Out of the 10 original Paladins, Gabriel is the last. A war hero in Amerika, Earth and beyond. He was one of the first super-soldiers to be created under the Paladin program by Armtech. When WWXIII started he and his kind were sent to Mars to battle for Earth.

When he returned, he became the United States personal guardian. Tasked with protecting Amerika from any and all threats be it mobs, gangs or terrorists sending any prisoners to the notorious level-9 facility.

Gabriel is later framed be the terrorist group Pandemonium for crimes he did not commit and sent to level-9 along with most of the criminals he himself put there. After nine years in captivity he manages to escape the level-9 facility and begins to hunt down the people who framed him to find out their motives.

Powers and bbilities

Due to the Paladin program Gabriel’s speed, durability, strength and agility have been enhanced to superhuman levels. The limits of which have yet to be ascertained. He also has an enhanced healing factor that allows him to shrug off otherwise fatal injuries with little difficulty. Gabriel is also well versed in close quarter combat, most firearms and hand to hand combat.

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