Wade's official handbook appearance.
Wade’s official handbook appearance.

Wade Wilson was born as a normal person into a highly dysfunctional family in a small town in the state of Ohio. He ran away as a teenager and bounced around the country, all the while getting military training from various sources until he decided to become a mercenary. He kept changing his identity whenever something went wrong with the mission. He moved to Canada where he met a man by the name of Wade T. Wilson. Since he was Wade W. Wilson, the name reminded him of his old self. When he was ordered to assassinate Wade T., he accidentally killed the target’s wife, Mercedes. In the end, Wade T. ran away to eventually become the voodoo mercenary T-Ray while Wade W. kept the name “Wade T. Wilson” and never changed it out of respect for his namesake’s wife. When he was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer, he volunteered for a subset of the Weapon-X program that was attempting to imbue a normal human with Wolverine’s healing factor.

Since he is Wade T. Wilson, he has Canadian citizenship, allowing him entry into the Weapon X program. The procedure was a success, but Deadpool, who took his name from the pool that the officers and scientists bet in as to who would die next in the experimentation, became severely mentally unbalanced as a result of it. He escaped the facility and has been wandering ever since. Some people might speculate that before his name was Wade Winston Wilson his name was Jack though this isn’t confirmed.


Deadpool's First Appearance.
Deadpool’s First Appearance.

Created by artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza, Deadpool made his first appearance in The New Mutants #98 (1991). Rob Liefeld has publicly stated that he had always loved the simplicity of Spider-Man’s design, and therefore designed a character with a full-head mask. Deadpool was originally a parody of DC Comics’ character Deathstroke, and there are real name similarities (Deathstroke’s real name is Slade Wilson) between the two. Wade’s alias “Deadpool” was taken from the fifth Dirty Harry film The Dead Pool.

Character Evolution

Wade's ongoing title explored his trademark character traits.
Wade’s ongoing title explored his trademark character traits.

Deadpool’s debut marked a very different version of the character. He was a serious, grim and professional assassin, with none of his personality trademarks intact. It would be in his solo book that his trademark character traits would finally emerge. These would include the dark randomness to his actions, his humorous bend, schizophrenic tendencies, his suicidal personal outlook, and his 4th wall breaking quips that would make him famous, along with his love for Mexican food. Recently Deadpool has been trying to be a hero.

Deadpool has been known for carrying a number of weapons and sometimes it is as if they appear from nowhere, this is often referred to as a ‘magic satchel’. Blind Al is also a significant catalyst in Deadpool’s personal development, as there is a clear love hate relationship which can vary from Blind Al being a mother-like figure to an abused hostage; sometimes within the same storyline.

His personality has changed somewhat now he has become mortal; yet he still takes risks, welcoming the idea of dying so he may once again be united with his love, Death. The same humor and incapability to take many battles seriously still remains, though his face no longer carries the scars from cancer or Weapon X.

Major Story Arcs

Before Weapon X

Wade's father being killed by one of Wade's friends. Wade was filled with grief.
Wade’s father being killed by one of Wade’s friends. Wade was filled with grief.

Wade Wilson is a man shrouded in mystery. For instance: Wade Wilson may not be his real name and his back story may have been stolen (in-continuity) from another character. He remembers a mother who died of cancer when he was five, another mother who beat him during his teen years. He remembers a father who abandoned him in his childhood-years and yet another father who died in a bar room altercation when he was 17. That father was a good man but a militarie man whom was very strickt with Wade, to whom Wade rebbeled. He was shot by one of Wade’s friends, which caused Wade to be filled with remorse. The final father is the only one who is definitely real, all the other snatches and fragments of memories may be the result of his broken psyche. It is later revealed that the various conflicting memories of his family were implanted by a man named Butler, and that Deadpool had actually been forced to kill his own family while under Butler’s control.

He remembers an upbringing in Ohio, but even he recognizes that this may not be true. This mysterious young man joined and quickly excelled in military service, or at least the combat side of service. The strict hierarchy and rules didn’t jibe with the young man’s sense of self and his absolute need to rebel against authority figures, clearly military life was not for him and he was dishonorably discharged. The military did teach him two things: he was good at killing and he enjoyed it, so he quickly found work as a mercenary, though at first he only took on targets who he felt deserved to die.

Eventually he wound up in Japan as a Yakuza enforcer where he fell in love with one of the boss’ daughters. The young man’s mind was already in a state of radical instability, though, and he knew the relationship could never be, so he returned to America and ditched his previous moral code in addition to changing his entire identity, even his appearance, after each failed mission, fracturing his mind even more severely.

When an ordinary couple stumbled upon the wounded mercenary in the woods, they took him into their home. The woman even nurses him back to health but again his unstable mind strikes, and he becomes enamored with the young woman and envious of her life with her husband. So he burns their house down and kills her husband before accidentally killing her too. He takes the name Wade Wilson and believes himself to be the dead woman’s husband, but still returns to the mercenary trade. It was later found out in the Cable/Deadpool series, that this story was a lie and that Deadpool is the real Wade Wilson.

It’s at this stage in his life that he meets the shape-shifting prostitute Vanessa Carlysle. The young couple quickly fall in love, both of them tainted by pasts they’d rather forget. Wilson’s possibly idyllic life is shattered, however, when he contracts cancer and leaves Vanessa because he doesn’t want to burden her with his failing health.

The Weapon X Program

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Wilson joins Canada’s Department H, seeking a cure for his cancer, which they promised but never delivered on. Wilson built up his reputation working with the mechanized man Garrison Kane, fellow mercenary Sluggo and the suspicious Greg Teraerton. When Teraerton began to exhibit psychotic tendencies, Wilson killed him and was kicked out of Department H. He was sent to a facility called the Hospice and within that facility came under the dubious care of Dr. Ermys Killbrew‘s “workshop”, a place for failed experiments. After being experimented upon multiple times, Wade is repeatedly visited by a hooded woman who comforts him and, after multiple visits, he falls in love with her. However the woman, it turns out, is the physical embodiment of Death, who Wade sees and can communicate with because he’s so close to dying.

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Wanting to join Death he began taunting and defying his guards, hoping they would have him killed, but all the lead guard Ajax did was gladly sent him in for more of Killibrew’s excruciating tests. The guards began to bet on when patients would die next and threw their money into a “dead pool”, the winner of which would win the pot. To Ajax and Wade’s dismay, he continued to survive and Ajax wasn’t authorized to kill a patient unless that patient had killed another. When Wade finally attacks Ajax, the guard responds with incredible brutality, but accidentally triggers Wilson’s healing factor, allowing the mercenary to escape with a few of his fellow inmates. He mockingly dubbed himself “Deadpool” and went back to his mercenary lifestyle. Sometime later, it is revealed Deadpool has become a father.

Secret Wars

Deadpool during the Secret Wars
Deadpool during the Secret Wars

Around this time, Deadpool is teleported to Battleworld alongside numerous other heroes and villains as part of the Beyonder‘s Secret Wars. There, he falls in love with Zsaji, who unfortunately has eyes for Colossus. Zsaji is able to use her healing factor to restore Wade’s physical appearance, but the effect begins to fade after Zsaji is killed while reviving the fallen heroes. Wade also becomes the Venom symbiote‘s first human host, but quickly discards the suit. He also has a brief fling with the Wasp, but the relationship ends after she sees his disfigured face for the first time.

During the final battle, Deadpool plays a key role in defeating Doctor Doom and Klaw. However, as an unintended result of a wish from the Wasp, the other heroes and villains present all forget about Wade’s role in the ending the crisis. Despite this, Wade is able to resurrect Zsaji before he and the others return home, which brings him comfort.

In Tolliver’s Employ

Hired by Tolliver.
Hired by Tolliver.

It soon becomes clear that Wade’s healing factor is flawed, as it allows him to heal faster than his cancer can kill him, hideously disfiguring him. Since his cells are in constant flux, his brain is unstable, contributing to his madness. As a costumed mercenary, Deadpool frequents the horrific Hell House, where he receives assignments. Eventually Tolliver, the man who runs the hangout, sends Deadpool to kill Cable. The mercenary fails when his attack is thwarted by Domino (who is actually his old girlfriend Copycat [Vanessa Carlyle] posing as Domino with a counter mission to blow up Cable’s whole X-Force team; a mission sanctioned by Tolliver himself). Cable and X-Force, including the fake Domino, mail Deadpool back to Tolliver.

Deadpool becomes Tolliver’s lap dog. Deadpool runs various operations on behalf of his employer, like overseeing the shipping of dangerous goods. Garrison Kane, on behalf of the Canadian government, breaks up this operation but lets Deadpool teleport away when he gets distracted by the appearance of G.W. Bridge. He next is sent to the World Trade Center to abduct Black Tom Cassidy who had just been thoroughly shot by Cable. Deadpool also gets Black Tom’s partner the Juggernaut to accompany them to Tolliver’s. There, Black Tom is operated on and infused with plant life. Black Tom would later leave Tolliver’s house.

Deadpool’s next mission from Tolliver is more personal – he’s to track down Vanessa, impersonating Domino within the ranks of X-Force, and find out why she hasn’t completed her mission. He infiltrates the X-Force base in the Adirondack Mountains and engages her in a royal tussle. He defeats her and convinces her to finish her job for Tolliver and then to rejoin the team. Vanessa is found by Cable and she continues to lie by stating that she is Domino but was hired by Tolliver to kill him. Cable then takes the fight to Tolliver. Deadpool protects his boss by stabbing Vanessa and then going one-on-one with Cable. Deadpool loses and passes out. Once Cable leaves to kill Tolliver (after finding and freeing the real Domino) in a helicopter explosion, Deadpool awakens to find that Vanessa has slinked off. He begins to hunt for her.

Tolliver’s Will

The Circle Chase
The Circle Chase

Deadpool heads to Sarajevo to rendezvous with his pal Weasel. Outside his safe-house awaits a bunch of mercenaries. Deadpool gets the drop on them and takes them out easily. Inside, Weasel informs Deadpool that he is a wanted man. Since Tolliver’s death, a rumor has circulated about a will that leaves all of Tolliver’s assets to the last man standing from his former empire. Being such a prominent member of Tolliver’s operations, Deadpool is a marked man. Deadpool is less interested in the will and mainly wants to find Copycat. Before he gets any answers, however, Garrison Kane shows up and starts a fight. He is also looking for Copycat and won’t back down until he finds her. It’s a few minutes into a very intense fight before Weasel pipes in and reminds the both of them that neither of them actually knows where Copycat is at that time. As a piece of goodwill, Kane informs Deadpool that an old friend is back and looking to kill Deadpool: Slayback.

With a growing interest in Tolliver’s will, Deadpool looks up a man named Mr. Gezdbadah, an informant with a very special briefcase. He finds Gezdbadah fleeing from some mercenaries that Deadpool takes out easily. Gezdbadah is more than happy to pass along the briefcase, which contains a disc with information about the Tolliver will. The case is immediately taken by the Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy before Deadpool can inspect the disc. Deadpool and Weasel track the two men to a commercial plane and Deadpool boards it and confronts the men. Black Tom blasts Deadpool. Deadpool responds by blowing up the plane’s hatch, sucking Black Tom out of the plane. Deadpool catches him with a rope and blackmails Juggernaut in giving up the briefcase. Juggernaut does so easily and Deadpool lets Black Tom go. The Juggernaut jumps out of the plane after him. Deadpool then announces that the plane has been officially hijacked.

