he was forming. He ended up successfully acquiring the Elongated Man, his wife Sue Dibny, Mary Marvel, Blue Beetle, Fire, Captain Atom, and of course, Booster Gold. Booster had apparently recently married a much older woman by the name of Gladys, with no interest in her aside from her money. She was supposedly a very demanding woman, apparently making him dress as Wonder Woman in the privacy of the bedroom. Booster agreed to join in a last ditch attempt to get back to his super heroic roots, and away from Gladys.

Maxwell established their headquarters in a Queens, New York strip mall, and dubbed the team ‘*The Superbuddies*’. He set up a 1-800 number for the team, and advertised them as ‘Heroes for the Common Man’, claiming that anybody could call them with a problem, and the Superbuddies would solve it. It would seem that Blue Beetle, previously Booster’s best friend and partner-in-crime, had developed a heart condition (something Booster made clear he doubted), and was trying to distance himself from his old, less mature ways. This caused several arguments between the two of them, many times with Blue Beetle claiming that he never liked Booster anyway and that he was now too mature for him. But even in his new found maturity, he still managed to argue with Booster like a 5-year-old.

The team ended up drawing the attention of Manga Khan, an old enemy of the Justice League International, who wanted L-Ron back in his service. Booster deeply angered Khan by accidentally damaging and destroying some of his robotic guards. This almost invoked a full invasion, had the actual Justice League not been there to bail out the new team.

Later, in an attempt to recruit Power Girl in order to bring some sense to the team, Blue Beetle began yet another argument with Booster. In anger, Booster storms off into the halls of the Justice Society mansion. Coming across Dr. Fate‘s room, Booster picks up one of the artifacts he finds, thinking it to be nothing more than a fancy paperweight. Attempting to take out his anger, Booster holds the artifact above him and proclaims the entire Superbuddies team banished to Hell. The next moment, Booster and the remaining active members of the team after the Manga Khan incident, find themselves smack-dab in the middle of Hell. However, after serving at an Underworld Burger-Joint and battling parallel versions of themselves (called “The Power Posse”), Dr. Fate eventually brings them back to the main DCU after Maxwell enlists his help. After this the Superbuddies were disbanded.

The OMAC Project and Infinite Crisis

The O.M.A.C.
The O.M.A.C.

Michael Jon Carter had retired his Superhero identity after the violent murder of Sue Dibney in Identity Crisis, and Skeets had been dismantled by the Checkmate organization due to its comprised future technology. Michael was contacted by his old friend the Blue Beetle, who required his assistance. Ted told Michael that funds had been stolen from his company’s (K.O.R.D. Industries) accounts, and had left him bankrupt. Everybody else had turned Ted away when asked for help, so he contacted Booster. Michael agreed to help his old best friend, and donned the identity of Booster Gold once more. However, after setting off a trap somebody had set at Kord’s home, Booster is severely injured in the resulting explosion. He warns Blue Beetle not to investigate any further, but Ted continues.

After tracing the clues all the way to Switzerland, Blue Beetle finds himself at the headquarters of the Checkmate organization. Ted soon discovers that Maxwell Lord is in fact the Black King, and throughout his time with the Justice League had been gathering data and enough power to assemble an Anti-Meta-human Strike Force. He considers them to be a threat, and reveals that he has all of the Justice League’s files along with Batman‘s satellite known as the Brother Eye to monitor all Meta-human activity. Blue Beetle refuses to join him, and is shot in the head by Maxwell himself.

Booster heals from his injuries, and after tracking down Guy Gardner in space, decides that he wants to investigate Kord’s disappearance with the help of their old Justice League International teammates. After discovering Lord’s treachery, Wonder Woman kills Lord in an attempt to stop his control over Superman‘s mind and the Brother Eye satellite. Superman is freed from Lord’s control, but the satellite initiates a fail safe protocol, and becomes sentient. The OMACs that Brother Eye commands begin to wreak havoc upon meta-humans all over the globe. In the resulting battle, Booster loses many of his old friends from Blue Beetle II and Rocket Red 7, and it nearly killed himself. Blaming himself for not using Skeets’ plethora of historical data, Booster is left as a shell of a man. He informs Beatriz, otherwise known as Fire, his old teammate and friend, that he’s “going home,” and returns to the 25th Century.

Sometime in the midst of the conflict with Checkmate, the JLA Watchtower is destroyed by an explosion. The Martian Manhunter disappears, and chaos breaks loose on Earth. Havoc on the magical realm is being caused by the Spectre, OMACs are murdering meta-humans, and a society of villains is conspiring for an unknown cause. After her murder of Maxwell Lord, Wonder Woman finds herself under intense scrutiny. Superman finds himself losing his priorities. And Batman’s paranoia, only intensifying after the hijacking of Brother Eye, is getting the better of him. As a result, the survivors of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Earth-Two Superman (along with Earth-Two Lois Lane’s), Superboy-Prime, Alexander Luthor of Earth-Three leave their otherworldly refuge in an attempt to save this Universe from itself. Although Alex Luthor had a separate agenda.

Booster Finds The New Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle III (Jaime Reyes)
Blue Beetle III (Jaime Reyes)

Somewhere in the middle of all the chaos, Booster Gold arrives from the future again. Apparently they didn’t arrive when they were supposed to, as Booster expressed that he needed to be back in time to save Ted Kord, but failed. Finding himself in the wreckage of the JLA Watchtower, he and Skeets (now criminals in their time for the hijacking of historical records) set off to Earth to find the original Blue Beetle’s mystic Scarab.

They manage to successfully track the Scarab to the home of Jaime Reyes, a teenager in El Paso, Texas. It has attached itself to his spine, so Booster takes the young Reyes with him. They arrive in the Batcave, and Booster informs Batman that young Jaime (whom to his discomfort, Booster refers to as “the new Blue Beetle”) is the only one who can see the Brother Eye satellite. Booster has learned from the historical records that without Jaime’s help, Batman never finds the satellite and the O.M.A.C.s remain. Also, Booster takes the liberty of inviting the people who come alongside them according to historical data. Using Ted Kord’s ship, Batman, Booster, and Jaime take on Brother Eye in outer space. With the help of Batman and Booster’s team they manage to shut it down, and disable the O.M.A.C.s.

It is revealed that Alexander Luthor had orchestrated all the chaos across the Universe in the hopes of undoing the destruction of the Multiverse that occurred in the original Crisis. His plans are soon undone by the Earth’s heroes, including Booster Gold among them. He is regarded as a hero worldwide, and his fame is returned to him.

52 Weeks


Booster Gold, now stationed in a high-end apartment in Metropolis with Skeets, goes back to his original ways, selling screen time and even space on his uniform to corporate sponsors. However, when Booster Gold realizes that Superman has disappeared, when according to historical data he should be in Metropolis as usual, Skeets begins to malfunction. Several more events fail to occur when they are supposed to according to Skeets’ records, and Booster Gold begins to suspect a fracturing in time that most likely occurred during the Infinite Crisis.

Seeking the help of Rip Hunter, he and Skeets find Rip’s desert bunker. The electronic door is locked, but an atomic clock has it set to open on January 1st, 52 B.C. Skeets infiltrates the time-lock’s systems, and gets the door to open for Booster. He enters, and finds it to be an abandoned mess. A Time-Sphere appears broken, and various notes and objects lay strewn throughout the lab. Two chalk boards stand covered in notes and questions, along with the number 52 scribbled in various areas. Across the top of the chalk-board, the words “TIME IS BROKEN” are written. Booster also discovers several pictures of himself and Skeets, with the words “It’s his fault” scrawled across them, and arrows pointing toward him. Booster disregards what he finds in the lab, and he and Skeets return to Metropolis.

Back in the city, a new masked vigilante by the name of Supernova makes his first appearance, much to Booster’s dismay. The fledgling hero, who exhibits a bizarre array of abilities stemming around bright lights and applied teleportation, begins to take away from Booster’s face time with the press. This forces Gold to work twice as hard as before to gain the public’s attention, and causes him to disregard his old friends when asked for help.

Later, Ralph Dibny, who is investigating a cult that has some connection to his dead wife, visits Booster in his apartment. Dibny attacks Booster after discovering that he might have been able to prevent the murder of his wife had he paid more attention to the historical records he possessed. Gold finds himself becoming more angry and frustrated with where his life and career are going, and in an attempt to make an extra buck, he hires an actor to play a fictitious villain named Manthrax. The two stage a fight, which Booster wins. However, the check Booster pays the actor with bounces, and he proceeds to oust him in public. The actor and Ralph Dibny expose Booster as a fraud to the press, and he soon finds himself going bankrupt once more.

The Death of Booster Gold?

Who is Supernova?
Who is Supernova?

