Cyron is an administrator in a nameless Hell dimension under a demon called Trig. He fought against Heaven in its civil war and was kicked out with Lucifer and his mob of insurrectionist.


Cyron was an angel living in Heaven and serving Alpha Omega, the Most High God, but an angel named Lucifer, becoming proud of his beauty and splendor felt he should be worshipped and started speaking against Alpha Omega. Lucifer stirred up hatred and disobedience against him. Caught up by Lucifer’s charisma and lies he joined the insurrection against The Most High and after a long fought battle Lucifer and his mob of insurrectionist including both Trig, Cyron, Satsu and many others, about one third, were kicked out of the Heavenly realm.

God made a place for Lucifer and his minion to live called Hell. Cyron learned from Trig how to move to and fro the earth just like Trig learned from Lucifer. He also learned dimensional travel using codes and that there were other Hell dimensions. Eventually Trig went to another Hell dimension with Cyron and a few others in tow, escaping from Lucifer’s rule and claiming his own realm and making Cyron his second in command as Cyron had traveled with him for a long time.

Cyron serves Trig and helps rule over their denizens. While Cyron doesn’t care much about what goes on he does like soul collecting and feeding on souls. Demons will use souls as bargaining chips to get to Trig to gain information and assistance. One long held secret is that much of the information and access they want they could simply get from Cyron, but he is loyal to Trig, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t make his own moves on the side.

Major Story Arcs

In Epitaph Beginning of the End, believing the demon Anthr’ll to be a backstabber and of unsavory character, even for a demon, Cyron chides her for seeking jump codes with nothing to offer. Taking Cyron’s objections into account Trig does decide to hear her out.

Powers and Abilities

Cyron has all the powers and abilities of any demon, but is also more powerful than he lets on. He has super strength, a supernatural healing factor, can travel through dimensions and has an incredible comic awareness, not mention his pre and post cognitive abilities.

In warfare he can use his “combat” telekinesis to throw objects, people and it’s also how he flies. He is a master telepath and has a high level of dark force manipulation. Cyron is a skilled fighter and aside from the sword skills. slashing, punching and bodyslamming taught by the Heavenly Host, he’s also mastered several earthly martial arts including multiple styles of Kungfu, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Capoeira, Muay Thai and Savate just by observing humans do practice and use the styles.

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