Wade's one-sided love affair with one-time flame, Siryn.
Wade’s one-sided love affair with one-time flame, Siryn.

His life was forever changed when he teamed with erstwhile X-member Siryn to hunt down Black Tom Cassidy. In Siryn, he found a woman strong enough to endure the constant pitfalls of his dangerous life, but with a heart kind enough to see past his madness. Though Siryn didn’t feel romantically drawn to ‘Pool, he treasured their friendship enormously.

Return Home

In his own monthly series.
In his own monthly series.

An already troubled Deadpool is stunned when he begins continuously hallucinating the long-dead Mercedes Wilson appearing before him. Even more shocking would be Mercedes’ return from the dead. Wade views this as a chance for redemption. The mystical mercenary T-Ray confronts Deadpool, claiming that he can’t find it with her since Deadpool isn’t her husband, T-Ray is. Deadpool launches into a pitched battle against the sorcerer, who manages to get the better of ‘Pool by forcing him to confront all the people he’s killed. Mercedes declares that she’ll never forgive Deadpool, but that she refuses to return to her husband as he used her to hurt ‘Pool.

Blind Al & Weasel

Taking out his frustrations on his
Taking out his frustrations on his “family”.

For a long while, Wade lived with Blind Al. He briefly moved in with Constrictor and Titania, though this didn’t work out. During this time, he was involved in a crossover with the Avengers and Black Panther after being hired by Achebe to steal a leopard from Erik Killmonger.

Agent X

Agency X
Agency X

Deadpool supposedly died during a confrontation with the villain Black Swan, and for a while, the amnesiac antihero Agent X was believed to be him. It was eventually revealed that the real Deadpool had been killed and resurrected by Black Swan, who brainwashed him and forced him into servitude. After a battle with Agent X, Deadpool was freed and regained his memories.

Cable & Deadpool

Cable & Deadpool
Cable & Deadpool

Deadpool and Cable’s paths cross once again when the cult known as the “One World Church” hires Deadpool to protect them. Cable and Deadpool fight but due to a teleportation error, the two are linked and one cannot teleport without teleporting the other thus it’s like the expression “You scratch my back and I scratch yours”. Although they start out as enemies and find it amazingly difficult to be in each others presence, the two manage to become somewhat of uneasy allies after some time. Deadpool is there when Cable constructs his own island nation. Deadpool, after some time, accepts Cable’s offer to join him on his island and the two become real friends, although neither of them would ever admit it. Deadpool even tells Cable about his origin, how he was the son of a military dad, and how Wade got in with the wrong kind of friends.

One of them, eventually killed his dad when he tried to take Wade out of a bar. Deadpool gets inspired by Cable’s way of life and tries to become a better person, stopping his former violent ways. This works out to some extend, but Cable and Deadpool clashed numerous times after that. One of their largest fights was when Wade sided with the pro-registration act group of superheroes during the Superhuman Civil War. Cable eventually took reign over the small European country known as Rumekistan. Deadpool was hired by the government of that country to stop this from happening and even shot Cable in the back.

Deadpool's X-Men colors
Deadpool’s X-Men colors

Cable however managed to stop the bullet and defeated Deadpool and his teammates of other mercenaries. He then joined with Cable once again, this time vowing to stop his unnecessary violent ways. During one mission, Deadpool took an agent of Hydra named Bob hostage. The two made it out alive and soon Bob became somewhat of a sidekick and friend to Deadpool whenever he appears in the comics. Not soon after this, Cable vanished during an attack by the newly reformed Marauders right before the events of the Messiah Complex. Cable’s city was destroyed and Deadpool feared the worst for his good friend.

Cable however later resurfaced when he tried to safe-keep the first baby mutant that was born since M-Day. Deadpool found out about Cable’s mission and aided him in keeping the baby safe. They where attacked by various advisories such as the Marauders, the Purifiers and even some creatures named Predator X. After this, Cable made Deadpool promise to stop following him, and he told him that they would see each-other again. This however turned out not to be true. Cable was killed during the events of Second Coming. Deadpool was devastated. His former greatest enemy and now best friend was no more. He went back to Rumekistan (at least the thought it was Rumekistan) and tried to honor Cable by making the country a better nation.

Secret Invasion

Deadpool takes on the Skrulls
Deadpool takes on the Skrulls

While the skrulls were invading a baseball stadium, Deadpool (disguised as a mascot) came and destroyed a Skrull gunship to get their attention. Then Deadpool then asks to join them which ends with him getting kidnapped and used for experiments.

The skrulls then use his DNA to make super skrulls with Deadpool’s healing factor. Deadpool then asks to train the super skrulls and they agree. Deadpool then trained them to be just like him, insane. The Skrulls then see the error of using Deadpool’s DNA because since none of the super skrulls have a cancer killing blood cells, they’re bodies just kept creating and multiplying cells which caused them to explode. When the lead Skrull scientist discovered this he was shocked and then later killed by Deadpool.

Deadpool then reveals his real mission, which is to find the Skrull Queen’s weakness but the data Deadpool found was taken by Norman Osborn.

Dark Reign

Deadpool vs Bullseye
Deadpool vs Bullseye

Since Deadpool failed his mission he didn’t get paid which means he’s now broke. While Deadpool is traveling on a cargo ship until it gets attacked by Tiger Shark. Deadpool gets washed up on shore and taken care of at a hospital where Tiger Shark returns to kill Wade. Deadpool is then saved (kinda) by Bob who ends up getting attacked by Tiger Shark himself.

Deadpool then defeats Tiger shark and learns that Norman Osborn hired Tiger shark to kill him. So Deadpool, with the help of Taskmaster, breaks into Stark Tower to get his revenge on Osborn, only to wind up fighting the Thunderbolts. Deadpool eventually defeats them and Osborn sends Bullseye (dressed as Hawkeye) to kill him. They both hunt each other down until Deadpool defeats Bullseye twice. Bullseye then pays Deadpool to leave Osborn alone which Wade agrees.

Deadpool and the X-Men


Since Deadpool is now super rich he has no need for being a mercenary. He briefly tries to be pirate, bringing his sidekick Bob along, who he dresses as a parrot.He eventually gives up on that. After a lot of sailing, he decides to help the X-Men on Utopia. Cyclops disagrees instantly, but Deadpool is later put on the team…kind of. He is put under the watchful eye of Domino. Deadpool then decides to help the X-Men by settling a dispute between Mercury and her father (paid by Norman Osborn to make the X-Men look bad). Deadpool hunts the man down and threatens to kill him only for the man to also be hunted down by H.A.M.M.E.R. So Deadpool pretends to be the bad guy and be purposely defeated by the X-Men making them look like heroes again. Deadpool then leaves while Cyclops admits that Wade “has some skill”.

The Heroic Age

Fighting Steve Rogers
Fighting Steve Rogers

Deadpool decides to continue his efforts to try to be a hero and goes to Las Vegas where he meets up with his old friend Weasel, who’s a computer nerd, and steals his job as The House, a robotic hero Weasel had created. He would expose the casino he works for as crooks and leave much much richer.

Later, he finds himself in a standoff between armed hit-men (all with healing factors) and an Arab arms dealer. Deadpool quickly kills them all with he help of what appear to be the Secret Avengers who ask him to be on the team. What Deadpool doesn’t know is these are actually clones of the team created by Dr. Bong The real Steve Rogers and his Secret Avengers show up, and Deadpool teams up with them to take Dr. Bong’s operation down with a last display of fireworks.

Uncanny X-Force

Uncanny X-Force
Uncanny X-Force

Deadpool was hired by Archangel to be on X-Force in the search for Apocalypse. Deadpool was scouting a base to find out the plans for Apocalypse’s resurrection only to be captured and held captive. Later he was rescued by the rest of the team and informs them of the plan. They then head to the moon base where the Resurrected kid apocalypse (Genesis) is located. Unfortunately a new horsemen of Apocalypse took down Fantomex‘s E.V.A. where the team was injured and Deadpool was left with Archangel where he helped keep Archangel well by feeding him Deadpool’s own flesh. Later when they finally reached the boy, the team comes to an agreement that the boy can be saved only for Fantomex to shoot Kid Apocalypse in the head. After this event, Deadpool does a recon mission only to realize that the Reavers and Lady Deathstrike are planning a attack on Utopia.

The team then goes against the Reavers until Wolverine got stuck fighting Lady Deathstrike, and Deadpool and Fantomex were blown away by the Reavers leaving Warren and Psylocke to fight the Reavers. After that Deadpool had a meeting with everyone except Fantomex to talk about the apocalypse event.

Deadpool then leaves the conversation saying “I don’t kill kids”. After that they learn that Deadpool never cashed any of Warren’s checks having them realize that Deadpool is not on the team for money. Soon after the team is attacked by Deathlock versions of the Avengers and a Deathlock approaches the team with an offer to stop their creation. He joins the team on their mission to the alternate Earth where all of Earth’s heroes have been made into Deathlocks. The team is attacked by Deathlock versions of themselves who are more deadly than the originals. Fantomex uses his misdirection to allow them to escape. Deadpool is the one who kills the source of this reality’s problems, world father by decapitating him.

Deadpool bonds with Evan.
Deadpool bonds with Evan.

Deadpool also accompanies the team into the Age of Apocalypse. While X-Force seeks out Dark Beast, Deadpool frequently comments on how he cant be trusted. When they are abandoned in the AoA universe he is mistaken for Dead Man Wade, his counterpart in that reality. X-Force fights their way through the Black Legion in order to free a mutant who can make portals in order to get home.

Through a number of adventures, the Kid-Apocalypse (now better known as Genesis) stayed with the team and formed a special bond with Deadpool. They where both misunderstood beings. Deadpool, a mercenary for hire whom was actually a better person then he led on, and Genesis, a kind boy with running towards a legacy of evil. Deadpool wanted to make sure that Genesis would never fullfil the horrible legacy he was bread for.

Evil Deadpool

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After Deadpool’s old friends took revenge on him for being a lousy friend, Deadpool decided he wanted to die, to achieve that goal he got the Hulk to kill him, this however failed but the action which Deadpool commited landed Deadpool in The institution for the criminally insane. Deadpool broke out, however a nurse who had a crush on Deadpool found pieces of Deadpool and stitched them together creating Evil Deadpool.

Evil Deadpool stole a jet from a first class suitor and went straight to New York. Deadpool who was traveling back to New york in a cargo ship, Deadpool was hungry so he open up a crate to find Dog food and ate it, Deadpool came across a bunch of foreign women who were also illegally traveling to New York, he asked if any spoke English with one replying that she new some. He broke them out and killed the people who owned the ship. Deadpool then drove the ship to America and found a hotel for the women to stay in. Deadpool came across a man who as about to jump off the bridge Deadpool, who wants to die asks the man how in which way it would kill him, the man then asks Deadpool if he could kill him for he is scared to jump. the plane which Evil Deadpool was traveling in then crashes into the bridge. The man and Deadpool both survive Deadpool then prepares to kill the man but is stopped for the man no longer wants to die,this insults Deadpool, Deadpool then goes to his favourite chimichanga store only to find it in flames and Evil Deadpool, who is standing right in front of it. Deadpool then proceeds to run over Evil Deadpool who immediately teleports out of the way he then kicks Deadpool out of the truck and begins to beat up Deadpool, they then agree to fight at eleven O’clock at canarise park.

