Former Made Man, Carlo Castelleno uses his contacts and know how to help clients "fix" problems. He's also proficient alchemist who sells drugs to Chicago' supernatural community.


Carlo Castelleno grew up in Bridgeport on Chicago’s Southside. While his parents lived like they were poor, nothing could be further from the truth. His old man, Carlos, ran with the mob and had stashes of cash and gold jewelry hidden in various places in the city, allowing them to have things they wanted, they just couldn’t show them off. One day his mom received a note from Sam, his dad’s friend. She grabbed Carlo and two duffle bags then hid in the basement with reinforced bullet proof doors. His mom spent the night praying, surrounded by her shrines to Mary, Jesus and the Saints. That morning they went to an apartment across town. She dyed and cut her hair and did the same to Carlo. He never went back to his old school and was never allowed to see his old friends again. She gave him a State ID and he was to now use the name Robbie Greco. Carlo never saw his father again and never knew why, but he and his mom lived well, even if it was low key.

As Carlo grew up, he learned the truth about his father. He was a made man and, to the chagrin of his mother, Carlo wanted in. The man who wanted his dad dead was also dead and the guy who did the hit was in jail. Carlo went back to using the Castelleno name and got in with his dad’s old clique. Carlo did jobs for his crew, smash and grabs, shake downs, transporting “packages” and the like, though he stayed away from dirty work like hits, his problem solving and quick thinking made him a valuable asset.

Carlo also learned to cook meth, cut coke and also to convert said coke to crack. Science did peek his interest in school and this was something he actually enjoyed, but knowing the dangers of cooking meth as well as the drug trade in general he got out of it and chose to just manage the books. He wanted to know as little about the goings on as possible, making him less of a target. Even though the outfit were taking care of him he didn’t just get into the mob to follow in his dad’s footsteps, he got in to find out why he was killed.

Carlo’s mom remarried and moved out of state. This was good for him because it gave him more leeway and less people who could get hurt. He started asking question and got ready to have some heat come his way, but instead he was lead to Sam, his dad’s partner who had been locked away in an asylum. It was that or jail. Sam had a story to tell and no one believed him including Carlo, but he gave Carlo some info that even his mom didn’t have. This lead Carlo to a property in a Chicago suburb called Wilmette. The place hadn’t been lived in for years. After a little cleaning he decided to take a look around eventually leading to the basement.

Carlo found his dad’s makeshift basement lab, but his dad wasn’t cooking meth or making crack, in fact Carlo had never seen anything like this. If what he was reading from notebooks in his dads lab was true, then Sam wasn’t crazy, his father was indeed making designer drugs for “special people” using some form of chemistry he’d never seen that included mysterious techniques and incantations. Aside from the concoctions that involved actual drugs, everything else was legal. He also found notes on various clients claiming some where vampires, others claimed to have psionic powers. According to the notes his dad was moving away from the illegal stuff and focusing on a drug called Psychoblast that significantly enhanced the user’s psionic power. This allowed people who had minimal abilities see their power increase and advanced mentalist were suddenly more powerful than ever before and this was all legal.

According to the paperwork Carlos created a type of artificial blood using Vampire blood called “Reign Plasm”. It was injectable and one shot not only fed it’s user, but enhanced the strength and power of an already powerful creature, but it only lasted an hour. It was helpful in situations were vampires had been fatally wounded. If they didn’t fall to dust immediately, an injection of RP could save them. While RP had it’s uses, like Psychoblast, it was addictive. The increase in power levels made the user crave the drug’s effects. Noticing the effects of RP Carlos made a few alterations, removing the enhancing effects and adding Dimethocaine. He’d created a designer recreational drug for vampires. While this was incredibly successful he became a target of vampires who felt this drug was damaging to them, making them get sloppy and open to revealing themselves to the public. This was the stance of a group of high powered vampires called the Vampire Alliance. While other vampires protected him, they were no match for the often stronger and more powerful Alliance members. After this reveal his notes suddenly stopped.

Carlo had several realizations; first his dad and Sam were either both crazy, or his dad was an incredibly proficient alchemist, second: Vampires and supernatural creatures existed, which would explain a lot about his upbringing such as why they waited until morning to leave their home and only moved across town, but didn’t leave the city. They weren’t running from the mob, they were running from vampires. Third: His dad may not be dead, he may be hiding or worse still alive, but not human.

Knowing his dad, Carlo searched the house, knocking on walls, removing photos and pushing up ceiling tiles until he found what he was looking for, a small duffle bag with three hundred thousand dollars. He took the notes and the money and later that night burned the small house to the ground using an electrical trick he learned to make it look like an accident. His mom got the insurance money and he was out of the game.

Though he left the mob, using his connections he sold his services as a consultant, helping people make the right connections, arranging transport and so on. One of his biggest clients was a rich girl named Loren, who he’d arrange “drop offs” for, which were mainly deliveries of various recreational drugs. While this was lucrative he was incredibly intrigued by his dad’s work. Having a mind for science he began trying to try to emulate his dad’s experiments. The problem was, when he tried to track down any of his dads old clients, most of them were said to be dead, except a vampire called Count Draggen who was eager to help.

Carlo didn’t know about the three way war on vampires in Chicago, nor did he know Draggen wasn’t a vampire, he was actually a Darkling. But either way, word did get out. Carlo had replicated his dad’s experiments. Aside from Draggen and a few other vampires, his biggest base were psychics and psions seeking Psychoblast. A woman named Hanover would buy his whole supply of Psychoblast and would become belligerent when he didn’t have it. There was also a woman named Rahaab, who just wanted Hyperlarocaine a more potent version of Larocaine with effects on the same level as real cocaine. Currently Carlo Castelleno still works as a fixer for various clients and currently is the only dealer of designer drugs to the supernatural community.


Fixmaster is extremely cunning and quick on his feat. While he doesn’t have any superpowers per se he does use invocations when making his various creations and experiments which technically counts as magic. Though not a trained fighter Fixmaster works out, is in good shape, knows a few boxing moves, how to delivery a solid punch and is decent with a handgun, but not a marksman by any means. He is also decently effective at holding off vampire and supernatural attacks with prayers and shrines. He also arms himself with silver bullets now.


Fixmaster is Catholic and considers magic use a sin, but sees alchemy as science.

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