Connor Young


Connor Young was a high school basketball star on track for a bright future at Empire State University. One day, he went for a morning run only to suffer an attack of dizziness and sensory that caused him to lose consciousness. He later learns that he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. As the day continued his father, coach, and best console Connor as best they can. On the day of a basketball game he succumbed to the pressure of not participating by his peers and fled the arena.

To clear his head Connor went to the docks. Suddenly, the powerful Raptor amulet crashed into the building behind him. Connor ran to the crash location, but his MS begin to mess with his head, which threw him to the ground. He reached for the amulet and as soon as he grabs it, he was infused with power. Using his newly acquired abilities, he saved a construction worker. Afterwards, he was pulled to the site of a sudden explosion of a bank, where a trio of costumed henchmen were located. Connor was able to fend off the criminals as they made their escape. When he returned home, he hugged his father and told him they would face the Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis together.

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