At 7:17 PM in Crowell and Hylan BLVD Deadpool and Evil Deadpool begin to fight,Evil Deadpool then teleports away, Deadpool then is attacked by Captain America who thinks that Deadpool has been the one behind all of this for Deadpool and Evil Deadpool look the same. Captain america then beats up Deadpool, Deadpool gets Captain America’s sheild and throws it at Captain America and then runs off while he is down. Evil Deadpool then makes a deal with Mr. Negative. Evil Deadpool’s deal with Mr. Negative was to kidnaps a police officers children to lure Deadpool into a trap.

Deadpool also kidnaps a child to get the upper hand, Evil Deadpool then whacks Captain America out, duct apes him and leaves, Captain America then breaks out of the duct tape.


No Caption Provided

After teleporting away, Deadpool ends up in a landfill angry for Evil Deadpool dying and not him. Deadpool then stages events to get his wish of getting the serum that killed evil Deadpool, and finally put an end to his life. So he first goes to his team X-Force and tells him about the serum and told them it’s a threat to mutant kind convincing them to help. Deadpool then has the team go after the Kingpin. Also Deadpool gets his “friend” Bob to go convince the Kingpin to go after the Serum as well. Then the final person he gets to look for the serum is Wolverine’s son Daken who wants it for his own personal gain. While all this is going on, it turns out Tombstone is behind the serum and the attempted assassination on Deadpool. X-Force was able to track down the sniper who had a serum but was found already interrogated and tortured by Daken. It then ended with the Kingpin’s bodyguard Typhoid Mary and The Hand ninjas found X-Force by accident.

The team fights Typhoid Mary and The Hand while Deadpool is outside observing the battle with Bob. Deadpool then sees Spider-man swinging to help but Deadpool doesn’t want X-Force’s identity to go public, so Deadpool stages a gang war so any hero in New York would pay attention to that having X-Force escape.

Deadpool eventually gets injected with the serum by Bob, which also has the side-effect of reversing Deadpool’s scarring. Bob did so to teach Deadpool a lesson only to realize that Deadpool wanted to die the whole time and wanted X-Force to kill him after he gets the serum. Bob then gets angry at Wade and tells him that if he gets killed by X-Force, Tombstone will kill Bob for not allowing Tombstone to kill Deadpool himself. So Deadpool decides to save Bob from Tombstone before he kicks the bucket.

In this process, Deadpool finally gets what he wanted and is injected with the serum that can finally make him kill-able. But to his surprise, not only did his healing factor disappear, but his scarred skin also vanished. He is now back to his formal, more handsome, self. Now more confident because of this transformation, he thought he would attack the base of the smartest super villain team on earth, the Intelligencia. But when he’s outsmarted and defeated by the Trapster (who shoots glue at people) Deadpool thinks he lost his old mercenary mojo. So in order to get his revenge and his fundamentals back in check, he goes to the aid of Taskmaster.

Dead Presidents (Marvel NOW)

Deadpool vs. the undead Presidents
Deadpool vs. the undead Presidents

A madman, believing the United States is tearing itself apart, has resurrected the dead presidents of the country in hopes of them restoring the country to its former glory. The plan goes awry when the zombified forefathers become evil and start attacking people. Deadpool is seen cutting his way out of a large reptilian-like creature, disemboweling it in the process, which sets him and Thor free. When Thor flies away, Deadpool is told that the evil Franklin Delano Roosevelt is attacking the city. Deadpool heads to the location and begins a battle with the necrotic, evil president. The battle makes its way to a subway, where Deadpool manages to beat FDR via electrocution. SHIELD tasks Deadpool with stopping the assaulting presidents which he accepts, charging off to their meeting place to stop them. When he arrives, he is shot in the head by Lincoln, dropping him.

The ghost of Ben Franklin resuscitates Deadpool and he eventually goes after the zombified Theodore Roosevelt, who is killing animals at the zoo. Deadpool defeats him with the help of an elephant, after finding out that the dead presidents have a weakness to electricity by having said elephant ram Roosevelt into a generator. Deadpool visits Doctor Strange to get his help in the matter of the dead presidents, and they learn where Gerald Ford, George Washington and Abe Lincoln are. Strange and Wade teleport there and attack the presidents. Deadpool is incapacitated by getting stuck in a car and punted away, and Washington stabs him with a sword. Strange takes the old saber from Deadpool and enchants it to defeat the presidents. Deadpool dubs the sword the Veto before stabbing Nixon, defeating him while the others escape.

Deadpool does battle with all the other presidents, slaying the significant zombie powerhouses like Lincoln, and Regan. Deadpool ends up in a heated battle with George Washington after Washington killed Agent Preston, whom Wade dubbed as his friend. After slaying the final president, things settled down with the necromancer reviving Preston, but putting her inside Wade’s mind.

Soul Hunter

Deadpool kills Michael
Deadpool kills Michael

Deadpool is recruited by a demon named Vetis after Deadpool tricked him in a previous deal. He is on a mission from Vetis to kill six individuals in order for Vetis to reclaim his power, but also on the side is trying to find a body for Preston to get her out of his head. After killing some of the individuals on the list, Deadpool learns Vetis is trying to overthrow Mephisto. In order to summon Mephisto Deadpool kills his friend, Michael the necromancer, who just happened to be on the list, in order to get him to hell to tell Mephisto about Vetis’ plan. Deadpool targets a pre-cog user and teams up with the superior Spider-Man to face the Trapster, Batroc, Chance, Taskmaster, and Lady Stilt-Man. The duo end up defeating the group and Deadpool kills Gump the pre-cog, but Deadpool is subdued by Spider-Man for killing him, only for Deadpool to break out when Spider-Man leaves.

With Michael in hell now, Deadpool manages to explain the situation to Preston’s family and her partner at S.H.I.E.L.D.. Deadpool hunts down the next holder of power by the name of Bobby the Blender, who happens to be a shapeshifter. He takes the form of Luke Cage and tries to have sex with Jessica, but Deadpool intervenes when he is discovered by Jessica and attacks him. Bobby turns into Black Widow and jumps out the window with Deadpool in hot pursuit. Along the way, Deadpool gets beaten up by cops and Bobby turns into a cheerleader when Deadpool beats up the cops and yells for everyone in Times Square to get down to find him. Deadpool encounters more resistance, but most notably from Daredevil. The two have a brief fight with Wade getting tied up and escaping by breaking his fingers to get his gun and shoot a nearby pedestrian. Daredevil then takes time to attend to this person while Wade finds Bobby and kills him. Vetis arrives and Deadpool tells him his plan which angers Vetis as he prepares to attack Wade.

Deadpool manages to hold out against Vetis long enough for Mephisto and the newly resurrected Michael to appear. Michael and Deadpool manage to defeat the demon and Mephisto eats his heart. They travel to Deadpool’s mind where Mephisto tries to coerse Preston and Deadpool to make a deal with him. Deadpool refuses and the group travels to the closed off part of Wade’s mind where they discuss how they will find a new body for Preston and help Deadpool with his memories.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

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Deadpool has recently found out that his organs have been harvested for around seven years from a man named The Butler. He kills his harvesters, and questions Captain America and Wolverine if anything of this sort has happened to them before. Both saying no, Wade returns to his home only to find Logan there, saying he was also followed. The Merc with the Mouth and Wolverine hold their own but are overwhelmed. Wade wakes up at the Butler’s HQ, and escapes with Butler to question him. However, he gets shot in the head and re-captured. A Nightcrawler-like supersoldier named Kim frees Deadpool and he discovers Wolverine and Captain America unconscious in tubes.

After this, Deadpool, with Captain America, Wolverine, and the X-Pools (the Weapon Plus subjects) overthrow the camp, with some casualties. After this, Wade, Logan, and Steve go to find Butler and Carmelita Camacho, a one-time lover of Deadpool and the mother of his child. They find her dead, but the child nowhere to be found. Determined, Deadpool tracks down and kills Butler. He, upon her request, lets Butler’s “sister” die peacefully in the containment unit. Deadpool, Cap, and Wolverine then leave the area, departing after quick goodbyes.

Original Sin

Deadpool's wedding
Deadpool’s wedding

While on vacation, Deadpool meets and marries Shikalah. Agent Preston is also freed from Deadpool’s mind and given a new LMD body, allowing her to search for Deadpool’s daughter. She later tracks the girl, Ellie, to Chicago, where she is being raised by Butler’s brother. Members of the ULTIMATUM organization kill the brother and try to kidnap Ellie, leading to Deadpool killing a number of them and threatening Flag Smasher into leaving the child alone.

After Preston agrees to raise Ellie, Deadpool later buys a house across the street from Preston’s in order to make sure nothing can harm his daughter.

After being taken over by a new leader, the members of ULTIMATUM make one final attempt to kill Deadpool and his friends. Wade manages to defeat and kill the villains, and symbolically sheds his costume and weapons once the deed is done. He is later seen partying with Ellie and the Prestons, celebrating a chance at a new life free from the violence and bloodshed of his past. Tragically, before Wade can truly turn over a new leaf, the final Universal Incursion between the Marvel Universe and Earth-1060 begins, resulting in the creation of a new Battleworld and the start of Secret Wars. Just before Wade and Ellie perish, Wade remarks that at least he got to die surrounded by his loved ones, and that the whole world is going with him as well.

All-New, All-Different Marvel NOW!

Deadpool as an Avenger
Deadpool as an Avenger

Eight months after the end of Secret Wars and the restoration of reality, Deadpool is now a bigger celebrity than ever. He is granted membership in the Avengers Unity Squad by Steve Rogers, and uses funds from merchandise sales to help fund the team. He also bankrolls a new Heroes For Hire roster (later renamed “Mercs For Money”). As this is going on, Ellie is living with Agent Preston and her family.

Also round this time, Deadpool’s marriage to Shiklah hasn’t been going well. Due to all of his newfound fame, and responsibility, he’s gotten too busy for her. Due to his devotion to mankind, at the expense of being her husband and consort, Shiklah becomes increasingly bitter towards the humans, whom she feels her husband cares too much about. Due to Wade’s neglect, Shiklah begins taking other lovers to satisfy her where Wade no longer is. Her most valued lover being Jack Russell, the werewolf by night, who notes that Deadpool would kill him if he knew about it. But Shiklah is confident that Wade won’t find out.


During his adventures with the Unity Squad, and family problems, Wade also had to deal with Madcap, who is determined at any cost to ruin his life. Years back, he was merged with Madcap due to a freak accident by Thor. Madcap being the white voice-box inside of his head. They have fought many times, but sadly, the fights never lead anywhere, since both are basically unkillable. Madcap decides if he can’t do anything to Wade, he could hurt Wade by going after his loved ones. He becomes one of Wade’s most formidable and dangerous enemies.

Civil War II

Due to Wade’s new lifestyle, he’s gotten a bit more reckless with his mercs, and Preston isn’t happy about it. After many difficulties, Wade disbands from his mercs and they burn their contracts. He later drops by to visit Preston, who makes clear he’s not welcome due to how out of control he’s been acting as of late. He also discovers Ellie calling him by his first name, which throws him off. She reveals that her therapist told her that she shouldn’t consider him a father-figure. Preston punches him, using her robot strength, and slams the door in his face. Ellie looks out of the window and tells him bye. Wade just thinks to himself that he deserves whatever he gets.