Finally, in one last ditch attempt to restore his name, Booster uses Skeets to find a disaster for him to avert. They discover a sea monster attacking Metropolis, carrying a nuclear submarine grafted to its back. Booster engages the beast, but to no avail. Supernova intervenes, and manages to make the creature simply disappear. The submarine remains however, and is on the verge of meltdown. Booster, pushing Supernova out of the way, carries the submarine into the sky with his force field, and attempts to contain the explosion. The sub explodes, and the destruction is contained. However, onlookers witness what looks like Booster falling to the ground, and Supernova quickly flies to catch him. When he arrives back to Skeets though, it becomes apparent that Booster died in the massive explosion, as all that remains inside his costume is a charred skeleton.

Skeet’s Hunt for Rip Hunter

Skeets finds Daniel Carter
Skeets finds Daniel Carter

Clark Kent assists Skeets in carrying out a small ceremony for Booster, which is only attended by a small number of paid superheroes whom Booster never knew. In his exposure as a fraud, he lost many friends and supporters. After the memorial however, Skeets discovers a young man by the name of Daniel Carter, who is revealed to in fact be Booster Gold’s ancestor.

In an attempt to discover where Booster went astray from history, he enlists the help of Daniel to investigate further into Rip Hunter’s desert laboratory. As Daniel explores the abandoned bunker, Skeets watches on through his visor. Suddenly, Skeets realizes that Booster failed to mention any of the things he found there. What strikes him the most though, are the pictures of Skeets and Booster on the wall, proclaiming that “it’s his fault.” Upon closer inspection, Skeets sees that the messages were in fact saying that it was not Booster at fault, but Skeets himself. He then locks the bunker with Daniel inside, setting to open only on 1,000,000 A.D. A time-vortex trap is set off, and Daniel is stuck reliving one moment over and over again.

Later, Skeets is in Metropolis possessing much more advanced technology. He brings with him an onslaught of pirates from the past and robots from the future, in an attempt to flush out Rip Hunter from wherever it is he is hiding.

Two weeks following, Skeets murders the Time Commander, and tortures Waverider for information regarding Rip Hunter’s whereabouts. Waverider claims that no one knows where or when Rip is, or even what his real name is. Skeets then proceeds to maliciously harm him, and implies that Waverider’s own skin in fact comprises Skeets’ body, after being discovered hundreds of years later.

Skeets didn’t know that Supernova has been under the employ of Rip Hunter. Supernova has been gathering various objects, such as the Staffs of the Starmen, Lex Luthor‘s Kryptonite Gauntlet, and the Shadowthief’s Dimensiometer, in order to create a machine that can destroy Skeets. Rip Hunter has been hiding within the shrunken city of Kandor inside Superman’s Fortress of Solitude in an attempt to stave off Skeets’ crusade to find him. It appears also that Rip is having problems “staying linear”, and must focus in order not to speak a bizarre backwards gibberish. On the last page of the issue, Skeets can be seen floating above the bottled city, listening to the conversation between Rip and Supernova.

The Return of Booster Gold

Skeets attacks
Skeets attacks

As Rip Hunter and Supernova frantically prepare for a battle they know what will happen with Skeets, their refuge in the bottled city of Kandor comes under a fierce attack. Panicking, Hunter tells Supernova to leave Kandor, and distract Skeets. Using the Atom’s Size-Belt, the man under Supernova’s mask leaves the city, and reveals himself to be none other than Booster Gold, much to Skeets’ surprise. When Booster entered Rip Hunter’s desert laboratory, he saw many clues telling him that Skeets was responsible for the fracturing in time. Before Booster could say anything though, he was quickly hidden inside of a Chronal Field, and contacted by Rip. Rip told him all about Skeets and his plans, and what they had to do to stop him. Their plan was for Booster to leave the bunker, and withhold all information found from Skeets. Booster would then run his career into the ground, and play dumb to all that was going on around him. Finally it culminated to one final piece of the plan — faking Booster’s death.

He carried the explosive submarine into the air, and at one crucial point before the explosion, his present body was switched with his real corpse after his actual death in the future (something Booster didn’t seem too happy about). He was then sent 12 weeks into the past, and donned the costume of Supernova. The new powers, he explained, were a combination of various technologies plundered from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, and the Phantom Zone Projector itself, used to create great rays of light, and move things from one place to another, or move them to the Zone itself. Their goal was to gather as many items of power from around Earth as possible, including Nth Metal, Luthor’s K-Gauntlet, and Starman’s Staff, to build something powerful enough to confront Skeets with.

Finally, after Booster narrowly escapes several of Skeets’ attacks, Rip Hunter appears out of Kandor, carrying the Phantom Zone Projector. Skeets absorbs the Phantom Zone into himself. This causes Skeets to be momentarily immobile, an advantage Hunter uses to ready their retreat. He clicks a small device, and begins counting backwards from fifty-two, and he and Booster begin to disappear. However, just before they’re gone completely, Skeets manages to follow them into the time-stream.

World War 3

Death and Destruction
Death and Destruction

After Booster’s return, Black Adam‘s wife and brother in-law, Isis and Osiris, were killed by the Four Horsemen of Apokolips. Isis’ last words to Black Adam instructed him to avenge them. Thus began World War Three. In Pisa, Italy, on Day 4 of the War, Black Adam is found battling members of the Doom Patrol. Briefly, a portal opens in the sky, and Booster Gold appears from it. He mutters to himself that he’s “too soon”, and this isn’t the “right time”. The portal opens again, and he disappears.

At the Greek Parthenon, on Day 5, the Teen Titans recover from a brutal defeat at the hands of Black Adam. Then, in a quick flash of light, Booster Gold appears once more. Riding atop the wing of a jet-plane, he states that this is “still not the right time!”, and rides into another time-portal. Finally, on Day 7 of the War, in China, the final vestige of heroes attack Black Adam. In the heat of the battle, Steel and his niece Natasha prepare a missile they’ve built to take down Adam. It’s purpose is to release a series of nanites within a special gas, whose A.I. will direct them to his brain, and disable his motor-functions. Just before they can launch the missile, Booster Gold leaps from a time-portal directly behind them. Steel and Natasha are surprised to see him, having considered him dead. He tells them that he isn’t dead yet, and grabs their specialized missile. He informs them that it wouldn’t have worked on Adam anyway, and that he needs it more than them. He quickly disappears once more into a portal.

After Adam’s defeat, T.O. Morrow arrives in his home within the Rocky Mountains, in possession of Red Tornado’s remains. He peers within the robot’s last recorded vision from deep space during the Infinite Crisis, and finds himself dumbfounded at what he sees. Suddenly, Rip Hunter and Booster Gold reveal themselves behind Morrow. One week later, Skeets arrives in the headquarters of T.O. Morrow. Finding Morrow in a depressed stupor, and Red Tornado repeating “52” over and over again, he inquires about what the android saw in space. Apparently Tornado created a “map”, which Skeets wants.

Then, Rip Hunter and Booster emerge from a corridor in the back of the quarters. Rip thanks Morrow for luring Skeets, and to “pray for the sake of the 52, we don’t screw up this time!” Booster tries to calm Skeets down, at which point the robot explains why he’s been acting so strangely. At some undisclosed point an alien bug-genius known as Mr. Mind invaded Skeets’ shell, and has been completing his gestation process, and transforming into his next stage. Skeets body falls away, revealing Mind’s newest form. He explains that he’s hungry enough to devour an entire Universe, and that this one will be the first. Rip, frustrated at another apparent failure on their part, commands Booster to collect Skeets’ remains, and they retreat to his Time-Sphere. When Booster asks where they’re going, Rip tells him, “Back. Back to where it all started.”

The New Multiverse

Traveling Through The Multiverse
Traveling Through The Multiverse

As Booster and Rip escape from the newly transformed Mr. Mind, they find themselves in-between worlds, and also within the time-stream. Among them are scores of different Universes, which Rip explains signify the birth of the new Multiverse. They’ve traveled one year into the past, just after Alexander Luthor recreated the Multiverse, then collapsed it again. Apparently, the remaining energy created by this massive manifestation out poured into the time-stream, and created 51 new Universes, not including New Earth. Every one of these Universes and Earths are identical in every way. Soon, all the Earths will be perfectly aligned, all occupying the same space, on different vibrational planes.

Rip explains that when Red Tornado witnessed the birth of this new Multiverse, he created a map which they need in order to navigate through the different worlds. They’re going to have to travel between all these Universes if they plan on saving them from Mr. Mind, who plans on feeding off of them for all of Eternity. Suddenly, Mr. Mind appears, and regurgitates the Phantom Zone at them. However, out of nowhere, Supernova leaps in front of the blast, and deflects it, sending the Phantom Zone elsewhere. He boards the Time-Sphere, joining Rip and Booster.

