Cain Marko’s mother died when he was young and he was raised by his father Kurt. With the (questionable) death of his father’s colleague, Dr. Brian Xavier, Cain’s father married Xavier’s widow, Sharon. They moved into the Xavier Mansion (the later Xavier Institute for Higher Learning) in Westchester, New York. Cain was a bully to his stepbrother Charles, partly due to the fact that his father favored him over Cain. Unknown to Cain, Charles was succeeding because of his mutant ability to read minds, including Cain’s. When he found out, Cain would never forgive Charles for this. During an argument with his father, Cain accidentally started a fire in his father’s lab, the fire soon grew out of control and Kurt once again showed his preference for Charles when he saved him first. After going back for Cain, he died of smoke inhalation.

The Temple of Cyttorak

Gem of Cyttorak
Gem of Cyttorak

Later, both Cain and Charles were drafted into the US army and were in the same unit during the Korean War. During one mission, they were in a fire fight and Cain deserted the unit, Charles went after him in the hopes of bringing him back before he got into trouble. Cain stumbled into a cave that had the lost Temple of Cyttorak inside. He discovered the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak on a plinth and when he touched it, magically appeared an inscription in English that read:“Whosoever touches this gem shall be granted the power of the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak! Henceforth, you who read these words, shall become … forevermore … a human juggernaut!”

Withstood One Trillion tons of rock
Withstood One Trillion tons of rock

Cain was mystically transformed into Cyttorak’s avatar, a living Juggernaut, but the unleashed mystical energies caused a cave -in; Charles managed to escape just in time. Charles and the world believed Cain to be dead, however, Cain was buried under the rubble of the immense mountain that covered the whole temple. The Juggernaut was not stopped by this and thanks to his ability to not eat or breathe, and his recently acquired unlimited superhuman strength and durability, he dug himself out of a trillion tons of rocks that fell on him. It took Juggernaut XX years (sliding timescale) to get out to the surface with nothing but thoughts of revenge against his step-brother on his mind. This event, undoubtedly, represents one of first daunting feats of Juggernaut’s strength.


Juggernaut was created by writer Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the same creative team responsible for the creation of the original X-Men itself. In his first appearance in X-Men #12 in 1965, he featured as an enemy to the main team.

Major Story Arcs


Taking revenge on Charles
Taking revenge on Charles

Before Cain could claim the full power of Cyttorak and carry out his plan to return to the U.S. for revenge against Charles, he had to kill the previous Juggernaut and slaughter the village he was protecting, a task Cain did with no second thoughts. By this time, Charles had a team of mutants, the X-Men. In spite of not being able to stop the Juggernaut, they manage to remove his helmet in the first encounter, thus allowing Charles to subdue him. After the fight with the X-Men, and unknown to the team, Professor X locked Juggernaut in a special chamber of the mansion’s sub-basement. He was trying to find a way to take away Cain’s powers. During the experiment, Professor X was hit by some energy feedback and was knocked unconscious, which also transferred some of his mental powers to Juggernaut. The X-Men then contacted Doctor Strange, since Juggernaut’s origin was magical in origin, and he told them to go to Cyttorak temple since the apparent prototype Crimson Gem of Cyttorak was there. Cyclops and Jean Grey went into the actual Crimson Cosmos to retrieve it. The second gem succeeded in waking up Professor X, and when Juggernaut touched the second gem it sent him to the Crimson Cosmos. Xavier didn’t want Cain to suffer such a fate though, and so built a machine that would slowly bring Cain back to Earth. By the time he had come back to Earth, Xavier was apparently dead (it was actually the mutant Changeling), and Juggernaut tried to beat the truth out of the X-Men as to where his brother’s whereabouts were, suspecting a trap. However, the machine’s effect wore off and Cain went back to the Crimson Cosmos again.

Trapped in a Dimension

Teamed up against the army
Teamed up against the army

While in the Crimson Cosmos, Juggernaut managed to pick up some magical skills. In this time, Juggernaut burst into Nightmare’s realm and ended up saving Dr. Strange when he needed his help to defeat a Nightmare, who had managed to control the cosmic powers of Eternity in order to obliterate the planet Earth. However, Juggernaut accidentally freed Eternity, who then banished him to yet another dimension, called Oblivion. In Oblivion, time moved faster than normal, making people age quicker there. The only antidote to which is pure hatred, which Cain had plenty. Juggernaut managed to cross over to Earth eventually, where he fought Beast. When Beast took off Juggernaut’s helmet, Juggernaut began to fear being defeated more than his hatred. He sudden aged rapidly, and so went back to Oblivion to speed up his remaining lifespan. The dimension itself had tired of Juggernaut, and so offered to him that if he gave up the magic skills he had learned in the Crimson Cosmos, he could be sent back to Earth. Naturally Juggernaut agreed, and materialized right in the middle of a fight between the Hulk and the U.S. Army. The two teamed up, but when Hulk saw Juggernaut endangering innocent lives, he fought against him. During the battle, the Juggernaut’s physical power seemingly had the advantage over Hulk in terms of raw strength and durability to the point he got on Hulk’s back and almost broke his neck; however, Hulk managed to grab Juggernaut’s helmet and began to spin him around so fast that it took off, sending the Juggernaut to crash into the corner of a mountain. Disconcerted by what happened, the Hulk moves away but the Juggernaut stands up quickly and gets to ready to attack him until the X-Men arrived and Professor X used his telepathic powers to put Juggernaut down due that he had lost his helmet during the fight.