After the failure of his mercs, and being kicked out by Preston, he returns home to Shiklah -complaining about his luck. It’s at this time he finally discovers Shiklah’s infidelity. He finds Jack in bed with Shiklah, and blows his head off with a shotgun, despite Jack trying to explain himself. Shiklah tells him that they talked about it before, and he knows they’re both allowed a certain number of “invitations”. Wade tells her she’s expanding her guest list. As Shiklah denies this claim, a female monster emerges from under the duvet, and runs away in fear of Deadpool. He asks her to explain the other monster, and she then confesses that there have been many visitors to her chambers. She lists off the other lovers she’s had, and Wade interrupts her angrily saying that he gets the point. Shiklah tells him he knew who he was marrying.

The two end up in a fight, which leads from Shiklah’s chambers all the way to the streets of Manhattan while they continue to argue about their marriage. Shiklah goes from being angry to excited, telling Wade she’s missed him. He says it’s good he can still make her horny, before receiving a kick to the stomach. As he lies on the ground, Shiklah tells him that the humans he loves will all die. Wade asks her what she said. He angrily delivers a kick to her face, once again asking her to repeat what she just said. Shiklah asks Wade if he thought she was threatening his loved ones. She says maybe she was. Wade asks if they can just be done with their fighting now. He offers to get a dog, and let Shiklah shoot it in his bed.

Shiklah calms down, and relents on the fighting, She puts a foot on Wade’s throat, and tells him that was the most fun they’d had in a while. She invites him back to bed, but he declines going back to the bed he just shot the werewolf in. Shiklah tells him Jack will be fine. His head will regenerate, but he’ll have a puppy face for a while. She once again invites him to come back down, stating it could be romantic. Wade still passes on the offer. She laughs and tells him it’s fine. She takes her leave, but not before saying it’s never the end for them. This confuses Deadpool, who’s surprised that Shiklah doesn’t want their relationship over.

He wonders around Manhattan dejected before moving some of his weapons into the old Avengers hideout, which is in ruins. It’s there he meets Rogue, he tells her about his marital problems with Shiklah, before asking her for a favor. He takes her to see Ellie, and asks if she’ll look out for her if she gets mutant powers one day. Rogue says she’ll have Ellie’s back.


Madcap makes his move on Deadpool by exposing him to a deadly virus, which Wade unknowingly passed to Preston’s family, and his daughter. The virus will do nothing to Wade, given his healing factor, but Madcap planned on using Wade to spread it to his loved ones as a way of finally breaking him. Wade has to find a cure to save everyone, and none of his friends are available to help him, so he turns to Stryfe.

Stryfe gives him the cure to save everyone, but states it will cost him. He will save four lives for Wade. In exchange, Wade will have to claim four lives for him. Wade asks Stryfe who he wants dead, but Stryfe doesn’t wish to reveal that info just yet. He simply tells Wade to think of it as a long-term payment plan. Wade doesn’t want to owe Stryfe anything and gives him the cure back until Styfe tells him that everyone will die, Preston’s husband being the first to go. Stryfe asks if Wade will let his family suffer because of him. Wade accept the cure, and Stryfe’s deal to save his family.

Wade returns with the cure, and manages to have Ellie, and Preston’s family. Preston sits with Wade and the kids, asking if they’re ready to go home. Wade tells Ellie to fist-bump him, prompting Ellie to ask if she’s gonna be poisoned again. Wade says there’s only one way to find out. Preston tells Wade to kiss Cable for her, to thank him for the cure. Wade pauses, and tells her sure, before being shown moping due to now being indebted to Stryfe, unbeknownst to anyone else.

Til Death Do Us

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This arc marks the final crumbling of Deadpool and Shiklah’s relationship.

An ancient monster, named Farcus ends up getting loose in the subway. He wonders around confused and smashing everything in sight before being gunned down by citizens. Shiklah was alerted of his wondering off by a guard, and they hurry to find him, with Shiklah noting his mind is too feeble for him to be wondering on his own. Sadly, she makes it in time to find his dead body, and the humans who killed him. Enraged, she transforms into her true demon form, set on murdering the ones who killed Fracus.

Deadpool arrives and tells her to calm down. Shiklah reverts, and tells him what happened. She screams that Fracus have lived in the lands since before the Vikings discovered it, but his body outlasted his mind. She’s even more upset that she hears his last words were about returning home.

Deadpool tries to calm her down by explaining that these things happen in the subway, admitting to having killed a man just for playing bagpipes. Shiklah gets angrier at Deadpool for defending the “disgusting” humans, and he argues he’s not defending them. He says they overreacted, but the humans have a justice system to deal with these types of matters. It’s really brutal handlings, and she’d enjoy it. He suggests she take the humans to court, which she agrees to do -wanting to see what human justice looks like.

The judges rules in favor of the humans, which Shiklah is furious about. She leaves, stating she will make her own justice, and it won’t be kind. Back in the Monster Metropolis, everyone is furious. Deadpool wonders if Shiklah can calm them down, and she says she could if she wanted to -but she doesn’t. She then makes it known she plans to rise up with her monsters and annex Manhattan, feeling her kind has cowered underground long enough. Deadpool tries to apologize to her for not being around much, but Shiklah doesn’t care to hear it. She assures him it’s too late for all that, and that things are more serious.

She asks Wade to follow her downstairs, stating she needs him for something. He’ll do anything if it will prevent a war. She kisses him, then opens a door to reveal personal soldiers of her’s. She wants Wade to stay out of the way while she deals with concurring Manhattan, thus she orders her servants to chop him into pieces and keep him in buckets.

Wade isn’t happy about this, and begins to fight off her servants. He asks them to stand down, since he doesn’t have a personal problem with them, but he pauses and asks if they’re sleeping with Shiklah too, which turns out to be true. Deadpool gets angry and chops the heads off of one of the guards. He sarcastically tells him to ask Shiklah to kiss it better before making his escape into the subway.

Deadpool tries to call in all the comrades he can to help stop Shiklah -leading to an all-out war. Spider-Man shows up to help Deadpool, and long with his Mercs for Money team. As a last resort, Deadpool and Spider-Man go to recruit Dracula to help stop Shiklah. They return with him, and he uses his powers to take control of the vampires in Shiklah’s army. Shiklah’s subjects warn her of what’s happening, and she goes to the front lines to do battle. She meets up with Dracula again, and reverts to her humanoid form. He says they should end the fighting, and she asks what he suggests.

He states that his desire to marry her is still present after all that time, and proposes. Deadpool is shocked and angry upon hearing this. Shiklah seems shocked, but Dracula goes on to say they can rule together with the humans at their feet. Deadpool is angry, and everyone is worried, but Spider-Man tells them Shiklah could still say no. Shiklah accepts his proposal, and Spider-Man tells them nevermind. Dracula and Shiklah quickly wed, with Wade and Spider-Man held prisoners as witnesses. Mephisto, as the pastor for the two, says that Shiklah and Dracula is a couple he can support, though he admits he’s better at erasing marriages.

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The new couple kiss, and Shiklah says they need to do something since their subjects are at one another’s throats. Dracula and Shiklah take there leave, with the latter saying the giant spider can eat Wade and his friend. Spider-Man manages to get free and deal with the spider demon, before freeing Wade as well. Wade tells him to handle Dracula, and he knows how to stop Shiklah.

He meets up with her again, after her monsters have rejected her as a monarch. He protests her marriage to Dracula, reminding her that he killed her brothers. Shiklah tells Deadpool he would have done the same thing if he’d known her brothers. Wade admits that he screwed up, but tells her not to double-down on his screw-up by marrying Dracula. Shiklah tackles him into a pile of rubble, screaming that he not tell her who she can impetuously marry.

We don’t see them until Spider-Man is knocked into that same pile of rubble, where it’s discovered Wade and Shiklah were having sex again. Spider-Man asks if there’s no shame, and Wade wonders which one of them he’s referring to. Shiklah invites him to watch and learn something, but he leaves in disgust. Afterwards, they get dressed and Shiklah talks to Wade, asking him why he burdens himself with humans that he will outlive. Wade says they aren’t always a burden, but admits killing them is easier than living with them. He tells her that you don’t plan to love someone, it just happens one day at a time, until you wake up and can’t think of a good reason to kill them. You just have to keep going and see what you find. He asks if that made sense to her, or just him. She smiles gives him a draining kiss, mirroring how they first met. She smiles to his unconscious body, and tells him goodbye. Shiklah gives up her rule, and allows her monsters to care for themselves. She departs for her honeymoon with Dracula.

The war ended, Wade finally wakes up again to ask Spider-Man what he’s missed. Spider-Man tells Deadpool he’s single now. At this time, he’s approached by numerous lawyers to give him lawsuits for all the property damage his wife caused. One of the monsters gives him a letter from Shiklah. Wade is happy, thinking that she really did care about him. He opens it, and Shiklah tells him she’s not writing to him because she cares. She says he’s free to get on with his sorry life and that he doesn’t have to mope. She goes on to confess that she rushed into their marriage, and being a monarch -both things she shouldn’t have been reckless about.

Her plans are to see more of the new world, since she’d slept away so many centuries. She will be on her honeymoon, engaging in “stake play” with Dracula, but tells Wade to keep his phone on, because he’d never know when booty calls. She closes by telling him to be good to himself. Wade tosses the letter away and admits it’s nice for a relationship to end without a corpse, then says it’s interesting finding new ways to screw up. He later confesses that he believes he and Shiklah are still technically married.

Deadpool 2099 reveals that Deadpool and Shiklah go to war with one another again, and have a daughter sometime in the future.

Secret Empire

After the ruin of his relationship, Deadpool ends up going on a space journey in hopes of finding something that can defeat Madcap. But he has no such luck. He returns to Earth, and drops off souvenirs for Ellie and Terry jr. He runs into Cap, who says he needs Wade’s help. Wade tells Cap that there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for him.

Wade was still working with the Avengers in defeating Red-Skull. Rogue absorbs Deadpool’s powers, which weakens her enough for Wonder Man to finally be freed. Later, Wade confesses that he’d stolen Wonder Man’s money from the bank to help in funding the Avenger’s team.

He tries to sell the old theater they used for a hideout to get Simon’s money back, but he’s told the building is too much of a financial risk. Wonder Man takes his leave, complaining about Cap making Wade an Avenger. Wade thinks he should steal from more pacifists, shortly before Cap pulls up. He tells Wade to get in, and that it’s time to serve his country.

We later see Cap briefing Wade for an important mission. He has tasked Wade the job of finding and killing S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Phil Coulson, who has become a big threat. Wade drops by the Preston house during a family barbecue to get information. He asks Preston where Coulson’s safe-house is, since he’s dropped off the radar. Preston says she’s not telling him anything, because it wouldn’t be a safe house if he knew about it. However, Wade makes a deal that’s too good to refuse. He promises that if she tells, he won’t bother her or the family for the entire summer.

Deadpool travels to the safe-house, but spots Coulson on the way there and shoots his flying car out of the sky. Coulson calls out that the unknown attacker will pay for destroying Lola. Wade makes himself known and says he should kill Coulson on principle for giving that name to his car. Seeing who the attacker is, Coulson realizes he won’t win a fight and tells Wade to back off, while planting explosives into a tree before fleeing. Deadpool sees this and investigates before he’s blown back by the explosion.