Booster is rightfully confused by Supernova’s presence, having believed himself to be the masked hero. Supernova removes his mask, revealing himself to be Daniel Carter. Rip saved him from the endless 52-second loop that Mr. Mind trapped him in almost a year ago, and outfitted him with Supernova’s specialized costume. Rip’s part of the deal was that he would bring him back to his home in Pittsburgh. However, Rip goes back on their deal, saying that they still need somebody in Supernova’s costume due to it’s special capabilities.

As the trio try and stay ahead of Mr. Mind, they find that he’s beginning to alter his own vibrational frequency, effectively changing Universes. Rip has Tornado match the frequency, and they follow the monster to Earth-17. Mind begins to devour the Earth’s history, changing entire events and altering centuries of time. Before he can finish, Booster, Daniel and Rip Jump to Earth-3, where they find the Justice League. Suddenly, Mr. Mind arrives, and starts absorbing history once more. He is stopped abruptly, changing the League into the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. They Jump once more, drawing Mind all manner of different Universes. Earth-10 becomes the home of the Freedom Fighters, Earth-50 houses the Wildstorm Universe, and Earth-5 becomes the world of the Marvel Family and other Fawcett creations. Earth-22 is eventually lead into the events of Kingdom Come, Earth-2 holds a variation of the Justice Society, where Superman and Power-Girl are missing. We also witness Earth-4, which becomes the world of various Charlton heroes, including the original Blue Beetle and the Question. Eventually, Booster and company draw themselves and Mr Mind back into the Multiverse, where they must make their last stand.

“52 Universes, moving in harmony like gears in some gigantic, celestial machine. Like flowers in a cosmic garden. Fragrant with the juicy nectar of living intelligence.” –Rip Hunter

Before they initiate Rip’s plan, he plays the Booster and Daniel a simulation of what the Multiverse will look like if Mind wins. A terrible vision is shown to them, scores of “Hyperflies” (Mind’s spawn) feeding off of the energy of the collective Multiverse, leaving all of creation in a mindless darkness for all time. Booster suddenly feels the weight of his responsibility coming down on him, and begins to doubt Rip’s choice in him. Rip tries to reassure him, but to no avail. Having let down Ted Kord, and allowing his only remaining friend, Skeets, to be destroyed, Booster feels that he’s simply destined to fail. Suddenly, Skeets’ remains fizzle and light up, and he utters what words of esteem he can to Booster. Gold, now endowed with new faith in himself, formulates a plan.

Rip needs an energy source, and Booster knows right where to find it. He turns on his time travel circuitry, and goes back even further. After he disappears, Rip confides in Daniel that this moment is the beginning of something seen in the future as the beginning of Booster Gold’s “Glory Days”, and the dawn of the Megaverse. Rip then departs himself, leaving Daniel in charge of the Time-Sphere as he goes to retrieve the last thing they need to defeat Mr. Mind: Suspendium, artificial time.

Elsewhere, Booster arrives at the penultimate moment of the original Crisis, and finds Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle. Ted is looking for his Scarab, and asks Gold for help. Booster uses this as one last chance to talk to his old friend, and to finally say goodbye. The two joke around a little, and then Booster departs after finding the Scarab, and keeps it for the needed energy source. He arrives back at the Time-Sphere, along with Rip, and the two put their plan into motion. Booster plugs Ted’s Scarab into Daniel’s Supernova costume, so they can draw Mind to its power.

“Light up the whole damn sky, Daniel! This one’s for the Blue and the Gold! Saving the Universe one more time! Over here, Ugly! THIS WAY!” — Booster Gold

In the enormous flash of energy, Rip brings the team back to his bunker in the desert, pulling Mind with them. Rip outfits Skeets’ hull with the Suspendium he retrieved, and instructs Booster to trap the now smaller Mr. Mind within. Booster is reluctant, but Skeets tells him that he’d rather go out saving the world than letting it die. Booster says one last goodbye, and traps Mr. Mind. Rip opens a portal, and tells them that they must hurl the shell at a high velocity in order for the Suspendium to hold him, so Booster does what he does best. Telling Daniel to “Go long”, Booster throws Skeets with his best arm, and Daniel chases it through the time-stream. Following it all the way back to Day 1 of *52*, where the Suspendium reaches its highest power-level. Daniel spikes it into the ground, causing it to explode, and reverting Mr. Mind back to his original state. Dr. Sivana finds him, and puts him in the tube where he waits to enter Skeets’ body weeks later. When Daniel arrives back at the Bunker, the trio celebrate the end of the epic battle, and the salvation of the new Multiverse, but not before they mourn their losses. Rip surprises Booster though, when he reveals that he copied Skeets’ mem-self onto a responsometer which Dr. Will Magnus can fix. Magnus manages to successfully copy Skeets’ mind into a brand new body, but without memory of the last year. Booster and Skeets become reacquainted, and a new adventure begins!

Booster Gold: The Greatest Super-Hero That Nobody Knows

Booster Gold protector of Timestream and The Multiverse
Booster Gold protector of Timestream and The Multiverse

Two months following the 52 crisis Booster and Skeets have been in hiding at the home of Daniel Carter, waiting for the right time to show their faces once more. They re-debut themselves by taking on the Royal Flush Gang in Atlantic City. After the Gang is dispatched, the League arrives, disappointed that Booster would use his Emergency Signal when there is in fact no emergency. He asks to join the League once again, much to their disdain. Batman and Superman, however, have faith in Booster, and tell him that he has one week to prove himself.

Back at Daniel’s house, he and Michael get into an argument about Daniel’s laziness. Skeets’ historical records are also apparently still malfunctioning, making it difficult to use them to their fullest advantage when trying to stop disasters. Michael refuses to use them anyhow, as he now considers it “cheating”. Suddenly, in the middle of Daniel’s living room, Rip Hunter arrives in his Time Sphere. Booster has nothing but ill feelings toward Rip now, after “leaving Skeets and his reputation in pieces”. Rip scolds Booster for showing his face to the League, saying that he needed to stay in hiding to protect his knowledge of the Multiverse. Hunter takes Booster with him into the Sphere, leaving Daniel in a broken living room.

After they disappear though, a shadowy figure knocks out Daniel, and steals the suit. Elsewhere, as Booster and Rip traverse the time-stream, Rip reveals that one or more malevolent time-travelers are taking advantage of various “worm-holes” left in the aftermath of Mr. Mind’s feast. Rip drops Booster into the midst of World War III once more, near a plummeting 747. He’s told by Rip that history shows Booster saving the plane. After dropping the aircraft off at a Tokyo airport, an investigative reporter by the name of Rose Levin thanks Booster for his bravery. Rip tells him that woman is another of his ancestors, and she is to start Michael’s direct lineage with Daniel Carter. Rip reveals that he needs Booster’s help to repair the damage to the time-stream, and stop whoever is destroying it. Unfortunately, one of the stipulations is that Michael must shed any popularity he might be regaining with his old allies, so they might continue to believe him a harmless idiot. Booster refuses, not willing to sacrifice any more of his reputation just to stay incognito.

Booster Meets Green Lantern Sinestro

Sinestro fights Booster
Sinestro fights Booster

One week later, Booster arrives at the Hall of Justice to hear the League’s decision. They hand Booster an invitation to the Justice League of America. However, before his eyes, the certificate transforms into the Death Certificate of Hal Jordan. Terrified, and convinced of Rip’s warnings, Booster leaves the Hall, and lies that he simply wanted to be able to turn them down. He arrives at Rip’s old bunker, and demands that if Hunter wants his help, they were going to have to break some of the rules first. Booster wants to save Ted Kord from Maxwell Lord, 8 weeks before the Infinite Crisis ended. Elsewhere, the being who stole the Supernova suit encounters Sinestro, still a Green Lantern, on Korugar.

Back in the Time-Stream Rip Hunter, who refuses to break the cardinal rule of time-travel, denies Booster the chance to save his old friend Ted Kord. He is convinced however, when Booster threatens to leave the mission altogether. Rip gives Gold his solemn word to help him save Ted. Just as they finish their negotiation, Rip’s time-screens (courtesy of T.O. Morrow) reveals that history is undergoing massive change. The Death Certificate of Hal Jordan is their first clue. Rip informs Skeets and Booster that due to their extensive traveling through the time stream, they “chronally contaminate” the things around them, which is why his invitation to the League transformed into Jordan’s death certificate. As they watch the time screens, the very title of the “Greatest Green Lantern of All Time” shifts from Hal Jordan altogether, and becomes Guy Gardner! Apparently, some one or some thing has caused Sinestro to interact with Gardner years before he should. This sets off a chain reaction that causes Abin Sur‘s ring to not find Hal Jordan, but Gardner instead. Because of this, Guy becomes one of the greatest Lanterns of all time, but ends up contracting a “yellow plague” from the planet Ghera, and dies decades before he should. Sinestro goes renegade without opposition, and forges the Sinestro Corps long before the current time-line. He ends up conquering the whole of the universe, turning everything into a militant state.Booster accepts his mission, and Rip goes “time-diving” to find out who has been tampering with things.

