Captain Speed


Captain Speed, originally known as Jack B. Quick was one of the original members of the Justifiers of Angor, characters created as analogs to Marvel’s Avengers, in the same date than Marvel created the Supreme Squadron. Captain Speed was an analog to Quicksilver.


Pre-crisis Angor

On a world not unlike our own where heroes walked amongst mankind there were the Justifiers. A team of heroes who would be famed by guarding mankind, handling everything from world beating villains to invasions from space.

They granted a peace that known had known before and the ranks where many. One such member was Harry Cristos, “The fastest man on two legs”, who went by the title Captain Speed. Joining the ranks of the Justifiers, Cristos would soon be a legend in his world.

He had the chance to met the famous Mitch Wacky when the inventor visited the Champions of Angor home, but for everybody dissapointment, that Mitch Wacky was a highly advanced robot. After he and the Justifiers destroyed the impostor, they wondered who could had been send them the machine against them. Captain Speed always suspected than some antimutant group could be the responsible of such plan.

Life continued as always, but even the fastest hero could catch up with the world from destroying itself. The world government nuclear arms world be hijacked by a group of ruthless villains called the Extremists, who allowed them to detonate. The planet was now irradiated and millions died and while Cristos and a ragtag team of surviving heroes tried to make the best of the situation.

However Cristos had contracted radiation poisoning and with his advanced metabolism began a painful descend to his death. He was buried by the rest of his fellow Justifiers Wandjina, Silver Sorceress and the BlueJay in a grave marked “Hero for all eternity”.


A character with the name Jack appeared in the mini-series Lord Havok & the Extremists as a member of the Zen Men and as a son of Dr. Diehard. He was killed by the guards of the concentration camp were he was held prisoner. As the original Jack B. Quick, he was based also on Quicksilver.

Post Flashpoint, in Multiversity, Captain Speed reappeared as inhabitant of earth 8 and later as one of the Flashes of the Multiverse, possibly reassuming his original story, previous to his deaths.

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