Coulson is happy with the time he bought and knows everything will be fine if he can just make it to his safe-house. He wonders how Deadpool knew about the place and concludes Preston must have told him., thinking to himself that he won’t forgive her. He knows it was most-likely Cap who sent Deadpool after him. He’d die for Captain America, but sadly knows that Deadpool will kill for him.

Deadpool shows up, shooting at Coulson, who screams for him to wait. He manages to unlock the panic room and orders the door to seal, but Wade sticks his arm through, preventing the door from closing. Coulson again tries to talk to him, telling Wade that he’s on the wrong side, but Wade asks him when has Captain America ever been wrong.

Wade manages to get his gun through the cracked door, and Coulson sadly resigns himself to his fate. He regrets it came to this, because he had a chance to stop everything. Wade shoots him in the chest, with Coulson weakly telling him to stop, before falling to the ground, lifeless.

Cap shows up, and asks if Deadpool completed his mission. Deadpool confirms success, before blowing up Coulson’s hide-out. ,He asks Cap if he gets to know why he had to kill Coulson and Cap says he will know everything soon enough, but not right now. Wade seems to feel badly, but Cap assures him that Coulson was a needed sacrifice. Wade asks how he’s going to explain things to Preston and Cap assures him that she’ll understand -everyone will. He says Wade has helped America, before taking his leave. Wade still doesn’t feel any better, as he watches the building go up in flames.

A time-skip shows that Deadpool is now living in a luxury apartment in Washington D.C, where he’s a member of the Hydra Avengers. By this time, he’s discovered Cap is with Hydra and that it was a mistake to kill Coulson, whom he’s having nightmares about. He gets dressed and heads into the living-room, preparing to take Ellie to school, who’s now living with him.

He takes her to school on his motorcycle, and she tells him she doesn’t like it. He says he can tell by the number of kids she’s beaten up. He wants her to give the school a chance, since it took a lot for him to get her accepted. He drops her off, telling her to let a teacher know if other kids try to bully her.

Wade rides away, insisting that he’s perfectly content with the new Hydra government, saying some of his best friends are with Hydra. He goes to HQ, and has been tasked with the job of hunting down heroes of the resistance. He arrives to speak with Cap, but is told his handling other important business. He leaves a message, that he’s going hunting, and afterwards, he’d like an audience. He starts to take his leave when one of the agents asks him if he’s forgetting something. Deadpool then says “Fail Hydra.” This angers the agent, who asks him what he said. Wade then apologizes, then replies “Gale Hydra” and “Nail Hydra.”

Later, he is shown finding and battling against Speedall. After having many of his attacks reflected by on him, he finally smoke bombs Speedball, and chokes him unconscious. He then calls for Hydra to come take him away. They note Speedball isn’t a very big part of the resistance, and Wade says he’s working up to it. He takes his leave, but not before shouting “Kale Hydra.”

He continues on his mission to find resistance leaders. He checks Thunderbolt Mountain, Xavier Mansion, and Stark’s old hideouts. But they’re all empty. As he checks the Mount, he feels a gust of wind pass by, noting that it was Quicksilver. Deadpool scopes in, and sees Pietro delivering things for Clint. He found one of the resistances bases, thinking it may be the main base, and may have numerous heroes crammed inside. Wade figures taking them out would cost lives on both sides.

He makes it back to Washington to take Ellie to school, who still doesn’t like it. He drops her off, and notes how much she hates her school, but shrugs it off by saying he also hates his job. He returns to HQ and starts to report on The Mount, but receives a text, and tells the Hydra agents to wait. The message is from Ellie’s school, telling him to come down because she’s been in another fight. The Agent impatiently asks what Deadpool was going to say about The Mount. Deadpool tells him to cross it off the board because it’s empty. He has to leave and go to Ellie’s school, but not before the agent stops him. He asks Wade if he’s forgetting something, and Wade finally does a proper “Hail Hydra,”

Deadpool sits in the principal’s office with Ellie, clearly unhappy -wondering why the principal singles out Ellie if other kids are bullying her. The principal says the other kids said Ellie attacked them, which Ellie confesses to, but notes they deserved it. Wade is cavalier about the situation, which angers the principal, who says that Ellie is expelled. Wade knocks out the principal and says the conversation is boring.

As they both leave the school Ellie says she wants her mom. Deadpool tells her that he already mentioned how Preston had to go underground. She begins to cry, asking Wade if he’s lying to her, but he doesn’t respond. She asks him again what happened to her mother, and we see a flashback of the events. A dark dome had appeared over Manhattan as Preston prepares to take Ellie to school. She called her husband to pick up their son, and tells Ellie to go back inside because she’s not going to school. S.H.I.E.L.D. has been compromised, but Preston’s synthetic body is immune. Wade meets up with her, wanting to check on them when the dome appeared.

Preston says she’s happy to see him, and asks him to get in the car. Wade wonders what their plans is, and Preston reveals that it’s to find Coulson because he knew something was up -which is why he had to go into hiding. Wade is silent upon hearing this. After 50 miles, Preston wonders what’s wrong, because something has to be up for him to be so quiet. Wade insists that they should be back in Manhattan where everything is happening, not heading away from it. Preston asks him why he needed to see Coulson the other day, and what was so important.

Wade says Cap had worries about Coulson going dark on them, then lies and says he never found him. They make it to Coulson’s burned-down safe-house, and Preston is horrified and confused. Wade lies again, and says it wasn’t like this when he was here and says Coulson may have done it to cover his tracks. Preston agrees with the possibility, and tells Deadpool to check inside. She goes to check a nearby surveillance camera, which reveals what really happened to Coulson the other night.

Preston is distraught and cries, but plays it off when Wade comes back. He says he didn’t see any signs of Coulson, but that they shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Preston agrees, and Wade asks her what’s next. She says she wants to tell him something about Ellie that he may not know. Wade asks her what that is, and she punches him. She screams that Ellie called the good man he murdered, “uncle Phil.”

Back in the present, Wade tells Ellie that there are some things a kid shouldn’t have to deal with. He explains to her about the different burdens that people carry, and how they don’t get to chose what their burden is. She says she doesn’t understand and just wants to go home to the Preston’s. Wade says she can’t ever go back and Ellie cries, wondering why. Wade explains to her that the world is suddenly a different place, and she’s also different.

Ellie doesn’t know what he means by that. He finally explains to her that she’s a mutant, and the new world is moving against people like her in order to make others feel safe. He says life is hard on everyone, but it’s dangerous for a young mutant like herself, especially when her powers haven’t awakened. He continues to explain that he has to go extra miles to keep her safe, so when he tells her to do something -like behave at a new school, she needs to listen to him. He tells her he has to leave for work to lock the door, and don’t open it for anyone.

Later he reports into Hydra HQ bringing in someone. He says it’s Triathlon. The agent has never heard of him, and wonders how this is better than bringing in Hawkeye, who’s the leader of the resistance. Wade insists that he’s a power hero, but he could always let him go. The agent tells him no. he asks if Thriathlon knows where Hawkeye and his people are, and Wade just assures him he’s working on it. The agent tells him that the supreme leader expects results from him. Wade says he will bring in Hawkeye and may be off the grid for a few days, before taking his leave.

Later at Hydra’s HQ, Wade reports in with that he captured Paste Pot Pete. The agents are shocked that Wade is naked, covered with paste with only his mask covering his neither region. The head agent says to take Pete away. He later asks that Deadpool bring in Maria Hill, hoping he won’t be conflicted about turning in an old friend from S.H.I.E.LD. Wade says he won’t, before we see what happened with him and Preston.

She savagely beats him for murdering Coulson, and demanding answers. Wade explains he was working for Rogers, who told him that Coulson had gone rogue and needed stopping by any means necessary. Preston continues her violent assault on Wade -knocking out 3 of his teeth, fracturing his ribs & sternum, with some of the bone going into his lungs. She calls him weak-minded and notes because of how easily manipulated he is, she spent time thinking of a way to kill him over the years. She throws him into a tree, saying nothing is scarier than being attacked by an unkillable puppet, but she never thought the puppeteer would be Steve Rogers.

She reveals her plan to kill him, which includes dismembering him and putting the parts in a cement-filled steel casket, which she will weld shut and drop into the Atlantic. Wade recovers a bit, spitting out blood and says he made a mistake ever trying to be good -nothing that all anyone wants him for is dirty jobs. He tells Preston she made a mistake getting too close. He reveals a grenade, which he uses to blow them up together. He’s healing factor has him recover sooner, and he begins destroying Preston’s LMD body. She reactivates in the middle, which Wade says wasn’t supposed to happen. Preston curses him, saying he’ll burn in Hell and Wade sadly agrees, before finishing her off. Her body now destroyed, she lies motionless on the ground, with Wade staring down at her sadly.

He’s shown having boxed up the parts and taking them to be shipped somewhere. He tells the P.O. worker that he will be killed if his package is mishandled, before leaving. He’s then shown at the Preston’s house, dragging Ellie away from her family, despite her protests. Terry wants Wade to talk to him and asks him what happened to Emily. Wade just says she went underground, before riding off with a confused Ellie.

In the present, the lead Hydra agent wonders what Wade’s plan is for capturing Maria Hill, and he says he’ll do so by serving up Steve Rogers.

Powers and Abilities


  • Enhanced regeneration/healing factor: Deadpool’s primary ability is an extremely accelerated healing factor, derived from the mutant Wolverine and given to him by Weapon X. It allows him to regenerate bodily tissue at extreme, superhuman rates, and increases his longevity, giving him near-immortality. Unlike Wolverine’s, however, his is driven to a certain extent by willpower, which provides an advantage in certain situations. He has regenerated from being ripped apart by a grenade, having been decapitated by the Punisher, and can survive in extreme conditions and sustain other severe injuries with no lasting damaged. Once when his body was destroyed, he was able to regenerate from his remaining hand.
    • Foreign chemical/disease resistance: The healing factor also provides a certain degree of immunity from foreign chemicals such as toxins or sedatives, and gives him near-immunity from all diseases and ailments. Shen Kuei once used enough poison to “kill 25 elephants” to knock out Deadpool for “about an hour”, highlighting his resistance. This also ensures that it is extremely difficult (but not impossible) for Wade to become intoxicated.
    • Telepathic immunity: Due to his brain neurons maintaining a state of “perpetual flux”, Deadpool is completely immune to psychic assaults, and powerful telepaths such as Emma Frost or Cable have not been able to gain access to his mind – even Ghost Rider’s infamous Penance Stare was not able to faze Deadpool.
  • Enhanced human strength: Deadpool’s strength exceeds that of a peak athlete in his prime, due to the various alterations his body has gone through with the Weapon X treatments. While not as strong as Captain America (whose maximum bench press over 1800lbs), Wade can readily lift/press approximately 1000 lbs, and has the stamina to perform feats of strength for extended periods of time.
  • Superhuman stamina: Due to his healing factor, Wade’s body produces less fatigue toxins and gets rid of existing ones much quicker than that of a normal human’s, which allows him to exert himself for much longer than humanly possible.
  • Superhuman reflexes/agility/speed: Deadpool’s speed, reflexes and agility are highly enhanced, and he has coordination and speed to go toe-to-toe with many skilled fighters at once and not lose, clear a room in a few jumps, and perform complicated acrobatic manouvres with ease. He’s shown to easily dodge bullets at close range, disarm opponents without them even being aware of what has happened, and has deflected bullets with his katana at point blank range. His speed is such that he can dodge bullets after they’ve been fired (and move out of the way while it is only inches away from his face).
  • Immortality: When Thanos found out that Deadpool and Mistress Death share a romantic relationship between the two of them, he cursed Deadpool with immortality, meaning that he can’t die by any means.


