Captain Silver


Captain Silver is a mysterious seaman whose real name is unknown, over the years his exploits fighting pirates and other sea going menaces has raised his reputation to legendary status, his origin is unknown, his only known home is his boat, an auxiliary ketch known as the Sea Hound.

Captain Silver is aided in his adventures by four companions; Kukai, Silver’s second in command, as well as his counselor and co-designer of much of the secret equipment on the Sea Hound.

Jerry a young boy who after being rescued by Silver and Kukai was adopted by Captain Silver and who under their guidance learned to sail a ship.

Tex, a crewman on the Sea Hound who sounds and acts like a cowboy.

The last member of the crew of the Sea Hound is Fletcha the dog.


Captain Silver and the Log of the Sea Hound was a character that started as a radio series and then received the full court press from the company that owned the character to turn him into a lasting pop culture item with the eventual addition of a newspaper strip, a four issue American comic book (published by two different companies) a movie serial staring Buster Crabbe and a four issue Australian comic.

Captain Silver and his crew however failed to catch on and after five years sailed into limbo.

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