Black Tom

A dark old friend
A dark old friend

Whilst in prison, Juggernaut befriended fellow cell mate Black Tom Cassidy, as both had a member of the X-Men who was family and they both hated. The two were freed from jail by Eric the Red, and they set up something of a base in Cassidy Keep. Banshee and the X-Men went to Cassidy Keep for a holiday shortly afterwards, and were easily beaten by Juggernaut and Black Tom. Eventually the fight went to the top of the keep, where Banshee managed to beat Black Tom by throwing him off the battlements. Juggernaut ignored the X-Men as he lept into the water to save his friend. Juggernaut did succeed in saving Tom, and the two returned to attacking the X-Men shortly afterwards.

The duo decided to hire Arcade to take down the X-Men, despite Juggernaut being against it, but Arcade didn’t do any better than they did. After that they planned to rob a mint with the help of Black Tom’s niece Siryn, but Siryn registered on Cerebro which alerted the X-Men. What’s more, they had to fight local hero Spider-Woman as well. Juggernaut and Black Tom agreed that if they ever wanted to defeat the X-Men they’d need another ally, and decided on Madame Web since she could predict their opponent’s moves. Juggernaut went after Madame Web, but when he pulled her out of her life-supporting chair in his eagerness, she almost died. Spider-Man managed to defeat Juggernaut by luring him into some wet cement of a concrete foundation, which he sunk through to the bottom. It took Juggernaut a month to come up of the surface, which he did by digging into the bedrock through of hundreds of thousands cubic meters of rock, clay, and stone compacted over his body.

Back in Town

Colossus was knocked out!!
Colossus was knocked out!!

The first thing Juggernaut did once he was out of the cement was enter his favourite bar for a drink. Whilst he did so, a dark-haired woman approached him and started flirting heavily with him. Juggernaut was unaware that this woman was the immortal Selene, who was planning to drain Juggernaut’s energy as her next victim. Before she could complete her plan, Colossus, who was coincidentally in the same bar, accidentally spilled his drink over Juggernaut. Juggernaut and Colossus got into a fight, with Juggernaut easily being the victor. When he saw the rest of the X-Men though, he gave them some money to cover the damages then left.

For Black Tom’s birthday, Juggernaut gave him the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak which had originally granted him his powers. When Tom touched the gift he transformed into a second Juggernaut, although both him and Cain had only half the power Cain had when he was the only Juggernaut. Cain and Tom had a short fight which was soon interrupted by Spider-Man and the X-Men; they managed to defeat the Juggernauts by having Rogue drain Tom’s powers, which then went to Cain when he touched the Crimson Gem a second time. Juggernaut escaped with Tom and in case of someone else draining his power by touching the gem, Juggernaut threw it into space so that no one could get it.

While perusing a scheme in Scotland with Black Tom, Cain came across Dazzler. Wanting to prove herself, she took Juggernaut on thinking him another “strong guy”. Cain didn’t want the fight as he was a fan of Dazzler – having brought all her albums and even seen her live; however Alison continued to attack although nothing she did had any effect on Juggernaut and she passed out from exertion. Cain thought he had killed her and gave her a decent burial, which the X-Men then had to dig her out from as she was only unconscious.

Acts of Vengeance

Hammer ride!
Hammer ride!

During Acts of Vengeance, Juggernaut was pitted against Thor by Loki. Thor attempted to smash Juggernaut with his hammer. Juggernaut not only caught it, he also rode the hammer back to its master and nearly ko’ed Thor in one hit. Distracted by the New Warriors arrival, Thor opened a portal and dumped Juggernaut into an apparently uninhabited dimension. This turned out to not be true when Excalibur and Thor went looking for Juggernaut. They found him as King of the alien world. During the second fight, Thor again avoided getting beaten by throwing Juggernaut through a portal to an isolated meteorite in space.


Juggernaut was rescued by Black Tom after “about a year” who had a machine built using Arianna Jankos money. In exchange for this, Juggernaut and Black Tom helped her take over the World Trade Centre to hold the businessmen hostage. The building was extremely badly damaged in the fighting between Juggernaut, Spider-Man and X-Force. Black Tom was badly injured, and when Deadpool offered to teleport them away to his employer, Juggernaut agreed. The employer, Mr. Tolliver, got Black Tom medical help in exchange for Cain’s services.


Can't be killed by Onslaught
Can’t be killed by Onslaught

Juggernaut required the most immediate and prompt attention of Onslaught to attack him, fearing for the infinite range of mystical power that made Cain the Cyttorak’s avatar instead of Xavier in his past memories. Onslaught’s massive psionic assault weakened Juggernaut’s mind before magnetically throwing him out from Canada to the wilds to outside NYC. Found by the X-Men, Cain recovered in their infirmary. Once better, he escaped before he could tell the X-Men who Onslaught was. Eventually, Cain headed back to Xavier’s where he went to Jean Grey helmet-less to prove he wanted her to sort out his jumbled memories of who Onslaught was. Using the mysterious Z’Nok chamber, Jean made the discovery that Onslaught was Charles Xavier and told Cain to run. In that moment, Onslaught caught Juggernaut and told him that he can not kill him because he is indestructible, as long as he stays bounded and protected by the power of the mystical energy of Cyttorak. However, Onslaught handled Cain’s magic links with Cyttorak to restrict his powers only by locking him inside the Gem. Thus Onslaught created a massive psionic display where he appears ripping the Gem of Cyttorak from Cain’s chest.