Booster goes back in time to 8 Years ago in Pasadena, California. He sees Guy Gardner skips Christmas with his mother and father to watch the Rose Bowl between University of Michigan and Washington. Booster watches from afar, observing that Gardner looks distraught, and constantly eying pay phones. Suddenly, Sinestro enters Earth’s atmosphere, and Booster intercepts him before he finds Gardner. Sinestro becomes irritated, and engages Booster, leveling half of the stadium in the process. Booster manages to survive after Skeets reveals that the Green Lanterns are still susceptible to the yellow impurity. Sinestro explains that somebody in white with a mask warned him that Gardner would surpass him as Green Lantern, and he has come to deduce how it would be possible to usurp him.

Back in the time-stream Rip Hunter continues diving, passing several wormholes and alternate dimensions and time-lines. Suddenly, his machines start detecting something off-the-charts, and he discovers a huge spherical structure residing within the time-stream.

Elsewhere, back in Pasadena Sinestro continues his zeal to encounter Guy Gardner, but Booster Gold once again interferes. Just before Sinestro once again beats him to a pulp, Booster shouts that he is, in fact, Sinestro’s biggest fan. He lies that in the future, everybody worships the legend of Sinestro, and that he has come from the future to warn Great Sinestro that the Qwardians would deceive him, and try to reveal his own fears. By seeking out Guy, he would show his fear of being replaced, and Booster has come to tell him “what he already knows in his heart”, and that is that Sinestro can never be replaced. Sinestro, content with himself, notices Booster’s yellow flight-ring. Booster explains that they all wear rings as tribute to him in the future, and that they’re all members of the “Sinestro Corps”, incidentally inspiring Sinestro to forge the faction in the future.

Sinestro departs Earth, and Booster seeks out Guy. Borrowing some clothes, Michael finds him drinking in a local bar. Booster manages to get Guy to talk about his problems, which stem from his relationship with his father. Apparently Gardner’s father is dying, and wants to reconcile with his son. Booster reveals something about his own father, which he notes that he’s never even told Ted. Gold’s own father was a crook and a gambler, and he died without the chance to see him again. This inspires Guy to go see his father one last time, and gives Booster his Rose Bowl tickets. Apparently this sets in motion the events that cause Hal Jordan to receive Abin Sur’s ring, putting Gardner in the second spot he so openly loathes.

The New Supernova

Who is Supernova II?
Who is Supernova II?

Booster returns to Rip’s time-sphere, when suddenly his invitation once again transforms, but this time into the Death Certificate of Superman! Booster finds that Rip is gone, but when he looks outside of the sphere, he finds Hunter idly floating and injured, and Supernova chasing him! Skeets deduces that the being inside the suit is not Daniel Carter, but before they can investigate any further, “Supernova” enters a wormhole and disappears into the wild west. He shifts into some cowboy appropriate attire, and enters a bar, proclaiming that he needs a “gun-fer-hire”. Across the bar, none other than Jonah Hex accepts the bounty.Booster then heads back to his ancestor’s, Daniel Carter’s, wrecked home to inquire about the Supernova suit. Daniel, completely oblivious as to who has taken the suit, answers a knock at his door to reveal Rose Levin, his future wife, and wannabe journalist. Booster and Rip leave for the wild west prior to her entering.

Looking once again at the death certificate of Superman, Rip notices that there are no anomalies near Superman’s lifeline. In fact the fluctuation appears around Jonathan Kent, more specifically his great-grandfather’s birth and his doctor, Doctor Westfield, at the time. Without the Doctor, whom Jonah Hex refused to kill, his great-grandfather would have suffered a problematic birth, leading to his death. Superman, when landing in the field on the Kent Farm, wouldn’t have been greeted by the Kent’s, but rather by Lionel Luthor, coincidentally in passing. Taken into his home, Superman and Lex Luthor would become close brothers until Lex found out Superman’s secret on one of his birthday’s, thus devoting his life to destroying him… succeeding only a year later. In order to get any information from Jonah Hex, Booster is required to out-drink him and pay for the whiskey. Doing so he learns that Jonah did decline the kill. Now heading for Doctor Westfield’s house, Booster and Skeets have an entertaining moment, noting that Booster is still hammered drunk from the whiskey.

Arriving at the house, Supernova appears, deciding to kill Doctor Westfield himself by teleporting buffalo to trample him. Booster dives into them, and saves Doctor Westfield and his wife, right as Supernova took off into the time stream. Booster and Skeets return to Rip’s time sphere, prompting Doctor Westfield to say, after getting off the ground, all muddied up, “I’ve had enough of Kansas, we’re movin’ back to Smallville.” putting him right where he’d be needed to help deliver the next Kent. Back in the time sphere, Booster, still drunk, takes the wheel of the time sphere to chase Supernova and find out who he really is, but promptly crashes into Wally West and Barry Allen, the Flash and Kid Flash. Both speedsters offer their help in catching the villain who arrives to Central City several hours before the accident that will transform Barry Allen into the Flash. Moments later, another time sphere materializes with two figures in it – Rex Hunter and Supernova. Rex reveals that his real plan is to never let Justice League of America gather thus becoming the greatest hero in the history along with his partner. Barry Allen and Wally West try to stop them but suddenly disappear being erased from the history. Booster notices the lightning rod on the roof of City Hall building which must not be there as it won’t let Barry get his powers. He rushes there to tear it down but Supernova attacks him. They continue their fight in the air where Booster manages to take off his opponent’s mask only to see his father’s face underneath it. He removes the rod few seconds before lightning strikes thanks to Skeets’ help. Angered, father attacks his son but lightning hits him too, burning chronal energy cells in the suit and sending him to another time period without opportunity to ever return from it.

Changing History

Booster tries to changes history
Booster tries to changes history

Back in the time sphere, Rip and Booster start arguing about saving the life of Ted Kord. Rip reluctantly agrees, but asks him to save one last person – Barbara Gordon – from being shot by Joker. He goes back in time several times trying not to let this happen, but no matter how hard he tried she always ends up being crippled. After one of Booster’s unfortunate efforts Rip says that this event is cannot be changed because it’s solidified time (just as Ted Kord’s death). In this moment, the Black Beetle (who claims to be the Blue Beetle from the future) along with two other bearers of this mantle ( Dan Garrett and Jaime Reyes) appear in the lab. He claims that Booster’s help is required in saving his friend’s life. Booster willingly joins them despite Rip’s protests. Afterwords, Booster and Rip manage to rescue Ted Kord, it is later revealed that with out the death of Ted Kord, Max Lord accomplishes his early plan in killing many of the DCU’s heroes. Ted Kord then decides to sacrifice himself and returns to the time were he is killed by Maxwell Lord, in order to save the heroes of Earth. But Booster was not left alone, as Rip Hunter surprises Booster by rescuing Booster’s sister Michelle right before she died in one of Booster Gold’s early adventures. It is later revealed that Booster Gold is in fact Rip Hunter’s father. Although Booster is unaware of this, Rip Hunter seems to know.

Blackest Night

Black Lantern Ted Kord
Black Lantern Ted Kord

During the attack of Nekron and his Black Lanterns on earth, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes) team up to fight the resurrected Ted Kord and keep him from destroying Supernova and his future wife. After the events that took place in Cost City. Booster Gold and Rip Hunter went back home to Hunter Time Lab. Rip Hunter had to go to the Vanishing Point to look at the events on videos. Booster went to Rip Hunter lab and saw his sister (Goldstar) was packing up and leaving. Booster Gold told his sister not to leave and apologized for the death of her boyfriend. Michelle sister decided to stay and help out.

The Tomorrow Memory

Booster goes back in time to stop Sondra Crain from stopping the destruction of Coast City. In the process Booster finds Goldstar and rescues her and brings her back to Vanishing Point. In the story arc it revealed the Rip Hunter is Booster Gold’s son, although it unknown to present day Booster.

Booster Being a Father Figure

Booster is like a father to Rani
Booster is like a father to Rani

While running an errand for Rip to the 31st century to save the people from Darkseid‘s lasers and a little girl told Booster that she had to use the bathroom. on the planet Daxam during its untimely destruction, Booster met up with a group of survivors and tried to help them escape. Unfortunately the posse ran into the Emerald Empress. Trying to save the day Booster led the Eye away, but the Empress ended up murdering nearly everyone anyways. Feeling terrible guilt for not saving everyone, Booster brought the only survivor, a little Daxam girl named Rani, back home with him.Booster Gold went back home to Rip Hunter‘s Lab with the little girl. Rip informs Booster that he went on the wrong day before the war happened. Booster Gold wrote it on a back of a blank white paper that day but he got it wrong. Rip congratulates Booster on being a daddy and taking care of the little girl. Rani in a way helps to improve Michael’s attitude as he tries to cut down on swearing and be more of a role model.

