Joan of Burgundy

Joan of Burgundy (c. 1293 - December 12, 1349), sometimes nicknamed Jeanne la Boiteuse, became, through her marriage to the future king Philippe VI de Valois, queen of France from 1328 to 1349. She was also the mother of King John II the Good.
  • Jeanne de Bourgogne appears in the novel Le Lis et le Lion (1960), the sixth volume of the famous novel Les Rois maudits by Maurice Druon. In the television adaptation of the 1972 series, she is portrayed by actress Ghislaine Porret9.
  • It also appears in the historical novel Le Lion des Pyrénées (1959) 10, the first volume of the novel La Vie fabuleuse by Gaston Phoebus by the authors Myriam and Gaston de Béarn, inspired by the life of Gaston Fébus (1331-1391), count de Foix and viscount of Béarn. In the television miniseries Gaston Phébus, le Lion des Pyrénées (1978) created from this romantic work, Queen Jeanne takes on the features of Claude Gensac11,12.
  • The queen also plays an important role in the romantic series The Curse of Gabrielle by Andrea H. Japp which takes place during the last years of her life, during the time of the Black Plague13.
  • She is also the heroine of a comic book series, Jeanne, the male queen (screenplay by France Richemond and drawings by Michel Suro), published in the “Les Reines de sang” collection by Delcourt editions. The first two volumes of the series appeared in 201814 and 201915. The third and final opus was released in the fall of 2020.

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