Cain stripped of his powers, was tossed into Crimson Cosmos, where he would be the perfect sacrifice that would lead the release of the most destructive and evil aspect of Cyttorak on the Earth again. However, a pair of sorcerers called Gomurr and Tar entered in the unattended Gem and attempted to take its powers for themselves, but they were opposed by the Juggernaut and a demoness called Spite, who is the sister of D’Spayre. Juggernaut soon realizes that Spite just wanted to use him as a sacrifice to Cyttorak, at that time Cyttorak swallows Spite and gets ready to ram against Cain. However, the sorcerers join their forces to bind back the Juggernaut with Cyttorak’s Gem which allows him to gain the power to defeat the Cyttorak’s most destructive aspect. Cain was sent back to Earth, in Sirocco Sprawl, New Mexico, where Spite and D’Spayre again, attempted to involve him in their sibling rivalry, but Cain drove them off and saved the town who declared the Juggernaut their savior.

The All New Exiles

With Amber
With Amber

During the events occurred in Onslaught storyline, Juggernaut had awakened inside the X-Mansion. He went to a bar to drink beer by ramming in it. Cannonball drunkenly tried to attack Juggernaut with his blast field, but he was knocked out by bouncing off into the Juggernaut’s body. Wolverine boldly stood on the bar and told Juggernaut not to mess the kid, in which Juggernaut replied Logan he knows he ain’t no match for him (referring to Logan) and then he moved out the back door, where was approached by Zoe Culloden and her associate. In this moment, Juggernaut was teleported to a red vortex (maelstrom barrier between Earth-93060 or Ultraverse and the Earth-616) by these two agents of Landau, Luckman, and Lake.

It has reminded there was a rift in the Malibu universe, a hole opened into that realm in which Cain was there for a while. Forming an unhappy team with Amber Hunt, Shuriken, Strike, Siena Blaze and Reaper called themselves the Exiles; the Juggernaut was sucked through a Red vortex with all of them until arrive into a strange alien planet as part of the Gameworld and later were teleported to Earth-93060 (Ultraverse) by Reaper. Their arrival seemingly caused a huge explosion in NYC, which destroyed a good chunk of the city. The New Exiles faced off against U.S. army, powerful mutants and evil magicians turned into grotesque magical creatures as Qune. Cain and Amber formed a romantic relationship in which Cain considered going straight to stay with her. However, before he could make firm plans with her, he was teleported to the Earth-616 (the mainstream Marvel Universe) by Reaper .

The Eighth Day

Destroying the God-machine
Destroying the God-machine

Some millennium ago, eight powerful mystical principalities, including Cyttorak, decided to each make a totem of their power in which the first human who touched it would become their avatar, an Exemplar of their power. Cyttorak’s item was the Crimson Gem and Cain had touched it, making him the Exemplar of Physical Strength. The last totem was activated stating the Octessence where the Eight Exemplar’s would battle until only one remained. The Exemplar’s would each lead one eighth of the world’s population into battle after removing all will power from Humanity with the God-machine located in the North Pole. However, Cain objected this plan and given he’d had decades as Juggernaut, withstanding his destructive path, he drove out Cyttorak’s influence and had the intention to smash the God-machine. While the Avengers had been captured by the Exemplars, the Juggernaut refused to be part of the wager of the Octessence, so after struggling in his mind and get out of the Cyttorak’s influence, he managed to release them and then he defeated Bedlam, Decay, Conquest, Carnivore and Stonecutter, besides he destroyed the God-Machine, saving the world from losing the will.

Joining the X-Men

As an X-Man
As an X-Man

Cain’s rebellion against Cyttorak had serious consequences for Cain as he began to lose the mystical energies that flowed through him. Cain behaviour began to change drastically, perhaps because those energies were evil they where influencing his behaviour as the Juggernaut. With that influence gone, Cain became noticeably different. When Black Tom had a secondary mutation into a plant-like being, Cain called the X-Men to help when his friend attacked him. Not only that but he actually was willing to let himself drown because Tom had rejected him. Cain was saved by Sammy aka Squidboy, a recent recruit to the Xavier Institute school. Cain decided to look at his life and in the process, he reconciled with his step-brother. Charles and Cain discussed their shared history; Cain was a constant victim of his father’s temper and hated Charles for not using his power to stop him, but unknown to Cain was that Charles was also a victim and didn’t use his powers because he was scared to.

Cain officially joined the X-Men in Havok’s team. While at the Xavier mansion, almost none of the X-Men wanted Cain there and some even tried to force him out, however Cain stayed and partly due to the strong friendship with Sammy. Knowing Sammy’s family issues, Cain commented that he saw himself when he looked at Sammy. Their friendship was such that when Sammy was forced home by his family Cain flew to Canada to check on him even getting into a fight with Alpha Flight.

Famous one night stand between Juggernaut and She-Hulk
Famous one night stand between Juggernaut and She-Hulk

Cain was arrested and She-Hulk came north to represent him which after Cain stopped a prison break turned into a romance and one night stand. Cain was freed and ordered to do community service and counseling to deal with his abusive childhood. Cain would apparently betray the X-Men by joining Black Tom Cassidy’s new Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants, but he was only spying on them with the intent to warn the X-Men. Sammy, not aware of what Juggernaut was doing, stumbled upon a group meeting and was devastated that Cain would betray everyone. Black Tom Cassidy killed Sammy before Cain could stop him, which caused Cain to go into a murderous rampage towards his former friend, which turned into a massive attack and defense of the Mansion. Eventually the 2nd Xorn would suck the Brotherhood into the black hole in his head. Cain willingly followed to protect Nocturne who had also been a spy in the Brotherhood.