Deadpool running.
Deadpool running.
  • Master martial artist: Deadpool is a highly skilled martial artist, and is able to easily engage highly-trained foes such as Wolverine or multiple ninjas in combat with ease. He also shows a degree of unpredictability in his fighting style, allowing him to defeat even Taskmaster in single combat.
  • Skilled linguist: Deadpool is fluent in many languages, including Japanese, Russian, German, Spanish, and possibly more.
  • Master assassin: Wade is highly trained in the art of killing, espionage, covert ops, infiltration, escape, marksmanship, and even Wolverine once admitted that Deadpool is a better killer than him.
  • Medium awareness/fourth-wall breaking: Like She-Hulk, Deadpool is one of the few characters known for breaking the fourth wall. This trend started in the late ’90s when it was made popular by Joe Kelly. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall by talking about his own comic (sometimes even having copies of it somehow), referring to artists or writers or even the reader, and discussing comics in general. He is most known for, however, talking to the yellow narration bubbles that his comic has. There have been several theories as to what the boxes really are but no one other than Deadpool can see them in continuity and therefore many people in the Marvel Universe think Deadpool is crazy. Deadpool also references popular media culture in the comics such as video games, celebrities, social networking, and what’s going on with the real world at the time.
    • Minor reality manipluation: Due to his ability to realize he is in a fictional world, Deadpool can perform actions that directly defy the rules of reality and physics – for example, he uses a bottomless satchel to store an infinite amount of ammuniation, weaponry, and other such objects. In Ultimate Alliance 2, Deadpool weaponizes his own health bar to beat an opponent with it. Deadpool also posesses knowledge that only a comic book reader could know, such as mentioning Mephisto erasing Spider-Man’s unmasking from existance, or remembering which comic issue a character last appeared in.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Teleporter: Deadpool used different types of teleportation devices designed by his weapon dealer, Weasel. He stopped using them because he thought they made his job to easy.
  • Deadpool’s Katanas: Deadpool’s weapon is his two swords made of steel. He is well trained with them.

Alternate Versions

Messiah War

A thousand years in the future, X-Force has just arrived and encounters the thousand year old Wade Wilson.

The team wants to know what happened, so Deadpool sneaks in his own story while getting to current events. He said that around 2034, he was hired to stop some very determined rebels, but when the threat of hand-held nuclear devices became apparent, he hid himself in an industrial freezer and was going to work for whichever side wasn’t blown up… however destroyed buildings trapped Deadpool, blocking the freezer door with debris. He then spent the next several decades in this tomb going even more insane, until he was finally released by a band of gun-toting nomads, but he was then attacked by Stryfe. It turned out that after everyone blew themselves up, Stryfe came in and made himself the ruler of the world, so Deadpool decided to work for him. While fighting with Styfe, Deadpool is torn in half and is apparently killed (but he always finds a way to come back).

Earth-295: Age of Apocalypse

Dead Man Wade
Dead Man Wade

Deadpool is known as Dead Man Wade in the Age of Apocalypse, and was given his healing abilities by Apocalypse, not Weapon-X. Apocalypse then placed Dead Man Wade in his elite team known as the Pale Riders (along with Damask, Shadow King and Moonstar). Dead Man Wade was psychotically depressed and a serial killer. He wasn’t only just constantly healing like 616 Deadpool, but he was constantly decaying too. This makes him wish for death for he is constantly in pain. His teammate Danielle liked to hurt him and see how he recovered, her actions made Damask killed her.

When Apocalypse ordered the Pale Riders to destroy the sanctuary of Avalon he is betrayed by Damask. He was apparently killed by Nightcrawler, who teleported his head away from his body. Its revealed that Shadow King used him as host to enter Avalon and infected every being in the sanctuary in order to destroy the place.

Heroes Reborn/Counter-Earth

This is not an alternate reality, but an alternate earth located in Earth-616. This version of Deadpool never got cancer or went to the Weapon-X program. He joined the Avengers calling himself the Swordsman, and would later become their leader. He was calmer, level-headed, and stern. He also carried a wide array of swords with him. He eventually uncovers the fact that their universe is actually a lie. This sends him into a spiraling depression. He gains a massive amount of weight and becomes suicidal. He eventually decides to try to destroy their “pocket universe” as it is a mockery of their existence.

Millennial Visions

Millennial Visions’ Deadpool was hired by Sebastian Shaw to kill the X-Men. Shaw was so happy with Deadpool’s success that he hired Deadpool to kill all the mutants. He eventually tried, the last on his list were: Wolverine, Sunfire, Northstar, and Banshee, who were all hiding from Deadpool in Japan. He did fight with Wolverine but could not kill him, Wolverine did lose an arm in the fight however and Deadpool used his claw as a weapon thereafter. Deadpool kept pictures and souvenirs from all of his targets. He is determined to finish off the rest of the world’s mutants and get paid.


Ultimate Deadpool
Ultimate Deadpool

Wade “Wadey” Wilson was a sergeant who after surviving death-defying action in the Wakanda Wars in the early nineties took the name Deadpool. Deadpool’s true face had no skin and portions of his skull were missing, covered by a clear plastic helmet that made his face appear human-shaped when masked. He kidnapped the X-Men and Spider-Man and threw them on an island to hunt them down for a game-show. However, Deadpool was defeated and is last seen on the island holding his mask while the X-men fly away.

Earth-2149: Zombieverse Headpool


In the Zombiverse, Deadpool as most other heroes was turned into a zombie and is seen with other zombie super-being attacking the Silver Surfer. Later, zombie Deadpool is the first to be sent into the 616 universe and infects some of the members of the Florida initiative as part of an invasion plan, but is decapitated and his still living head is brought back for study at A.R.M.O.R. headquarters. He tagged along Simon Garth until he sailed to the Savage Land where he meets his 616 counterpart. This Deadpool seems almost identical to earth 616’s. He is sarcastic, states he had a healing factor before getting infected but it doesn’t work anymore, and has 616 Deadpool’s sadistic sense of humor. He also breaks the fourth wall just like Earth 616 Deadpool does. This version of Deadpool is now a member of the Deadpool Corps. headpool has also been in shorts made by a low youtuber who made a perfect deadpool costume.

Golden Age Deadpool

This version of Deadpool is Frederick Wilson, the nephew of President Woodrow Wilson. Freddy is enlisted by his uncle in World War 1. In order to get out of service, Freddy smokes too much and tries to pretend to have mustard gas poisoning, but his plan fails and he damages his lungs. Forced to wear a breathing apparatus, he lived the next decade losing his mind in isolation and poverty, and spent much of his time watching cartoons at the theater. During World War 2, he’s convinced by Nazis to become a German super soldier and is given increased physical abilities and rapid healing as well as increased resilience to wounds due to his scabbed and callous skin – he’s dubbed “Weapon Swastika.” He’s then sent to steal Captain America’s would-be shield during the forging process, but decides that he’s not a traitor and goes rogue. This Deadpool also breaks the 4th wall, but sees the world as a cartoon and has knowledge of future lingo and trends.

Major Wade Wilson

In this universe Canada, the United States, and Mexico are all one entity known as “The United States of North America”. In this universe Deadpool is a agent of S.H.E.I.L.D. and is in the military and reached the rank of “Major”. It appears as if this Wade Wilson did not go through the Weapon X program or it was success for he is not scarred.

Lady Deadpool

One major difference in this universe is Deadpool is a woman named Wanda. Another difference is that it appears Captain America sided with the super human registration act (or something perverse yet similar) and was never assassinated. Lady Deadpool and 616 Deadpool team up to fight this universes Cap who winds up losing an arm which Zombie Deadpool eats.

The Deadpool Kid

Deadpool is a common bandit known as ” The Deadpool Kid“. 616 Deadpool doesn’t have time for this nonsense and quickly disposes of this universe’s him and then leaves with Zombie Deadpool’s head accidentally dropping Captain America’s infected arm returning to the 616 universe.


Deadpool Corps
Deadpool Corps

This Deadpool is still a kid and he attends Xavier school for the gifted boys. He’s pretty much the most hated student in the school because of his personality. Kidpool was sent to the Danger Room (detention) with Cyclops because Kidpool gave Cyclops a wedgie and also Xavier wanted to prevent Kidpool from ruining a social with a girl school. Kidpool convinced Cyclops to escape the danger room and went to the social. When Cyclops saw Jean Grey dancing with Wolverine, Cyclops hired Kidpool to cause a distraction while Cyclops grabbed Jean away. After a distraction and a fight with a couple kid mutants Earth 616 Deadpool came in and took Kidpool away and had him joined Deadpool corps. Kidpool is now known as Tito by the rest of the Corps.

Deadpool Noir (Earth-90214)

There is also a Marvel Noir version of this character. Wade, a Canadian, joins the OSS during WWII, becoming a patriot with a few screws loose.

Deadpool Pulp

Deadpool Pulp
Deadpool Pulp

This reality is set in the 1950’s and Deadpool works as a agent for the government. In this reality Deadpool works with General Cable who hired him to track down the rogue agent Outlaw and stop her. At first it’s seen that Deadpool and Cable were war buddies from WWII, but in truth they were both brainwashed to become sleeper agents for General Stryfe and a secret organization with goal of world domination. When Stryfe ordered Deadpool to kill Senator John F. Kennedy he was able to break free of the mind control after which he saved Cable, stopped both Stryfe and Outlaw, and delayed the explosion of a nuclear device. While the city was saved the bomb blew up underwater, and while escaping, Deadpool was caught in the explosion which resulted in his scarring and cancer. In recovery Cable offered to help Deadpool and offered him to join a new program, Weapon X.


Deadpool of Earth-5021 was unhinged from time and forced to become a member of the Exiles‘ rival reality-hopping group known as Weapon X, which performed morally challenging tasks. He acted similar to Earth-616 Deadpool, but was less erratic and more bloodthirsty. After being apparently killed by Sabretooth, he was put in stasis at the Timebrokers’ base where he was freed by Dr. Strange whom realized that Deadpool was alive. Deadpool then killed him and attempted to take over the Timebroker’s headquarters with other Weapon-X members. During the conflict, Mimic absorbed his healing factor powers (and couldn’t get rid of it), and then was apparently killed by She-Hulk.


Thing suspected that Deadpool took the identity of Daredevil, who is dead in the Earth X reality, and became a stuntman in a traveling show. The man denies being Deadpool though.


After the original X-Men are hunted down and killed by Agent Zero, Wolverine makes a new team of X-men. Deadpool is one of people recruited. Deadpool at first turns him down but after getting in several fights by the side of Wolverine he realizes it might be fun and he eventually changes his mind. He remarks about how Wolverine only wants him so he can be the “token human” of the team. This Deadpool makes several pop culture references just like earth 616 does. Wolverine beings to question his decision to extend an invitation but after Deadpool single-handedly takes down several assassins he knows he made the right choice. While training however Agent Zero again tracks them down and Deadpool is apparently killed when he melts into sort of goop after Agent Zero attacks him with a corrosive weapon that has an attribute that works best against those with a healing factor.