Justice League Generation Lost

The Generation Lost
The Generation Lost

After Maxwell Lord returned from the dead in Blackest Night, he used his mind control abilities to make the world forget he ever existed with the exception of Booster and the rest of his former Justice League teammates. Remaining in the present, Booster is working with his old teammates to stop Maxwell Lord and whatever scheme he is working on. Booster Gold was badly beaten up by Max Lord at the old Justice League Embassy in New York City. There was a lot of blood on the ground. Booster Gold called Captain Atom, Fire, Ice from the old JLI radio signal help came Captain Atom, Fire, and Ice were there to help him.

Max Lord over did himself with blood and the air waves went across the World where the superheroes where looking for him. Max Lord wipes their memories clean. Superman arrived at the scene when Captain Atom told Superman you just missed him. Booster Gold told Superman that Wonder Women snap Max Lord neck and killed him. Superman said Wonder Women would not kill after showing him the computer pictures Superman got a radio call from the Pacific that a oil rig was leaking and he flew away to help them. Booster Gold, Ice, Fire, Captain Atom were on their own. Booster Gold went to see the new Batman [Dick Grayson] and told him about the past O.M.A.C. Project and the Reforming the Justice League of America in the past and that Max Lord killed Ted Kord.

Batman told Booster Gold that it was Lex Luther who did the O.M.A.C. Project and that Ted Kord killed himself. Booster Gold was shocked. Back at the old Justice League International Embassy, bad things happened. Captain Atom got court-martialed, Fire was fired from Checkmate, Ice and Guy Gardner got in a fight and broke up. The team wanted to give up searching Max Lord when all of a sudden, Skeets told Booster Gold that there’s a call coming from El Paso, Texas. The team went to El Paso to find the problem and it turned out to be that the new Blue Beetle [Jaime Reyes] and his family were in trouble from O.M.A.C.s. Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Fire and Ice started to help. When Blue Beetle tried to attack and get rid of the O.M.A.C.s a portal opened and took Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Booster Gold, Fire, & Ice to another part of the world. Booster Gold is not sure where they are and Blue Beetle then remembers who Max Lord is and what he did to them in the past. Captain Atom told Beetle welcome to the club. Skeets told Booster Gold and the team that they where in Russia not that far from St. Petersburg.

Booster Leads The Team

Booster Leader of JLI
Booster Leader of JLI

The Rocket Red started to attack the intruders. Booster Gold mentions that Rocket Red was part of the Justice League a long time ago. Booster Gold and the team and Rocket Red went back to New York old embassy of the JLI to find Max Lord at Checkmate Base. The team dressed up in Rocket Red armor so they will not be spotted by the Checkmate Army after a big battle with Checkmate they where captured by a big army of Checkmate soldiers in the cargo hole of the base. Booster Gold and Captain Atom and Blue Beetle III where in Germany’s old JLU embassy where fire was prisoner by Max Lord and Max had mind control her to kill her team mates. Captain Atom stopped her powers from exploding larger. Booster Gold was fighting Max Lord and he was injured and he made Booster Gold stand still over his mind control powers and Max lord fleas to the teleport to make new plans to get Booster Gold and his new superheros team. Booster Gold and Captain Atom, Fire and Ice and the new Rocket Red where in Germany at the old embassy talking about ways to hunt and track down Max Lord. Skeets told Booster Gold and the Team that they found more information that Max Lord is using robots for a army that was in Hong Kong, China.

The team split up and look more information about Max Lord. Rocket Red and Fire and Ice where in China at the robot factory to see and look around about the plans Max was doing with robots. The team was shocked to hear that the attack was booby trap and the Metal Men where where mind control to attack Fire and Ice also the new Rocket Red. Booster Gold and Captain Atom and Blue Beetle where discovering the O.M.A.C. costumes where fake and there was trouble and that Magog was going to attack and kill Captain Atom. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle where attacking Magog and Captain Atom said to them this is not your fight at all and Booster Gold and Blue Beetle left defending Captain Atom to himself in this fight. After Captain Atom was sent to Japan and seeing the new Justice League of America in years to come he was sent back in his time.

The team Booster Gold and Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, Rocket Red, Fire and Ice were seen in the old JLI Embassy base in the desert Greater Victoria Australia. At the Australian JLI Embassy the team was talking about all the events that Max Lord did to them for Ice being mind control to kill Fire and Captain Atom being sent to different timelines and seeing different versions of the Justice League of America after talking about the events something was going to happen and it did a helicopter came with soldiers and the team found out that where Creature Commandos and they where going to attack the team. The team fought back and at the end something bad just happened Fire was shot by one of the Creature Commandos. As the JLI Embassy in Greater Victoria Australia was under attack by the Creature Commandos and some GI.Robot’s. Booster Gold and Rocket Red and Blue Beetle where fighting back and Ice need it Blue Beetle help to find a medic to heal Fire’s gun shot to the stomach. The found a medic and took his bandages off and put them in Fire to heal. Booster Gold was telling them that he will not let the Creature Commandos win the battle. Blue Beetle and Ice are doing there best to help out to win the fight.

When Medusa the snake lady blinded Ice and one of the GI.Robots turned out to be Max Lord he told his soldiers to take the knocked out Blue Beetle to the teleporter to his base. Fire got up and was healed from her gun shot for he bandages and she was getting Max Lord from taking Blue Beetle but she was too late Max Lord took Blue Beetle back to his base. In Australia the Creature Commandos mind control power stopped and Booster Gold told them that they where in Australia. Captain Atom and Fire and Ice also Booster Gold and Rocket Red where cleaning up in the aftermath of the attack in Australia after everything was done in Australia the team teleported to the Japan to the Japanese JLI Embassy in Tokyo to hut down Max Lord and find Blue Beetle. Booster Gold and Captain Atom with Ice and Fire with Rocket Red where looking for tracks to find Max Lord when all of a sudden Power Girl was mind controlled to kill Captain Atom She was brainwashed to kill the team. The team stopped her and brought her back to life and brought her to the team to hunt down Max Lord and find there friend Blue Beetle before it is too late. As the team got together with now Captain Atom, Booster Gold, The new Rocket Red and Fire and now Power Girl. Booster Gold told her to go back to the U.S.A and tell every superhero that Max Lord is in Japan. The team went to find Blue Beetle call location and Max Lord had other plans for Blue Beetle. Blue Beetle attacked Max Lord but Max Lord had other plans for Blue Beetle and told Blue Beetle that he read about his Scarab Bug.

Booster Fights Maxwell Lord

Booster vs Maxwell
Booster vs Maxwell

The team was very close to save Blue Beetle but Max Lord pulled out a gun and shot Blue Beetle on the head and Booster Gold yelled out JAMIE and the team where in shock to see this happen again that Max Lord was rewriting history since he killed Ted Kord back in 2005 Countdown to Infinite Crisis storyline. Booster Gold and Captain Atom, Fire and Ice with Rocket Red where very upset with the loss of Blue Beetle III and the team was thing off breaking up from all the events that happened in Chicago that Max Lord did. Booster Gold was very upset and did not want to phone Beetle parents and tell them that there 17 year old son was killed in a mission traveling the World to hunt down Max Lord. Booster Gold was forced to continue as team leader by Captain Atom and Fire and Ice and Rocket Red. A voice came up and told them I know what Max Lord plans are and what he doing right now. Booster Gold and Captain Atom also Fire and Ice with the Rocket Red where in shock to see him alive back in shape to continue to look for Max Lord. A voice came up with Power Girl and she join the team to find Max Lord with the help of Batman. Batman has joined the team, helps them find Max lord and track down his plans about the OMAC Army. Booster Gold, Captain Atom and Power Girl with Fire and Ice and the new Rocket Red and the new Blue Beetle III where looking for the new Wonder Women.

They try to tell her that she was in a trap and Batman and the JLI help her and try to get her to safety and the OMAC Army came to get her and the JLI. Batman and the JLI where fighting the OMAC Prime Army in the sky and Booster Gold found out where Max Lord was hiding in that Chess Knight base in the sky and there on the second attack to fight each other. The JLI are now fighting an OMAC Prime that has taken the powers of the JLI. It is up to Booster Gold to fight Max Lord. Batman and Power Girl and Captain Atom and the rest of the team have split up for the attack the ones fighting the OMAC Prime are in LA are the new Wonder Women, Blue Beetle Rocket Red, Booster Gold and Fire and Ice. On the streets of LA the battle of OMAC Prime was hard to defeat since it had all of there power the team Captain Atom, Power Girl, Blue Beetle III and Fire and Ice and the New Rocket Red where fighting everything they got to knock out the OMAC Prime solider.