House of M and Excalibur

With the Excalibur team
With the Excalibur team

Cain and Nocturne turned up in Britain during the House of M event, however they stayed and helped form a new Excalibur team having developed a strong bond together. Nocturne had displayed some romantic feelings for Cain, especially during her stroke recovery, but Cain was not sure how to return them, especially as Cain was suffering from depression due to his loss of power. The situation was brought home when the Wrecking Crew beat him up in London laughing at him having become a joke and the other villains had taken him off their mobile phone and Christmas card lists. Wrecker told him he had abandoned his ‘brother’ Black Tom.

The Crew’s words to him led Cain to consider his weakened state, which made Cain to travel to Korea and the Temple of Cyttorak. In doing so, Cain discovered that it was never Cyttorak’s intention to use Cain as his avatar, but the true target was his brother Charles Xavier. Cain was upset about the fact that it was meant for Charles and not him, especially as it seemed Cyttorak thought him a failure. He asked Cyttorak why he wanted Cain back as was told that being Juggernaut was the one thing Cain has not failed at. Being the Avatar of Strength the destruction he spread was exactly what Cyttorak wanted. Cain fought another possible Juggernaut to for the right to claim the Gem, as to become the Juggernaut, one has to kill the current holder of the power. Only when one was dead could one of them take the Gem and the power. Excalibur came to take him home before he landed the killing blow and Cyttorak explained the history of his Avatar’s and what Cain had done to claim his power; the team walked out in disgust- although Nocturne seemed more interested in what they had going, but this moment seemed to be their split. Cain told Excalibur he had not taken the Gem, but it was shown he had it secretly in his possession. Pete Wisdom told Cain he was still on the team as what he said went and he understood what it was like to have horrible things in one’s past.

World War Hulk

Juggernaut vs World War Hulk
Juggernaut vs World War Hulk

Cain might had built a life with Nocturne and Excalibur but during Hulk’s return to Earth ( World War Hulk) the green giant attacked the X Mansion. Excalibur were too far away to help. However Cain pulled out the Gem and agreed to do Cyttorak’s bidding again if he would get Cain to the Hulk. Cyttorak transports Cain to the Mansion where he is beaten by Hulk who claims Cain is ‘wimpier’ than he last saw him. Confused as to why he did not have his powers, Cyttorak informed him that he was restricting the power flow by lying to himself about why he wanted it – he didn’t want it to save his brother as he said- he wanted it for himself and to prove he was not a wimp and loser. After he accepts this ,and what taking back Cyttorak’s power and status means, he engaged the Hulk again. In this fight, Cain fully powered, was able to knock him down with one punch in his jaw, stomped and harmed the Hulk, making him spit blood, until finally, shoulder to shoulder, with their hands locked up, they began to push each other in a test of strength. Juggernaut started to push back the Hulk who was forced to accept he could not stop the Juggernaut’s forward motion; so Hulk outsmarted Cain and suddenly released his hold and sidestepped him when Charles Xavier did distract Cain by yelling out him that if he kept pushing back the Hulk the whole mansion would collapse; this caused Juggernaut to continue moving forward and with added push in his back he ran violently until finally crashed into a lake nearby, being himself removed from the battlefield. Hulk then sorted things out with Charles and left the mansion.

After the battle Charles thanked his step-brother for coming to the rescue. Juggernaut told him it was not for him and gave him a message that the others should not seek him out as they would not like what they found. During the Manifest Destiny storyline, Juggernaut was in a bar contemplating whether to be a good guy or a bad guy, while asking those in the bar their advice. After the local police fired on him without stopping to see who he was first, Juggernaut thrashed them and decided that he was “good with the bad”.

Back to Evil?

Punching Charles
Punching Charles

Some weeks later, Juggernaut held a bar hostage waiting for Charles Xavier to meet him. Cain possibly killing a bar patron at random to get Charles to sit down. They have a brief discussion on the origin of the word “Juggernaut” and Charles tells Cain he knows hes channeling the full power of Cyttorak again but its not too late. Cain tells Charles that he is going to kill him so he does not live his life following Charles. Charles gives Cain a box that is to be opened after his death, which Juggernaut proceeds to bring about. After the murder Juggernaut goes on with his life as he always has; robbing banks, fighting the X-Men etc. Until he decides to open the box and sees himself lying in bed sleeping. It was all an illusion. Xavier was in his head the entire time. He did this for the simple fact that he knew Cain would kill him if he appeared in person.

Fighting Skaar

Knocking down Skaar
Knocking down Skaar

When Banner wanted Skaar to train for the battle with Hulk, he used a satellite in order to destroy Juggernaut’s home in Arizona. That made Juggernaut angry so he tracked Banner and Skaar immediately. When they met each other Banner explained why he did it, but Skaar didn’t want to fight Cain, so he left Banner for him to play with. Juggernaut punched Banner so hard that he caused giant earthquakes nearby, and despite of the fact Banner had his Bannertech shield up, he still felt the pain of those tremendous blows. Then Skaar interrupted their fight and the battle between him and Juggernaut began. Skaar made one successful hit, but the rest of the battle was definitely not in his favor. Juggernaut rained powerful blows one after another, until Skaar was brutally knocked down. Using his Old Power Skaar reverted back to his child form, which temporarily stopped Juggernaut from landing hits on him (because Skaar was begging Juggernaut not to hit him again), then with Juggernaut distracted by Banner, he didn’t notice that Skaar changed back to his Hulk form. Skaar ran and smacked Juggernaut high into the air by using his Old Power. They continued to battle in the sky, until they landed in a large chasm with lava flowing deep in the bottom. Skaar made Juggernaut think that they’re on the same side, as both of them hated Banner. They teamed up and were flying on a giant rock out of the chasm, but in the end Skaar tricked Juggernaut again and pushed him from behind, so Juggernaut fell from the rock and while he was landing, Skaar used Old Power to punch Juggernaut into orbit, removing him from the battlefield.

