The Last of Us

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The year is 2033, and Ellie is now 14 years old. Prior to the start of the game she becomes infected along with her friend Riley. She then finds Marlene who realises that she is immune to the infection, and tries to get her to Boston. Marlene however becomes injured and has to hire smugglers, Joel (games protagonist), and Tess to take her out of the city, escaping the military, in order to rendezvous with other members of the Firefly. Although Joel is reluctant to accept the offer, he is persuaded by Tess, and the two agree to take her out of the city. The soon find out however that they’re smuggling an infected girl, but once they realise she may be immune the continue with the plan.

After passing more military, as well as infected, Ellie, Joel, and Tess manage to make it to the rendezvous point in the Capitol Building, but they find out that the Fireflies are dead, and that the military are closing in. After revealing that she’s now infected, Tess demands that Ellie, and Joel go on without her, with her staying behind to buy them time, also telling Joel to look after her, and to complete their job. Ellie tries to talk to Joel about Tess’ sacrifice, but the pain is too much for Joel, who makes Ellie agree to never bring it, or her name up again.

Ellie, and Joel then head to a town where a friend of Joel’s named Bill is meant to be residing. Bill is a mechanic, and owes Joel a favour, so Joel hopes he can provide them with a car. The two however have to go through a town of infected, and booby traps set up by Bill just to find him. Bill agrees to help them, but says that he needs supplies to get a car working. The trio now have to go through the town to find a battery, fending of infected along the way. When they reach the location of the battery it isn’t there, and Bill realises someone must have had the same idea. The three fight through more zombies until they reach a house they can shelter in. The house happens to be where Bill’s friend lives, and it turns out that he took the battery, and was planning on leaving himself, but got infected in the mean time, and hung himself as not to turn. Although angry at this betrayal Bill fixes the car up, and Ellie, and Joel head off for Pittsburgh.

When entering Pittsburgh, Ellie, and Joel are ambushed by a group of hunters pretending to be injured, but land up wrecking the car. They then have to fight their way through the city, killing hunters along the way. Whilst going through a hotel however the two are separated, the elevator Joel was standing on plummeting down. Joel has to fight infected, and hunters on the way back to Ellie, but it is Ellie who saves Joel by shooting a hunter who was trying to drown Joel the head, killing him. Although reluctant, Joel eventually decides to trust Ellie with a gun, giving her a hunting rifle to cover him whilst he took down the hunters in the vicinity. He then swaps the rifle for something her size, giving her a pistol. The pair continue to make their way through the city, killing more hunters, and avoiding their lookout Humvee.

They eventually make it to higher ground, and enter a building, but Joel’s attacked by a man named Henry. After Ellie helps free Joel by attacking Henry with a switchblade. Joel then takes Henry to the ground, and continues to punch him in the kidneys, until Ellie warns Joel of Henry’s younger brother Sam, who has a gun aimed at Joel. The four realise that their not enemies, and decide to work together. Henry leads them to his hideout, telling Ellie and Joel of their plan for escape. The four wait till nightfall, and Joel, and Henry go about stealthily taking down the skeleton crew that guard the gate. They however are then chased by the Humvee, and as Ellie, Sam, and Henry get up onto a truck, the ladder they climbed breaks, leaving no easy way for Joel to climb. Fearing for his, and Sam’s lives, Henry decides to leave Joel, wishing him luck. Ellie however stays, saying that they stick together, and the two manage to avoid the Humveee, making it under a garage door, closing it behind them. Ellie, and Joel then continue through a pub, and manage to escape the hunters by jumping off the bridge into the water.

Both Ellie, and Joel make it to shore, and are reunited with Henry, and Sam, with Joel angry at his betrayal. Ellie however reveals that they’d have both drowned if it wasn’t for Henry, and they make the peace. The four then scavenge the beach, with Ellie, and Joel going one way, and Henry, and Sam going another. After Ellie and Joel search a boat for supplies, they are called over by Sam, who tells them that they’ve found something. It’s the entrance to the sewers, and Joel, and Henry open to let Ellie, and Sam in, with Joel getting in and holding it open for Henry. In the sewers the four look for a way out, but reach a dead end. Joel, and Ellie however work together to start a generator which powers a small ferry that transports Henry, and Sam across. The four then continue through the sewers, noticing that people were living here until it was affected by the virus. On the way they pass infected, taking them out until they reach a door. Joel however accidentally triggers a trap, separating Ellie, and Henry from himself, and Sam.No time to argue about it however as Ellie, and Henry have to flee from a group of clickers, as Joel and Sam make their own way through a horde of infected. The four meet up again, with Ellie telling Joel how well she did. They however reach a blocked door, and send Ellie, and Sam through a small window above to unblock it. Joel and Henry meanwhile fend of more infected as they do this, eventually escaping, and re-blocking the door.

The four then make their way through the suburb, before getting attacked by a hunter sniper. Joel goes round to take out the sniper, taking down other hunters along the way, whilst the others try to distract the sniper. After the sniper is down the others make their way to the house but are attacked by more hunters, and Joel has to take them out with the sniper. This isn’t all for the others as infected start to attack them, with Joel yet again coming to the rescue, and taking out other infected until they make it inside. The four don’t stick around, as they head out to back, and over to the military tower.

As Joel, and Henry talk later that night, Ellie goes to talk to Sam who is taking stock of the food. As the two talk about the possibility of the infected people being trapped in their own bodies, unable to control their actions, Ellie brings out a toy that Sam wanted earlier, and gives him it. When Ellie leaves Sam tosses the toy, and pulls his trouser leg up to reveal a scratch. In the morning Ellie goes to check on Sam, but finds that he’s infected. She is then attacked, and as she tries to fend him off, Joel also goes for his gun, but is stopped by Henry. This continues, but Henry finally reluctantly kills Sam. Henry is now very upset, and blames Joel for all this aiming the gun at him, before eventually committing suicide by shooting himself in the head.

Personal Information

  • Nationality: American
  • Age: 14
  • Known Relatives: Anna (mother, deceased)
  • Allies: Joel, Tess (deceased), Marlene (deceased)
  • Status: Alive

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