Booster Gold was fighting Max Lord and was upset what he had done to the team and old members of the Justice League International and European team. Booster Gold got mad at Max and the events that happened while looking for him. Booster Gold got Max Lord to the ground and Captain Atom drained out his memory and powers and flew away and blew up to save the team lives. Batman told the team that it is done we got him. Max told the team its just started and he teleported away and two day later the JLI Members saw him on TV and Internet and he talk about all the past events he did as a killer and he told in a interview that he we will be watching over the members of the Justice League International. Batman told Booster Gold that he was proud of him for bring back the old JLI to hunt down Max Lord and with Batman’s return to help them out. Booster Gold told Batman it is not over. Batman told Booster Gold it is never over never. Batman told Booster Gold that he was making a new Justice League International team and that he wants Booster Gold on the team.

The Blue and The Gold Are Back

The Blue and The Gold
The Blue and The Gold

Booster wants to rest, but Rip calls him over to see in the computer revealing the return of Ted Kord’s killer, Maxwell Lord. Booster Gold went back in time to see the Justice League America before it went International. While back in the 1980’s era he saw John Johns and Guy Gardner. John Johns said you are not the Booster Gold I know at all. John Jones was mad at him. Booster Gold said look at the time bye John. The younger version of Booster Gold came and said to you talking to yourself John boy. Booster Gold went to see his old bedroom and Black Canary came and was mad at Booster Gold about that date they had in the newspaper and it was in the magazine. Booster hide and told Black Canary that he was in the shower she left and told Skeets if it happens again I will kill him. Booster saw Max Lord in the hallway and talked a bit Max said good night Booster. Booster Gold went in Max’s office to find evidence about the Justice League and Justice League Europe. Booster Gold found the video tape and took it back home Skeets told Booster Gold that we have DVD’s not VCR anymore.

Booster went back home to Rip Hunter’s time lab he lost the tape booster Gold sward so loud. Rip Hunter told Booster that you can’t take stuff from the past. Booster Gold saw the little girl and she sward too. Booster Gold said to her lets go wash our mouth out with soap of bad language. Booster Gold sister came back from outside and she saw a little girl and Booster Gold told his sister that the little girl is his daughter. Booster’s sister got mad at him and Booster sister said to him it is your responsibility to take care of her. Booster sister keep her company for a bit when Booster Gold went back in to time in the 1980’s to see Ted Kord and Mr Miracle and Big Barda and go on adventure to find a secret book about the time line of the end. Booster Gold and Mr Miracle, Big Barda where in space to stop a bomb from blowing up in space when all of a sudden the Darkstars Police came to stop them. Booster Gold and Big Barda and Mr Miracle where stopping the bomb before it blew up but the Darkstars police where going to get him but escape by boom tube and went back home to Earth.

Booster Gold said something silly and told Mr Miracle and Big Barda that they left Ted behind. Big Barda got mad at Booster Gold pushed his head to the wall and Mr Miracle and Big Barda left for home leaving Booster Gold by himself to get Ted. Booster went back to Rip Hunter Time Lab and told him that he needs to go back and get Ted and save the problem about Max Lord when he gets back to his time. Booster Gold got Ted and he found out that he was squirrel and the princess told the Darkstars police to take Booster Gold and his friend to prison. Booster Gold was in prison and he meet Brainiac 5 there who was part of the R.E.B.E.L.S new team he found Booster Gold annoying to talk to and left a jail break started Booster was going to escape when he saw Skeets turned in to a adult. It was not Skeets it was some kind of female alien that liked Booster Gold. She ate Ted the chipmunk. Booster Gold got mad at her for eating the little chipmunk. Skeets got his costume and told Booster Gold to get changed and help out in the attack. When the battle was over Booster Gold was punching the alien female in the get to get chipmunk out of her mouth. Booster Gold went back to the JLI Embassy and told Ted how did you escape the stomach. Ted told Booster Gold he tickled the stomach and came out.

Booster went back to see her and they went up on the ship with all female aliens. The alien captain barfed out Ted and Booster Gold where going to be killed by the female crew they escaped and made it back home. Ted told Booster Gold about the book magic that they never found or got. Booster Gold told Ted that he will not go back and got it. Booster Gold yelled and said no to Ted that he will not get it for him. Booster Gold went back and got the book and gave it to Ted and said good bye to him and went back to his timeline.

Booster Travel to WWII, to Save Rani

Booster meets General Glory
Booster meets General Glory

Booster Gold went back to Rip Hunter and he found out that the little girl was missing. Booster Gold told Rip Hunter where was she. Rip Hunter said to Booster Gold that she is in the year 1943 the Second World War. Booster Gold went to the year 1943 to find the little girl and he saw General Glory a old member of the Justice League International with his ward that help Booster Gold to find the little girl. Booster Gold found the little girl and took her home. Rip Hunter said to Booster Gold that he has to destroy the time machine so that the Germans soldiers wood not use it at all. Booster Gold and General Glory was fighting the head master of the German army and they defeated him. Booster Gold destroyed the machine and head back to home. Booster Gold sister told him that he was not nice to the little girl and that why she left the group to explore and at a bad time. Booster Gold said that he will take care and watch her when he is a bit busy with stuff hoping like Max Lord and the timelines hoping. Booster Gold travels back to the day before Ted Kord became the Blue Beetle. Booster Gold stopped a bank robber on the streets and he found out it was his best friend Ted Kord.

Booster Gold got very mad at this and he made a promise that he would let go of Ted Kord. He move on with his life in his time line and that Ted Kord was dead in his time line. Booster Gold put a flower at Ted Kord grave and said his good bye to him the final time and continue on his life. Booster Gold went back to Rip Hunter’s Lab and told Rip Hunter that it done and he has moved on now to the current year in time lines. Ted Kord grave was still there in years to come from the end of the World to a new world of people. Booster Gold was seen with Skeets in downtown Metropolis fighting a armored solider on the streets when all the people saw him fighting the solider on the streets. The people in the coffee shop where scared that Booster Gold might punch him in the window. After the fight a girl gave Booster Gold a free coffee and told him not to come back to this coffee location at all. Booster Gold told that he always come here all the time for coffee the girl said that her boss

dose not want him to come back. Booster Gold flew away and drank his coffee in the air. Booster Gold got mad at Skeets about the problem and Skeets told him that they have different places that have his coffee shops there called franchise company’s. Booster Gold went back to Rip Hunter’s Lab to see him and his sister Goldstar. Booster Gold will not know to the very end that he is being spy on by new soldiers.

Booster Goes to Jail

Perforated Man vs Booster Gold
Perforated Man vs Booster Gold

At Rip Hunter’s Lab Booster Gold is talking to Rip Hunter about his silly life. Rip Hunter was understanding Booster Gold when all of a sudden Rip Hunter said to Booster Gold that you stole that costume back in time at the museum. Booster Gold said yes I did took the costume back in time is that a problem. Rip Hunter grab a gun and electric shock Booster Gold and told him that he is under arrest for stealing the costume. Booster Gold fell to the ground from the electric shock. Booster Gold was in the ground and Goldstar and Rip Hunter where talking about Booster Gold past being a thief in the 25th Century and settling stuff to make his costume to become Booster Gold. Booster Gold and Rip Hunter where arguing about whose fault it was. Rip Hunter Lab was under attack by the German soldiers time travel thieves that came from World War II.

Booster Gold told old star and Raini to hide until it was safe to come out of hiding. Booster Gold and Rip Hunter attacked the German Soldiers [Time thieves] Rip Hunter was badly hurt and he went to see Rani was safe. Booster Gold and Goldstar attacked the soldiers and left Booster Gold to fight the boss after Booster Gold defeated the German boss. Rip Hunter got Booster Gold a back up Skeets to keep him happy again. Booster Gold was going in trail for his past crime. In the courtroom in the 25 Century Booster gold was given five years in jail. In jail Michael was in a vision room he was at the beach sitting down on a chair and talking to two girls they wanted his autograph and draw a heart for them on there butt. Michael said to them that he was getting a tan. The time was up and Michael was sad and a guard passed by him and said get used to it Michael Jon Carter and you have a new prisoner and the guard told him that he he killed his old cell mate. The jailer said hello to Michael and laugh at him like Ted Kord used to do BAA HA HA HA.

Booster Gold was back at Rip Hunter time lab in Arizona. Rip Hunter was glad to see him again and so was Booster Gold sister and Rani she was giving Booster Gold a hug and told him to come see him in her room to watch a movie to keep her company. Booster Gold said to her that she will be there soon. Booster Gold told his story about the prisoner he met in the 25th century jail. Booster Gold was in shock that the prisoner was him in the near future and that the prisoner was very sick of traveling in time and events and places. Booster Gold told him that he can get help for him the prisoner said no it’s all Rip Hunter problem he is not to be trusted at all. Booster Gold and the prisoner where fighting in different time lines and events and at the very end as the prisoner infected told Booster Gold that the time has come to an end for them and the Flashpoint was coming very soon. Booster Gold was seen helping the Legion of Superheroes in a battle and he and Brainiac became friends for a while and Brainiac got rid of his infection in his face from a machine that cleaned his body up. After Booster Gold and Brainac where done talking he went back to Rip Hunter Time Lab and told Rip Hunter about where he was.