5 Ronin Universe

Ronin Deadpool
Ronin Deadpool

In this universe Deadpool is named Watari and is a homeless person, who many consider a fool. He spends most of his time getting drunk or wandering from place to place. Appearances aside, he was once a noble samurai that was left to die in a massacre. He alone survived and the experience left him deranged.

He’s also the only character to appear in almost every issue of the 5 Ronin series (with the exception of the Psylocke issue).

Death Mask

Death Mask
Death Mask

Death Mask is Deadpool’s counter part in the universe that he Spider-Man and the Hulk are sucked into in their annuals. Deadpool originally thought that Death Wish, whom had a costume identical to Deadpool except it is green instead of red and acted just like Deadpool. When Deadpool and Death Wish met they became fast friends and ran around causing trouble. However, Deadpool found out that his actual counterpart was Death Mask, a genius and a sorcerer that ruled the criminal underground, and found out that Death Wish was actually an insane Victor Von Doom.

Deadpool MAX

No Caption Provided

In the Deadpool Max universe, Deadpool is a puppet for a secret government organization. They use him as an assassin to take out high profile targets. Normally, Deadpool wouldn’t care to take out these targets, but his handler Officer Bob convinces him that the targets are all heads of the evil criminal organization Hydra. In this universe, nobody but Wade believes that Hydra exists, but Bob tells him they do to keep him under control. Wade was seduced by his “therapist”, Dr. Inez, but he leaves her deciding that she’s nuts, and not really a doctor. Cable is another agent of the organization, but has gone rogue and claims he’s from the future. He tried to tell Deadpool the truth. After the director of the organization, Blind Al, is kidnapped by Domino, Bob talks Deadpool into hunting her down until they meet and he realizes that she’s really Dr. Inez who changed her name, appearance, and is pregnant with his child. They go off to live together leaving behind his assassin life.

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

No Caption Provided

In Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe. The Watcher watches in horror as one of the most tasteless of worlds unfolds before him. In this universe, Deadpool is victim to a freak counselling session where Psycho Man attempts to use mind-control to force Wade into being his slave assassin. The Watcher claims that Psycho Man’s plan succeeds in other universes and he uses an army of brain-washed heroes and villains to take over the world. But, something even worse happens in this particular universe. Psycho Man fails to overtake DP. And, although Psycho Man is murdered by DP (along with the rest of the employees and patients of the psychiatric institute), his attempt at mind control unlocks a new inner-voice. This voice continues to insist that DP kill the entirety of the Marvel Universe, to spare them from the misery they’re put through for the entertainment of readers. Deadpool succeeds, continuously, breaking the fourth wall saying that this is what the readers wanted. Some of the notable scenes of the book are when Wade kills the Fantastic Four, Hulk, the Punisher, Taskmaster, Wolverine and the Watcher himself.

At the end of the series, Man-Thing sacrifices himself as a portal to the comic book writer’s dimension where he intends to follow through in killing not only his own Marvel Universe, but all of the Universes in existence. The last panel concludes with Wade standing near the bickering creators of Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe, breaking the fourth wall with a threat (or is it a promise?) to find the reader “soon enough.”

Deadpool Killustrated

After Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe for a while (in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe), he realizes that it would be a lot easier to go back and kill the inspiration for his own world. That way, instead of obliterating one comic book world after another, he could defeat the idea of each alternate character at once. He goes about willy-nilly through-out inspirational fictions until Sherlock Holmes appears with a group of classic heroes to defeat him along with his new-found partner Frankenstein. At the end of Deadpool Killustrated, Deadpool is seemingly lost in time after falling off of H. G. Well’s time machine. What happens next? Deadpool Kills Deadpool.

Deadpool Kills Deadpool

In this series Deadpool and the Deadpool Corps are being hunted down by Dreadpool (Earth-12101). His mission is to kill every Deadpool in every reality believing that only he was a fictional character and that his alternate counterparts were his dreams made real. Dreadpool hunts down other Deadpools in order to ease his pain while the friends Earth-616 Deadpool seeks to save the multiverse and protect his kind.

Wade Wilson’s War

No Caption Provided

In this Reality Deadpool was in a squad with Domino, Bullseye, and Silver Sable. They are all believed to be a form of super soldier who went on suicide missions in end being near death. Deadpool is in court after being convicted of causing a massacre in a town. Deadpool says it was a mission to take down a drug lord gone wrong and it ended with Bullseye and Silver Sable killed and Domino losing an eye. The court then told Wade that him and his squad were failed experiments who went insane thinking they were super heroes. They then had Domino come out to testify against Deadpool which ended being a trick the whole time. Domino killed the guards and Deadpool went to kill the judge revealing that he was hired to kill him and kill the drug lords and was arrested as a way of killing two birds with one stone. Then Deadpool and Domino escaped which then revealed that all of this wasn’t real, that Wade Wilson is the man the judge explained earlier and that the judge was actually a worker for the mental asylum Wade was in.

Earth 615.9: Venompool


“What If Venom Possessed Deadpool?” is an issue that took place in the 1980s, Deadpool was hired by Galactus to kill the Beyonder for merging Galactus’s body with M.O.D.O.K. So Deadpool accepted for the price of the continuity cube. Wilson tracked the Beyonder to a nightclub but liked the Beyonder’s lifestyle and joined the party. While hanging with the Beyonder in a flying limo, Spider-Man came and asked for the Beyonder to remove the symbiote from his costume, but ended up getting shot by the limo driver. The Symbiote then left Parker’s body and merged onto Wilson’s making him Venompool.

Pandapool (Earth-TRN312)


In this reality, Deadpool is a giant panda called Pandapool. Pandapool joined Deadpool from Earth-616 to fight against the evil Deadpool Corps when Dreadpool killed Deadpools across the Multiverse. Pandapool was one of the latest survivors in the fight but at the end he was stabbed at his stomach and died.

Deadpool Dinosaur (Earth-TRN321)

Deadpool Dinosaur
Deadpool Dinosaur

Deadpool Dinosaur was a combination of Deadpool and Devil Dinosaur. He has a partner called Moon Boy, who seemingly has the powers of Moon Boy from Earth-78411. Deadpool Dinosaur has a giant saddle of his back and Moon Boy sits on his back and shoots enemies.r

Deadpool Dinosaur fought with the evil Deadpool Corps in Deadpool Kills Deadpool and was killed by Earth-616’s Deadpool.

Galactipool (Earth-TRN319)


Galactipool is a combination of Deadpool and Galactus. In Deadpool Kills Deadpool he was recruited by the evil Deadpool Corps as a last resukt and was killed by Lady Deadpool after she sacrificed herself and crashed The Bea Arthuron his head.

Deadpool The Duck (Earth-791021)

Deadpool The Duck (Earth-791021)
Deadpool The Duck (Earth-791021)

Deadpool The Duck is an alternate version of Deadpool who came from Duckworld (Earth-791021). He seemingly has the same powers as Deadpool from Earth-616.

in Deadpool Kills Deadpool, he was convinced by Dreadpool to fight with the evil Deadpool Corps and kill every Deadpool in the world. He was killed with the rest of the evil Deadpool Corps.

Deadpool The Duck (Earth-616)

Deadpool The Duck (Earth-616)
Deadpool The Duck (Earth-616)

In the mini-series Deadpool the Duck, Deadpool was stuck in Howard The Duck’s body and Howard The Duck’s ghost was replaced with the ghost of Wolverine that was

Other Media


X2: X-Men United

Deadpool’s name is listed in William Stryker’s files on Lady Deathstrike’s computer.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson
Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson

Wade Wilson was played by Ryan Reynolds in his pre-mutated form (in which he was played mutely by Scott Adkins). The movie was faithful to the snarkiness and sarcasm of the character, but nothing was mentioned about his cancer, nor his fourth-wall breaking. It’s unknown if he was a mutant in the continuity of the film, but he displayed superhuman reflexes and skills, such as his ability to deflect bullets with his swords. He was a member of Team X, the Weapon X group of mercenaries along with Wolverine, Sabretooth, Wraith, Bolt, Agent Zero and Fred Dukes. It should be noted that in the movie, Wade Wilson does not wear the classic Deadpool outfit, but does wear a red T-shirt as a nod to his comic costume. Wade has guns here but is only seen using his katanas when in combat. Humorously, he claims that he used his katanas at his ex-girlfriend’s wedding sometime before the events of the film. He is present during the mission to Africa, which is where the group first discovers adamantium. The mission ends with Wolverine leaving the group in disgust after Wade and the others inflict violence against a group of local civilians. Years later, William Stryker, the former leader of Team X, informs Wolverine that both Wade and Bolt had been murdered by Sabretooth, who has gone rogue and is now hunting down his former teammates.

Scott Adkins as Weapon XI
Scott Adkins as Weapon XI

This turns out to be a lie, and in the film’s final act, it is revealed that not only is Wade still alive, but that he has also been transformed into a superhuman killing machine known as Weapon XI. As Weapon XI, his mouth is stitched closed, all visible hair is gone, and stitch marks are still present, as he had been taken out of his procedure early to fight Wolverine. He is also infused with a variety of superpowers as a result of being given DNA injections from the various mutants Stryker had kidnapped. He is never exactly called Deadpool in the movie, however Stryker once refers to him as “the Dead Pool” in the movie. In the final battle he is able to shoot energy beams out of his eyes like Cyclops, is armed with retractable adamantium katanas from his arms, has a healing factor that heals otherwise mortal wounds in seconds, can teleport like Wraith, and is controlled technopathically through a computer by Stryker. His head is cut off by Wolverine but in a scene after the credits his charred hand is dragging itself towards the head in the rubble of the facility, whose eyes open in a conscious moan when the hand touches, hinting at the possibility of a spin-off or movie of his own.

Though the pre-Weapon XI scenes were well received by fans, the film’s version of Deadpool (as well as the movie itself) was highly controversial with fans, and garnered a great deal of backlash. Fans took to derisively calling the character “Barakapool” due to his resemblance to the Mortal Kombat character Baraka.

Deadpool (2016)

Deadpool: The Movie
Deadpool: The Movie

A solo movie starring Ryan Reynolds had been in development for years, though due to the negative reception to X_Men Origins: Wolverine, it was not related to that movie, and was closer to the comics. A script was written as far back as 2010, and test footage for the movie was leaked in 2014. On September 18, 2014, Fox announced that the movie was officially in the works for a February 2016 release date. The movie additionally starred Ed Skrein as Ajax, Morena Baccarin as Vanessa, T.J. Miller as Weasel, Leslie Uggams as Blind Al, Stefan Kapicic as the voice of Colossus, Gina Carano as Angel Dust and Brianna Hildebrand as newcomer to the big-screen, Negasonic Teenage Warhead. The film was directed by Tim Miller from a script by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

The film opened to positive reviews and was a massive hit at the box office.

Deadpool 2 (2018)

The sequel
The sequel

Due to the massive success of the first film, a follow-up was quickly greenlit. The sequel was released two years later, this time directed by John Wick helmer David Leitch, but with Reese and Wernick returning as writers.

Taking place two years after the first film, Wade continues working as a mercenary who goes after the worst and most reprehensible targets. After discovering that the time-traveling warrior Cable plans to kill a mutant child named Russell Collins, Wade sets out to protect the child. In the process, he ends up forming a new team of heroes known as X-Force.