Captain Universe Powers

As Captain Universe
As Captain Universe

Juggernaut was shown to have a serious encounter with new Captain Universe and he also met his old foe, Spider-man, again. After landing into the one of Manhattan’s parks, he was found by Spider-man and then by police,who delivered him into the Inwood Armory in the Upper Manhattan. Spider-man found Juggernaut and asked him who did it to him. Juggernaut described the appearance of the attacker, when suddenly the one they were talking about appeared – Captain Universe; his current host an unknown. He attacked Spider-man and then threw the platform with Juggernaut into the Jersey Palisades. While Spider-man took care of Captain Universe, Juggernaut woke up and took out two policemen nearby. Noticing that his helmet was destroyed, he created another by using the Crimson Magic. He found Spider-man blinded, and despite Spider-man’s worst expectations, he didn’t kill him but freed him. Suddenly, Captain Universe appeared again, wanting the revenge on the Juggernaut.

However, this time he was not so lucky as before and Juggernaut quickly handled him and was about to land a finishing blow. Spider-man said Juggernaut not kill Captain Universe, but the latter took advantage of Cain’s distraction and teleported them both to an unearthly realm. There he reveals his story and true identity to Juggernaut. In fact, the host was an office worker, William Nguyen, whose life was ruined when Spider-man and Juggernaut busted through the building where he worked. William was chosen by Enigma Force in order to collect all wrongs in the world, so he decided to start with Juggernaut. He knew that once the Juggernaut starts moving, he cannot be stopped , so he decided to take Juggernaut by surprise, grabbing him from behind and flying with him in the orbit. He tried to use a mental assault on Juggernaut, but his helmet was an impediment. So William blew it up and threw him back to Earth. After telling this story, Juggernaut wanted to fight Captain Universe again, now in a fair fight. William teleported them back to Earth. While his original purpose was to repair tectonic plates that were damaged by Juggernaut, he decided to kill Juggernaut first, leading to the disappointment of Enigma Force. The repair must have been done, and for that Captain Universe is needed. Absolutely surprisingly, Juggernaut became the new Captain Universe. Enigma Force chose him to repair the damage he did long time ago.

After fulfilling his purpose, Enigma Force left the Juggernaut and disappeared. So did the Juggernaut, after apologizing Nguyen for that accident.

Despite Luke Cage’s apprehensions, the executives of the Thunderbolt initiative decided it would be an asset to their team to have Juggernaut be a part of it. Marko is eager to join and escape his cell on The Raft, but has thus far shown to be insubordinate to Cage, Songbird, and the other staffers of the team. It has also been pointed out several times that Juggernaut’s powers are greatly diminished, being able

to be controlled by nanites and shown to be extremely vulnerable to physical attacks, all this because his links with Cyttorak’s energies were disrupted after Marko took possession of the Uni-Power’s energies temporarily when he became the Captain Universe’s host. In punishment, Juggernaut was depowered by Cyttorak .

Fear Itself

Kuurth - Breaker of Stone
Kuurth – Breaker of Stone

In the Fear Itself arc, Juggernaut becomes one of the ‘worthy’. During his imprisonment on the Raft, an object crashes from the sky and smashes into the prison. Juggernaut recovers from the impact and upon ‘hearing’ the hammer, he grasps it. The hammer transforms him into one of The Worthy, and he becomes Kuurth – Breaker of Stone. With a single massive hammer strike, the newly empowered Juggernaut smashes the entire prison seemingly in half.

With Kuurth now in complete control of Cain’s body and mind, he flew away from The Raft and began tearing his way across the middle United States, specifically Missouri. Upon reaching the town of Salem, he briefly found himself in conflict with Speedball and was thrown out of town by his kinetic abilities. However, this did nothing to harm Kuurth, only enrage him to the point that he split Salem in half but not in the same way he had with The Raft.

Kuurth moved on after his short conflict with Speedball and ran into Cain Marko’s old teammates, The Thunderbolts, out in Chicago before moving onto the city of Las Vegas, Nevada where the only opponents standing between him and the total annihilation of the city were The Heavy Hitters, the ex-Fifty State Initiative team that once represented Nevada. Unfortunately, none of them were able to live up to their team name and failed to stop Kuurth at each and every single turn.