Time Masters

Booster meets Starfire
Booster meets Starfire

Booster Gold and with the help of Superman, Rip Hunter , Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) are tracing the steps to find out with ever happened to Batman after the Final Crisis as the Time Masters. Bruce Wayne left the prehistoric era and is in another time line. Superman, Booster Gold, Green Lantern, Rip Hunter missed Bruce by a second. Superman told Booster Gold, Green Lantern that he can survive at any time line. Superman said I can hear every heart beating but Bruce is not one of them. Superman said if he makes it back to the 21st Century everyone will die we have to find him before its too late. Rip Hunter and Superman, Booster Gold and Green Lantern went to the vanishing point to find where Batman was the computer told them that they do not have much time left to find him. Bruce Wayne was seen on the computer screen and told the searchers that he was sorry and he had to go. Bruce Wayne took the time sphere with him leaving the Time Masters behind in the vanishing point trying there find there way back with out Rip Hunter’s time sphere.

Rip Hunter , Booster Gold and Superman also Green Lantern are trying to head out home to go on the blackboard to find Batman where he is. The team are then lost in time and Booster, Superman, and Hal are trapped on another world where Booster meets Starfire. Later on Booster and his team finds Batman, Rip and Booster go back to Rip’s lab and Superman and Green Lantern go to the Justice League building to see Batman and get rid of the radiation out of Batman. During this event Supernova who help save Goldstar and Time Masters, reveled to be an older Booster. When Rip Hunter and Booster come home the Lab, Rip finds see writing on his blackboard that he didn’t write himself about Flashpoint.


Booster in the World of Flashpoint
Booster in the World of Flashpoint

Booster and Rip return to the Time Lab after the adventures in Time Masters: Vanishing Point and while Booster is in the kitchen with Michelle, a wave flashes over them. Michael finds himself alone with Skeets in an deserted time lab. Booster and Skeets start to investigate only to find that Coast City is now a military strong hold. Presumed to be an Atlantean soldier by the government. They where the Sea Devils as a military soldiers instead (as the Atlanteans were at war with the Amazonians, of which had caused the destruction Europe), Booster tries to take cover from enemy fire. Booster and Skeets then believe that they have inadvertently stepped into an alternate time-stream, only for Skeets to realize that they were in fact in the correct time-stream, of which has been severely altered, before Skeets becomes damaged following heavy fire from the government, leaving Booster alone in this unfamiliar world. As Booster attempts to explain himself, he is confronted by this new world’s version of Doomsday, who is controlled by an alternate timeline version of Captain Atom via mental link. After escaping with a presumably innocent bystander, named Alexandra Gianopoulos, Michael attempts to investigate further by visiting Gotham City, only to be met once more by Doomsday, who has escaped the control of Captain Atom. After the ensuing conflict, Booster is later captured by the government, still thinking that he is an Atlantean, after the mental-link with Doomsday had been re-established (Booster had previously attempted to stop Doomsday repeating history as the temporarily independent monster was heading on a path of destruction to Metropolis). Later at the military base, Doomsday breaks himself free from the mental control of the government, but is later killed by Alexandra as she saved Booster’s life. She tries to travel to the new timeline with Booster, but events take place prevent her trip. She does, however, have a valuable connection to the events of Flashpoint and the writings on the chalkboard in Rip Hunter’s Time Lab. Along with Barry Allen, Michael was one of the few characters to remember the status-quo pre-Flashpoint.

Justice League International

Booster leads the JLI
Booster leads the JLI

When the U.N. wanted to put together their own team, Booster was the perfect leader because he was obsessed with PR and was easy to control. Their trial run was against a robot in Peru, but when Booster determined they were outmatched, he ordered a tactical retreat. The U.N. was unhappy with Booster’s decision, but Batman respected him, agreeing he made the right call. They figured out that the robot was just 1 of 4 Signal Men that were being manipulated by an alien. After Booster’s team takes him out, the U.N. officially announces them as an official Justice League International.

Unfortunately, the official announcement was attacked by a terrorist attack by the Burners. Many people died, including their U.N. liaison, Andre Briggs, and their Rocket Red member, Gavril Ivanovich, while a few members were hospitalized. In the aftermath, the U.N. disbanded the team, but the members were still being targeted. They stick together to stop the Burners and their anti-establishment crusade. Once successful, they decide to stick together during Gavril’s funeral thanks to the financial backing of Batman.

Once established in their new headquarters, a future version of Booster walks in and declares that Superman and Wonder Woman must be stopped from becoming romantically involved before fading away. Booster fades soon after since Superman and Wonder Woman already did.

All-Star Western

Booster meets Jonah Hex
Booster meets Jonah Hex

Somehow, Booster gets lost in time and ends up the sheriff of Red River Junction in the Old West. Well investigating some murdered gold diggers, he crossed paths with famed bounty hunter, Jonah Hex. Hex said he was tracking their killers, the Clem Hootkins Gang. The two travelled back to Booster’s town which was found in shambles with a number of dead residents and much less gold thanks to the same gang.

The two enter a reluctant partnership but soon after they find the gang, dead in a mass grave. Hex takes his proof of their demise for the bounty and prepares to leave Booster, until Booster agrees to pay him to continue. They track it to another gang’s hideout, where Booster sneaks in to steal the gold. The gang catches him and gives chase, but when Booster and Hex are run off a cliff, Booster’s time travel tech is activated. Unfortunately, they were separated in the timestream. It would take a while for Booster to find where Jonah got dropped off, but when he finally caught up with him, he was able to return Jonah to his correct time.

Booster Shot

Booster and Superman on the wrong planet
Booster and Superman on the wrong planet

Booster shows up to the Justice League Watchtower with Skeets to stop Superman from using Flash’s Cosmic Treadmill from going back in time to learn the truth about the destruction of Krypton, a decision that would break the timestream. However, he was too late. Using the coordinates from the Cosmic Treadmill, Booster is able to track Superman in his time sphere.

He catches up with Superman just in time. Krypton forces were descending on them, and Superman was without powers under the red sun. Once in the clear, Booster and Skeets tried to convince Superman that they broke time thus altering history. It was still able to be fixed, but the longer they were there, the more permanent it would become. As they retreated back through time, they got lost in the timestream again. First, they exited in the 25th century where Booster is a wanted man for stealing the equipment that allowed him to become a superhero, and then they found themselves on a planet in the future run by General Zod and his family

Superman and Booster were arrested and set to be publicly executed when Skeets uploaded himself into an Eradicator to rescue them. He rebuilds the time sphere from Eradicator parts, and the three of them return to Earth’s present. Unfortunately, it is revealed that while Superman was gone, Lois and her father were killed. Willing to bear the consequences, Booster travelled 95 minutes back in time, so Superman could save his family.

The Gift

Emaciated Booster
Emaciated Booster

With Batman and Catwoman‘s nuptials coming up, Booster decided he needed to get Batman the perfect gift. Remembering Superman’s experience with the Black Mercy and how it convinced him he was living a worthwhile life, Booster decided to go back in time and save the Waynes. This way Bruce never becomes Batman, and he can see what would become of Gotham without him. It royally backfired.

In a Gotham overrun with Jokers and a gun-toting Dick Grayson as Batman, Booster explained his gift to a well-to-do Bruce Wayne, who upon hearing the truth, destroyed Skeets and his internal time machine, so his life couldn’t be changed back. Booster tried to convince him again by bringing Catwoman to Wayne Manor, but this version of Catwoman was a crazed serial killer who killed Thomas Wayne. He also led the new Batman to the Manor who killed Catwoman and caught Martha Wayne in the crossfire. Bruce killed Grayson and blamed Booster for all his trauma.

He kept an emaciated Booster Gold locked up in what should have been the Batcave. He needed Booster to voice activate Skeetz, which Bruce had rebuilt. It was Bruce’s plan to go back to ten minutes before his parents died and take out Catwoman and Batman. However, when commanded, Skeetz brought them back to the first time the Wayne’s were supposed to be killed in Crime Alley. They showed up just before Booster* had shown up the first time to prevent it.

A fight ensued, where Booster’s Skeets was destroyed and the other Booster was killed, both by Bruce. This allowed the Waynes to be killed and the timeline to be fixed back to what it should be. With his parents dead again, this alternate Bruce Wayne commits suicide in front of Booster, who was ultimately able to return to a fixed present with the other Booster’s Skeets.

