Gabriel is the leader of the A.P.N.G. and founder of the modern world of NEW-GEN.

Gabriel is an alchemist born in Egypt around 4000 BC. He became a shining star among the sorcerers of the Pharaoh’s court and when the Pharaoh passed, Gabriel was given his sceptre, known as the Kane, as a gift of honour.
As time passed, Gabriel came to realise that the Kane was capable of manipulating not abstract magical powers, but matter along the electromagnetic spectrum. He discovered that the Kane emitted tiny machines, invisible to the human eye, called nanites, and he began his long and productive study of nanotechnology. After using the power of the Kane to prolong his life, Gabriel became more ambitious, teaching himself such techniques as the folding of space and time. His greatest discovery would be the existence of hundreds, if not thousands of worlds, great and small, that stretch across the veil of the space-time continuum. With the Kane, he could pierce these walls and peer into the rich tapestry of other dimensions. 
He found in New-Gen a fertile land ideally suited for his experiments, and people equally welcoming to the idea of his sustainable technologies. In addition to a perfect world, Gabriel found his perfect mate in Thea, a beautiful nature guardian who would join Gabriel and support his efforts. Gabriel is the fourth described in a prophecy of New-Gen described by Thea. He was believed to be “the air.” 
As New-Gen progressed, Gabriel took on a very promising pupil named Sylvester Deadalus. In a series of traumatic events, Deadalus attempted to create beings that could stave off, if not vanquish death. He infected children with nanobots, causing them to suffer severely and nearly die. Gabriel had no choice but to banish him from New-Gen. This weighed heavily on Gabriel’s conscience and led him down a road of self-sacrifice that cost him in very significant and personal ways.
Since this time, Deadalus has struggled to find a way back to NEW-GEN and seek his revenge, each time being thwarted by Gabriel and his A.P.N.G.

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