Even the explosive sacrifice of Hardball, the traitor-hero of The Initiative, failed to harm Kuurth in the slightest, serving no other purpose than to temporarily hinder Kuurth’s journey. After emerging from the ruins of the storm drains, Kuurth continued onward to San Francisco. Kuurth arrived near a gas station 60 miles outside of San Francisco which he destroyed, the attendant who was working there begged Kuurth not to kill him, which he did not under the condition that he come with Kuurth and act as his translator. The man accepted and was bashed on the head with the hammer, imprinting the Serpent’s symbol on his face and giving him the ability to “understand everything”. Kuurth and the man were later seen marching through downtown San Francisco, with Kuurth destroying everything in their path and the man preaching to the bystanders. As the ‘worthy’ Juggernaut marches closer to San Francisco, the X-Men are lead by Cyclops, and do all they can to

Nothing is stopping this Juggernaut
Nothing is stopping this Juggernaut

prevent him from reaching the city. Kuurths translator gives Cyclops and the Major of San Francisco an ultimatum, if one eliminates the others people in San Francisco, the surviving race will be spared. The X-Men fail in trying to stop Kuurth-Juggernaut, including Magneto dropping a battleship on him, Avalanche creating a fissure, and Adam X-Treme burning his blood. Hope temporarily manages to remove Juggernauts helmet, but Emma Frost’s psychic attack backfires and puts her in a coma.

With little options left, Cyclops orders the prisoner Magik to visit Cyttorak, Juggernauts original master. Colossus and Kitty Pryde join her, and they are teleported to the realm of Cyttorak. When challenged to remove Juggernauts power, the Lord Cyttorak claims he is pleased with Cain Marko, who has become more destructive than ever before. When Magik points out that Marko is now another Gods avatar, this displeases Cyttorak. Cyttorak agrees that Cain Marko will no longer be his Juggernaut, but that there must be a new avatar instead. As Magik is about to accept becoming the new Juggernaut, Colossus steps in and takes the destructive power instead. Danger’s spy drone records Mayor Sinclair speaking to the military about launching missiles against Utopia, to save the human population of the city. Upon hearing this information, Cyclops decides it is time to speak with Kuurth about his deal, but as Cyclops is about to agree to destroying the human population the city, Colossus charges through a portal as the new Juggernaut, and battles Kuurth-Juggernaut.

As Colossus fights Kuurth, he realises that he is outmatched in strength and speed. But Colossus, now a Juggernaut, knows that Kuurth cannot stop him. Kuurth is being pushed faster and faster by the unstoppable Colossus, until his master submits and the God of Fear teleports Kuurth out of the battle. San Francisco is safe from the Kuurth-Juggernaut, but there is a new Juggernaut now. Cain along with the rest of the Worthy battled with the Serpent and the combine forces of the Avengers and the Mighty Thor kill the Serpent. Cain’s hammer, Stonebreaker was whisked away from him and returned to it’s original landing spot at the Raft, while Cain, now ousted by Cyttorak, was was depowered.

X-Men Disassembled

Juggernaut, resurfaced as part of the reformed Brotherhood of Mutants. When he discovered that Joseph impersonated Magneto, he left the team and rejoined the X-Men. On a mission against the Hellfire Club, Magik was wounded to the point her demonic side was able to take over. Juggernaut jumped into action but she stole his Cyttorak power and tossed him into Limbo.

Dawn of X

New harness
New harness

By the time Juggernaut fought his way out of Limbo, his brother, Xavier, had already tamed Krakoa into a new continent for mutants. Charles explicitly told Cain that he was not permitted to set foot on Krakoa, however, Charles admitted he believed in Cain to make the right choices.

His first choice was to track down Cyttorak’s temple and get his abilities back. Instead, he found a blacksmith who was able to forge a harness from Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. Without his connection to the god, Cain looked forward to a life not at his mercy.

He returned to New York and worked in construction knocking down old buildings. He meets a teen squatter calling herself D-Cel with her own abilities, and they team up trying to get internet famous.

Sinister War

When Spider-Man seemed to be escaping the teams of six Kindred had already assembled, Kindred put together yet another team of six that included Juggernaut. Eventually, Doc Ock uses a piece of Black Ant’s helmet to knock everyone, including Juggie, out through the ear centipedes Kindred was using to control them.

Powers and Abilities

The Juggernaut is one of the strongest and most powerful physical beings in the Marvel Universe, capable of matching and even surpassing the likes of Thor and Hulk. Cain Marko is powered by the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, which is a conduit Cyttorak uses to channel his magical energies into his avatar. Much like Jean Grey wielding only a fraction of the Phoenix Force yet retaining immense power, Cain Marko only wields a portion of of Cyttorak’s power, yet also retains immense power.

Superhuman Strength: With it he has immense strength that far exceeds the ability to lift 100 tons effortlessly. Similarly, due to the mystical nature of his powers granted by an external source of limitless magic as the Gem of Cyttorak, Juggernaut can increase his physical strength to immeasurable levels with a simple thought when he needs it. In this sense, Juggernaut has the strength-increasing option due his potential to draw on the limitless power of the mystical energy of Cyttorak, which makes him a truly unstoppable force.

In terms of strength feats, Juggernaut has knocked out Cyttorak in his own realm, where he is considered above Galactus and the Celestials themselves (X-Men Unlimited #12, 1996). Also Juggernaut has toppled the mighty cosmic entity Stranger with one punch, who’d grown to about 50 feet tall (X-Men Forever #6, 2001). Juggernaut has been able to subdue through his physical force or knock out several powerhouses such as: Thing, Colossus, Blob, Spiderman, Venom, Captain Britain, Rhino, Thunderstrike, Prime, Skaar, Hulk, Rulk, Thor, Exemplars, among numerous others. Not to mention the Juggernaut’s superhuman strength easily rivals and possibly surpasses that of World War Hulk, who is the strongest incarnation of Hulk. In fact, Juggernaut was developed as one of the few characters (if not the unique) who being a human being can not be defeated by physical means or raw strength. Also, the limits of Juggernauts strength are unknown simply because of the fact it stems from his Cyttorak himself.