Heroes in Crisis

Booster escapes with Beetle's help
Booster escapes with Beetle’s help

Booster was a patient at Sanctuary, a facility for superheroes to seek aid for PTSD and other psychological issues, after his attempt at Batman’s wedding gift went real wrong. After an attack killed every patient, except Booster Gold and Harley Quinn, the two got into a fight believing each other to be the culprit. The superhero community believed that to be the case as well.

Booster was caught by the Justice League trying to break into Flash’s lab to steal the evidence so he could solve the mystery and clear his name. Even though he passed the Lasso of Truth, no one believed him except Ted Kord. Ted broke his old friend out of the Hall of Justice so they could track down the killer together. Booster’s big plan was to try to break into Flash’s lab, yet again, thinking the League wouldn’t think he was dumb enough to try it a second time. This time, it worked.

With the evidence, they were able to determine that the body of Wally West was 5 days older than it should have been. Soon after this revelation, they were attacked by Harley and Batgirl, another suspect and independent investigator duo, just like them. After a brief fight, they compared notes and agreed a version of Wally West must still be alive since they were still within 5 days of the incident.

The foursome tracked down Wally, convinced him to turn himself in, and helped close the time travel loop he created.

California or Death

Booster helps Harley with her investigation
Booster helps Harley with her investigation

Even though he was able to clear his name from the Sanctuary murders, Booster could feel everyone’s displeasure. So, he went to Los Angeles, to lay low. While there, he ran into Harley Quinn, who had come out to LA to become a professional wrestler. When her wrestler friend commits suicide after throwing a match, Harley would confide in Booster while she investigated the incident as a murder.

Booster would eventually pitch in. He would snoop around the office of the wrestling commissioner, while Harley caused a distraction by taking on all the other wrestlers. Following their only lead, they end up at a new age cult that targets celebrities. While snooping around the basement, they find a whole bunch of Apokolips tech. That tech was being sent to a real estate developer, who was using social media farms to push propaganda to sway opinions in favor of his new developments. Harley believed he had her friend killed as part of a cover-up.

Thinking they were in way over their heads, Booster bailed on Harley. They would catch up after the fact, when Harley found out the real estate goon was working with Granny Goodness, trying to put an Apokolips fire pit in North Hollywood.

Blue & Gold Restoration

When alien invaders were able to kidnap the Justice League and attack New York, Booster recruited Blue Beetle to help him save the day and hopefully earn them spots on the new team. While Booster took care of the security drones, Beetle was able to deactivate the League’s restraints. With the day saved, the League distracted Booster so they could invite Beetle on to the team in private. Without Booster, Beetle turned them down, so he could keep partnering with Booster.

They started a new team, Blue & Gold Restoration, with a focus on helping the little guy. Booster announced it during a press conference, describing it as a free service thanks to philanthropist backers, however, Kord was fired and had the idea dropped by Kord Industries.

Powers and Abilities

Booster Gold has no superhuman abilities of his own. He is fully reliant on the remarkable equipment he has “acquired” from the future tech that he “commandeered” (stole) from the 25th Century.


Booster Gold is in possession of a Legion Flight Ring, Brainiac 5’s Force Field Belt, and a power suit.

Power Suit

Booster Gold's gauntlets
Booster Gold’s gauntlets

His future-tech power suit grants him considerable super-human strength, and is equipped with wrist projectors that allow him to release powerful force bolts as his primary offensive weapon. He has since had many other suits, but his most recent provides all the same functions that his original suit and technology provided. The suit enhances his strength, allowing him to lift roughly 200 tons without exerting himself. This was made evident when he lifted and carried a 747 airplane, and still had the ability to fly. The suit is highly durable, withstanding bullets without losing its integrity. The suit also is equipped with a force field, able to withstand powerful impact forces. The field once withstood a punch from Doomsday, protecting Booster Gold from the latter’s attacks. The field can also filter atmospheric air to clean it from germs and pollution. While he doesn’t use his wrist blasters often, Booster’s force fields are immensely powerful, and have saved him on many occasions, his blasters have been shown capable of melting several meters of solid concrete. His gauntlets also allow him to create an absorbing field which acts similar to a tractor beam, in which he can grab hold of objects and move them about or hurl them at foes, This affect can be used as singular beam or wide field he has been able to lift and carry a damaged nuclear submarine (@3300 tons) into the upper atmosphere to protect innocents from the resulting nuclear explosion. He is also capable of disrupting objects on a molecular level such as fusing them together. He once used a regular field to contain Metamorpho completely with no problem.

He also has had time traveling technology installed into his suit.


Booster’s sense of sight and hearing are amplified by his goggles and future technology. He can visually perceive the entire electromagnetic spectrum including but not limited to infra red, ultra violet, x-ray, and more. The goggles also serve as a telescopic and microscopic vision and protection from sudden visual flashes and audio bombardment. His hearing can also be amplified to super human levels allowing him to hear sounds and frequencies no other human can hear.



For the better part of his time in the 20th and 21st century, Booster has had with him a Space Museum Security robot by the name of Skeets, who possessed vast historical knowledge. Skeets has also been shown to have offensive capabilities such as blasters similar to Booster’s gauntlets. Booster repeatedly uses Skeets’ records to inform him of future events. Gold also possessed limited and vague Time Travel technology, although it is unclear what exactly he used to travel back to the 25th century, having apparently used Rip Hunter’s time sphere to get to the 20th century initially. Skeets is also shown as being able to hack in to nigh-any computer system he has encountered.


Since Booster comes from the future, he has a significant amount of knowledge of his history, or our present. This means that he sometimes knows events that will happen in our future and the information that other heroes may not have. Skeets’ vast historical knowledge also contributes to this.


Booster Gold sometimes travels in time in the time-sphere.

Personal Data

  • Real Name: Michael Jon Carter
  • Height: 6’1″
  • Weight: 205 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blond


  • Citizenship: American
  • Place of Birth: Gotham City (25th century)
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Occupation: Time traveler, adventurer, former athlete, businessman
  • Known Relatives: Jonar Jon Carter (father), Ellen Carter (mother), Michelle Carter (sister), Rip Hunter (son)

Other Version

Other Media


DC Animated Universe

Booster Gold (Justice League Unlimited)
Booster Gold (Justice League Unlimited)

Booster Gold was in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon along with Fire and Ice. Blue Beetle, however, could not be included in the show because of copyright conflicts with the 1940 Blue Beetle show. Within the series, Booster only starred in one episode, “The Greatest Story Never Told.” In this episode, Booster is not well respected in the League due to his superficial, self-centered nature. When Metropolis is threatened by a powerful menace, the entire Justice League is called in to save the day. Unfortunately Booster, Skeets and Elongated Man are assigned to crowd control, instead of entering the battle. Eventually Wonder Woman comes to take Elongated Man into the fight, leaving only Booster and Skeets on crowd control.

Things become worse when a new crisis that could destroy the world pops up and Booster is unable to get anyone to help, because they don’t believe him. Booster is forced to save the day all by himself, which he manages to do. However, only the woman who helped him save the world, Dr. Tracey Simmons and Skeets believe that he saved the world, and he is even scolded by Batman for abandoning his position doing crowd control. However, the attractive doctor, whom Booster had early expressed an interest in, asks Booster out to dinner. He accepts, leaving Elongated Man cleaning up after the city.

Booster also has a small appearance in Justice League Unlimited episodes “Dark Heart”, “Flashpoint”, “Panic in the Sky”, “Divided We Fall”, “The Doomsday Sanction” and “Destroyer”

Superman &The Legion of Superheroes

Booster also makes a cameo appearance in the first episode of Legion Superheroes in which he is cleaning the floor of the museum with Skeets

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Booster Gold (Batman The Brave and Bold)
Booster Gold (Batman The Brave and Bold)

Booster third animated television appearance in Batman the Brave and the Bold. He stars in Episode 17: “Menace of the Conqueror Caveman” In the episode Booster is desperately trying to make a name for himself and tries to team up with Batman to help his reputation and together they fight Cruel The Eternal. Of course this does not go over well with Batman who thinks of Booster a fraud Superhero. But when Cruel captures Skeets he acts like a real superhero and rescues him. In the end though he doesn’t seem to learn his lesson.

Booster appears in “Darkseid Descending” as a new recruit for the Justice League and helps save the world from Darkseid.

He again appears in “Time Out For Vengeance” and save the good Pirate Batman with Blue Beetle.


Eric Martsolf (Booster Gold)
Eric Martsolf (Booster Gold)

Booster Gold appeared in episode 18, called “Booster”, of season 10 of Smallville. Played by Days of Our Lives actor Eric Martsolf, Booster comes from the future to be the “World’s Greatest Hero” and supplant Clark as Metropolis’ favorite hero. Also in this episode is Blue Beetles Ted Kord and Jaime Reyes (with Dan Garrett being mentioned).

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