In addition to the returning cast from the first film, the movie featured Josh Brolin as Cable, Zazie Beetz as Domino, Julian Dennison as Russell Collins, Jack Kesy as Black Tom Cassidy, Shioli Kutsuna as Yukio, Terry Crews as Bedlam, Lewis Tan as Shatterstar, Bill Skarsgard as Zeitgeist and Rob Delaney as Peter.


X-Men: The Animated Series

No Caption Provided

In the 90’s X-Men animated show produced by Fox, Deadpool never appears himself. However, there are three references to him. The first time is when Professor Xavier is exploring Sabretooth‘s mind, and Deadpool’s face appears in Sabretooth’s memories, along with some other people from the Weapon X program, including Wolverine, Maverick, and Omega Red.

When Professor Xavier is possessed by Onslaught, he finds Wolverine on a subway. Wolverine is surprised to see the professor walking, until it’s revealed to be Morph who transforms into several people from Wolverine‘s past, one of whom is Deadpool.

Hulk vs. Wolverine

Animated Deadpool
Animated Deadpool

Deadpool is one of Thornton‘s henchmen alongside other Marvel villains. One of their missions is to capture both Hulk and Wolverine to use them as deadly weapons in Weapon X. He often annoys Omega Red with his jokes. At the end (after the credits) Deadpool is seen emerging from the debris via Hulk destroying the lab. Deadpool then pats himself and exclaims : “Guys? Red.. that’s right… I can’t believe it! I’m alive! I’M ALIIIVE-” in which he is then stomped on by Hulk. The screen goes back to Deadpool as he whimpers a weak. “Ow…” He is voiced by Nolan North.

Ultimate Spider-Man

No Caption Provided

Deadpool makes three appearance in Ultimate Spider-Man. In the episode “Freaky”, Deadpool’s face is seen on a magazine cover. In the episode “The Iron Octopus”, Deadpool appears as a character in the game Peter Parker is playing with Harry Osbourne. In the episode “Ultimate Deadpool”, Deadpool arrives on the Helicarrier after SHIELD’s computers have been compromised, Spider-Man arrives to see his team seemingly fond of and happy to see Deadpool, who left the group before he joined. Spider-Man and Deadpool then join forces to recover the stolen data from Taskmaster. But Spider-Man soon learns that Deadpool is a killer and mercenary who intends to steal the secret identities of the heroes from Taskmaster for the sole purpose of selling them on the black market himself.

X-Men: Anime

Deadpool in action!
Deadpool in action!

Deadpool makes a small cameo in the last episode saving the world from the powers of Xavier’s son, Takeo.

Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

Deadpool in Marvel Disk Wars
Deadpool in Marvel Disk Wars

Deadpool appears in the series, voiced by Takehito Koyasu. He frequently breaks the fourth wall and jokes about how he should be the main character, as well as his desire to have an anime figure made in his likeness.

Marvel Future Avengers

Deadpool in Future Avengers
Deadpool in Future Avengers

Deadpool appears in the episode “It’s Deadpool, Again” where he is hired to kidnap Hurricane and turn him over to the Masters of Evil. He was voiced by Takehito Koyasu in the Japanese original and by Jason Spisak in the English dub.

Video Games

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

Deadpool is a boss fight villain (being mind-controlled by Mr. Sinister) in the game and is unlocked as playable after beating the game. If Deadpool is in your party while you encounter him as a boss he has a special conversation with himself. Deadpool uses his katanas and guns for many basic attacks, and uses nitrogen grenades for his special attack in addition to his teleportation power.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006)

Deadpool is one of the heroes that aids in the defense of the Helicarrier after it’s attack by the Masters of Evil. Deadpool is unlocked at the first save point, and can be used throughout the rest of the game. His attacks are mostly borrowed from Rise of Apocalypse, including his teleporting, but his new “X-Treme” attack is called “Merc’s Revenge” where he leaps into the air and pelts foes with gunfire.

In his simulator disk, Deadpool must fight through Murderworld, playing bumper-cars and defeating Arcade‘s clown minions before fighting a Dark Spider-Man clone, but not before having a discussion about internet dating websites. His special costumes are his updated look from the Cable & Deadpool series (dubbed “Assassin”), his Weapon X uniform, and the costume worn by his ultimate universe counterpart.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009)

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Deadpool goes to Washington D.C. for the cherry blossom festival, and becomes enraged when Titanium Man and his terrorists attack the city, and attacks the players. Once he is defeated he aids the heroes in rescuing Senator Stan Lieber from the armored super villain, and takes him back to safety while the Alliance continues after Titanium Man. His attacks are still based on guns, grenades and katanas, but his fighting system has been rebuilt from the ground up. Deadpool has unique dialogue with Black Widow and Cable, and his alternate costume is an unmasked variant of his Ultimate Universe costume. Deadpool is also aware that he is in the game, frequently mentioning the need for red orbs or whining about his low health bar, all while referring to you as “Player”.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Deadpool is featured in the video game adaption of the Wolverine movie. He is the final boss fight (as Weapon XI) as he is in the film.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Deadpool is a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He retains his manic mood as well as his awareness that he’s in a video game, going so far as to beat his foes with his health-bar as one of his Super Combos. When he wins a match, he will sometimes insult the player for sitting on the couch while he’s out risking life and limb in battle, and if he loses he’ll yell at you for “pressing the wrong buttons!” Nolan North reprises his role as the character. If the player defeats Galactus using Deadpool, it is seen that Deadpool and an accomplice known only as “The Player” are on the run from the police after Deadpool caused an explosion while trying to add more power to the DJ and the Margarita machine. Deadpool also has a a theme song in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 that reflects his personality. It is one of the only songs in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 that has lyrics.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Shattered Dimensions
Shattered Dimensions

Ultimate Deadpool appears as a boss in the game, but with a reimagined personality similar to his standard counterpart. He tries to kill Spider-Man on live TV with his army of ravenous fanboys in exchange for the tablet if Spider-Man wins. The tablet’s power grant the ability to make three copies of himself. He will sing the Pokemon theme song if the player spends too long collecting Spider Tokens, also will make smart remarks if the player pauses too long. Nolan North reprises his role of the character.

Little Big Planet 2

In Little Big Planet 2, there was a second Marvel pack of costumes for Sackboy to wear. The second wave of Marvel costumes included many different characters, one of which being Deadpool. Deadpool’s appearance on Little Big Planet 2 includes his mask, and the rest of his outfit, including two katanas strapped to his back. The outfit is priced at 1.99 and was released on January, 2013.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Marvel: Avengers Alliance
Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Deadpool is a playable character in the Facebook Marvel: Avengers Alliance game. His character can be bought for 135 Command Points, which is about 45 more then the average character price. Currently he has two costumes available the default being the “Classic Deadpool” costume and the alt being his grey and black “Uncanny X-Force” costume, which has a passive that is shared with Uncanny X-Force costumes for Wolverine, Psylocke, Archangel, and Fantomex. His attacks include: Sharp Pointy Things, Bang Bang Bang!, No Holds Barred, and Happy to See You. He is one of the few characters in the game with two unique Empowered-Iso8.

Deadpool (Video Game)

No Caption Provided

Deadpool is the star of his own videogame. The game is filled with quirky, gory, dark humor, mexican food, relentless fourth-wall breaking, swearing, sarcasm, explosions, and comic references. The game is an extremely loyal adaptation of the comics and the general style of writing for the character.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Lego Deadpool
Lego Deadpool

Deadpool is a playable character, with Nolan North reprising his role.

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes Deadpool
Marvel Heroes Deadpool

Deadpool is once again a playable character.

Contest of Champions

Deadpool and Venompool
Deadpool and Venompool

Deadpool is one of the playable fighters in the game. Two new playable variants were later added to the game that included Uncanny X-Force Deadpool and Venompool.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Deadpool in Ultimate Alliance 3
Deadpool in Ultimate Alliance 3

Deadpool returns in the third Ultimate Alliance game, voiced again by Nolan North. He is affiliated with the X-Men in this game, and enters the plot after the Brotherhood’s attack on the Xavier Institute ruins the tacos he was preparing.


Action figures

From Hasbro and Sideshow
From Hasbro and Sideshow
Hot Toys
Hot Toys
Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends
  • Toy Biz released a Deadpool figure for the X-Force line. Strangely, he was listed as part of the “Evil Mutant” division of toys, even though he is not a mutant.
  • Toy Biz later released an alternate Deadpool figure for the X-Men/X-Force line. This one included an alternate, unmasked head depicting his scarred face.
  • Years later, Toy Biz released a Deadpool figure for the Marvel Legends line. A Doop figure was also included.
  • A Deadpool figure was released by Diamond Select as part of the Marvel Select line.
  • Hasbro released a Deadpool figure showing his maligned Weapon XI design for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine line. The same line also included a classic, comic-accurate Deadpool figure.
  • Hasbro released a few Deadpool figures for the Super Hero Squad line.
  • Hasbro released a figure of Deadpool in his X-Force uniform for the Marvel Legends line.
  • Hasbro also released a figure of Deadpool in his X-Men uniform as part of a Marvel Legends two-pack with Warpath.
  • Hasbro released a smaller figure of Deadpool as part of their Greatest Battles Comic Packs line. This figure came as part of a two-pack with Taskmaster.
  • Hasbro also released a Deadpool figure for the Marvel Mashers line.
  • Sideshow Collectibles released a sixth scale Deadpool figure.
  • Hot Toys released a Deadpool figure based on his solo movie incarnation.
  • Hasbro released another Marvel Legends Deadpool figure as part of the Juggernaut Build-a-Figure wave.
  • In 2018, Deadpool received two Marvel Legends waves devoted to him, as well as his allies and supporting cast. Another was released in 2020.
  • In 2020, Hasbro released a special Marvel Legends two-pack with the movie versions of Deadpool and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.
  • Hot Toys released a second movie Deadpool figure, this time for the sequel.
  • Hasbro released a Marvel Legends Venompool Build-a-Figure wave in 2020.


The Kotobukiya X-Force variant
The Kotobukiya X-Force variant
  • Bowen Designs released a Deadpool statue.
  • Gentle Giant Studios released a Deadpool bust.
  • Kotobukiya released a Deadpool statue depicting him in his Marvel NOW! costume as part of the ARTFX line. This was followed by a variant showing Deadpool in his X-Force uniform.
  • Sideshow Collectibles released a Deadpool statue, as well as a variant showing him in his X-Force uniform.
  • Factory Entertainment produced a statue of Deadpool riding in a toy rocket.
  • Diamond Select released a number of Deadpool products, including pair of statues depicting Deadpool and Cable and a Gamestop-exclusive unmasked Deadpool PVC statue.
  • Gentle Giant released Deadpool statues and busts, including a Roman-style bust depicting Wade as Julius Caesar.


The Wolverine Chopper Showdown kit
The Wolverine Chopper Showdown kit
  • Lego released a Deadpool minifig for their “Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown” kit.
  • Funko released a Deadpool bobblehead as part of the Pop! line. A variant of Deadpool in his X-Men colors was later released, followed by another of Deadpool in his X-Force uniform.
  • Funko also released a Deadpool plush for the Fabrikations line.
  • Funko later released the “Deadpool Chimichanga Truck” toy, which once again was also released as an X-Force variant.
  • Medicom released a bear-inspired Deadpool for the Bearbrick line.

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