Possessed by the Trion’s own dark side by tapping into Cyttorak‘s power, the Juggernaut was enabled to physically crush and tear down multiple dimensional barriers by punching them with his physical force, in order to find and kill the powerful Trion Gods (creators of the Triple Evil force). During his rampage, the Juggernaut ripped through the continuum space and time to pass out from one dimension to another, which caused the merger of several dimensions. Moreover, Juggernaut was able to split the very fabric of space-time itself whose rupture was expanding through the unearthly Trion’s universe in which he was (X-Men # 88, 1999 and Uncanny X-Men #369, 1999).

Digging into the bedrock
Digging into the bedrock

He can dig effortlessly into the bedrock, enduring unimaginable compressive forces under the earth’s surface with pressures of hundreds of thousands cubic meters of rocks, clay and stone over all his body. Also Marko was able to use an estimated strength of hundreds billions of metric tons to fracture the North American tectonic plates by digging into the bedrock with his bare fists along hundreds of kilometers. He was crushing and displacing all the mass of solid layers of rocks, which by the action of gravity were trying to crush him. This represents one of his most impressive feats of strength and durability (The Amazing Spider-Man #629, 2010). Previously, in a similar event, the Juggernaut withstood the weight and dug himself out of a trillion tons of rock and rubble that fell on him (Uncanny X-Men #12).

The shockwaves from Juggernaut’s fist causes massive earthquakes on the Richter magnitude 8 scale (Incredible Hulk #602, 2009) creating massive cracks in the ground, visible during his fight. Fighting against an army brigade, Juggernaut punched the ground so hard it created an earthquake that cracked through a whole valley and shattered a hill that crumbled down on them (Uncanny X-Men #33, 1963). On other occasion, fighting against his fellow exemplar Stonecutter in a toe-to-toe battle, the punches they threw to one another caused earthquakes and was said to be the greatest fury ever unleashed on Earth (Juggernaut: The Eighth Day #4, 1999).

Juggernaut almost killed Thor by snatching up him in a bearhug that Thor couldn’t break free from. Thor felt like he was going to blackout from being crushed, however his life was saved by the intervention of Bedlam‘s psionic attack that pulled Thor away from Juggernaut (The Mighty Thor #17, 1999).

In a test of strength with their hands locked in a grapple or strength lock, the Juggernaut was able to push back the strongest incarnations of Hulk many times (Savage Hulk, War Hulk and World War Hulk), proving that his endless kinetic strength (forward momentum) is unstoppable (Marvel Adventure Hulk # 10, 2008; The Incredible Hulk #457, 1997; World War Hulk – X-Men # 3, 2007). However, should be pointed, the second version of Hulk, boosted with Apocalypse’s enhancements which increased his strength far beyond his limits, had already been pushed back all over Egypt by Juggernaut just until the time when Hulk was able to pause him for a second, matching his strength. However, Hulk was aware that he could not hold it for too long which is why he used the whip to grab Juggernaut by the feet and throw him enough away to remove him from the battlefield.

In one of his many fights with Hulk, wearing street clothes instead his armor, the Juggernaut nearly drowned the Hulk by forcing Hulk’s head underwater with one hand. Hulk had to use silt from the riverbed in Juggernaut’s eyes to make the Juggernaut release his grip on his neck and save his own life, because Hulk could not release himself by his own strength. Later, the Juggernaut knocked out the Hulk by pummeling him with his fists; Juggernaut put the Hulk in a chokehold with one arm and punched once his face with the other hand, almost killing him. When the Juggernaut was about to deal a final blow to kill the Hulk, Red Skull had to order the Juggernaut to stop himself (The Incredible Hulk #402, 1993).

Shattered a wall 50 times the tensile strength of battleship steel as though it were a “thin layer of plywood”(Uncanny X-Men #12, 1963).

Temporally trapped in 40-foot cocoon of solid steel, the Juggernaut exploded out in violent way just by flexing his arms (Thor #412, 1989).

Juggernaut collapsed a whole skyscraper (a World Trade Center tower) with a ram of his shoulder (Spider-Man #16, 1991).

A Juggernaut’s punch sent Captain Britain into digging a mile long trench in the ground with his body (Excalibur #3, 1988).

He knocked out several of the Generation-X members simply by clapping his hands together (Generation-X #61, 2000).

Colossus embodied in the Juggernaut was able to push back the Kuurth (original Juggernaut/Cain Marko boosted by Asgardian Serpent) and almost killed him by pummeling with his fists in a rampage of destruction caused by the overwhelming power of Cyttorak. The Serpent was forced to teleport Kuurth back at his castle before he could lose his avatar (Uncanny X-Men # 543).

The Juggernaut/Colossus knocked out the Thing once again (Avengers vs. X-Men #3) and on bloodlust mode nearly killed Rulk (Uncanny X-Men #11). In this case, is pointed out that Juggernaut/Colossus carried away by his anger (demonic form) was about to kill Rulk swiftly and easily. However he didn’t want to snap the pillar which supports Utopia along with Rulk, so he powered down before he was consumed by the bloodlust of Cyttorak’s powers which had turned on him in his unstoppable demonic form. Colossus self-restricted of the Juggernaut’s powers and in his most vulnerable state left himself to be defeated by Rulk.

Superhuman Speed: Despite juggernauts huge size, his leg muscles allow him to run at superhuman speed, being able to reach speeds of 600 miles per hour, near the speed of sound (Mach’s number) and possibly more.

Invulnerability: An invisible force field surrounding Juggernaut’s body allows him to be completely immune to any purely physical attack no matter its magnitude or intensity. While Juggernaut can still be thrown, knocked back, or hit by blows, he cannot actually be damage by brute force or physical in nature. In simple terms, Juggernaut cannot be defeated by anything that requires physical application. Juggernaut proved to be invulnerable to fire, heat, cold, electricity, radiation, toxins, aging, disease, molten steel, Hulk’s strongest punches, Thor’s God-force blast (which caused Galactus to run away for his life on one occasion and broke the prime Celestial’s protective dome), Wolverine‘s adamantium claws, the maximum force of Cyclops’ optic blasts (which is said had enough force to rip a small planet in half), molecular disintegration by a reality warper (Onslaught and D’Spayre boosted with a fraction of Cyttorak’s energy which granted him a nigh-unlimited power), even he could not be destroyed or wiped out from existence by the void of Oblivion or Entropy.

Vast Superhuman-Durability: Juggernaut possesses limitless superhuman durability. Even without his force-field,Juggernaut´s natural durability proved to be great enough to withstand powerhouse blows from Thor.

Healing Factor: Juggernaut can be harmed just by mystical weapons, cosmic levelers (such as Captain Universe and Onslaught), and extra-dimensional beings. If he is harmed, the gem powering him will regenerate any and all wounds instantly without scarring. He has been reduced to skeleton by D’Spayre (boosted to a reality warper level) at one point and completely regenerated within seconds. As long as there is a single molecule of Cain’s being, he is unable to die, implying that Juggernaut has one of the fastest healing factors in Marvel.

Self-Sustenance: The mystical energies of the gem flowing through Cain’s veins completely sustain him, meaning the Juggernaut can survive indefinitely without food, water, or air, rendering him immortal. In addition, Juggernaut is unable to tire or fatigue no matter the physical exertion his body puts out.

Unstoppable Momentum: Once juggernaut gains momentum, nothing can stop him. Although things such as large mountains and the Hulk have been able to slow him down, he still runs forward. On one point, Juggernaut was reduced to a skeleton and still he did not stop.

Armor: Juggernaut’s armor is indestructible from physical forces (except for his helmet, which serves protect him from telepathy or psionics attacks), and can be summoned at will. If somehow destroyed by a reality warper or cosmic-leveler, Juggernaut can always make a new costume.

Temporary Powers:

Summoning his armor with a thought
Summoning his armor with a thought

The full potential of Juggernaut’s abilities are unknown even to himself, but he inadvertently (whether in his 8th day or Trion incarnation) displayed various magical abilities that he doesn’t know how to replicate, such as: altering the size of matter, growing in size, tracking, levitation, absorbing energy, projecting energy, increasing his own strength, and creating portals. It’s also showed the ability to hurl back objects and people by absorbing inertia, literally “killing the momentum”. For example, when Thor threw his hammer Mjolnir at the Juggernaut, the force-field was already affecting the hammer and was slowing it down, absorbing all the inertia from it. Another example of this ability was shown when Beast launched the 10 ton steel barrel at the Juggernaut, the force-field stopped it and then hurled back.


Juggernaut’s weaknesses are psionics and mysticism. Juggernaut has often been defeated by removing his helmet, which protects him from telepathic assault, and attacking him mentally. Mystical artifacts have also been able to cause him extreme physical damage; however, neither of these can cause Juggernaut any permanent physical or mental damage.

As a slave to Cyttorak, Juggernaut’s abilities begin to wane if he is not causing enough destruction or if he is committing genuinely good deeds

Personal Data

Physical Characteristics

  • Height — 9’5”
  • Weight — 1,900 lbs
  • Eyes – Blue
  • Hair — Red


  • Place of Birth: Berkeley, California
  • Citizenship: USA
  • Education: Military boarding school.
  • Profession: Adventurer, Professional criminal, former teacher, mercenary, soldier.
  • Known Relatives: Kurt Marko (father, deceased), Marjory Marko (mother, deceased), Sharon Xavier Marko (stepmother, deceased), Charles Francis Xavier (Professor X, stepbrother), Cassandra Nova (stepsister, deceased), Lilandra (ex-sister in law), David Haller (Legion, stepnephew, deceased).

Alternate Earths

Earth-295: Age of Apocalypse


In the Age of Apocalypse reality Juggernaut was a pacifist monk, since Xavier wasn’t alive to project his anger on to, he lived on Avalon. He was the guide in the final stage of Infernal Gallop, he guided people who survived the journey and let them to Avalon, they must cross a long path to achieve their goal. When Nightcrawler and Mystique arrived to Avalon, the Apocalypse´s minions had arrived too and attacked the people of Avalon. During this battle he was so conflicted about whether or not he should take part and fight, he had a brain hemorrhage and died.


In this reality Charles Xavier became the Juggernaut instead of Cain Marko. As a result of Xavier being buried for many years, Magneto had recruited most of the mutants on Earth, and was terrorizing Earth. Juggernaut Xavier managed to defeat Magneto and took over his mutant empire. With the help of Cain Marko, Juggernaut Xavier was thrown into space.

Earth-982: MC2

In the MC2 reality Juggernaut is married to Sachi Yama and have a son – J2.

Earth-1610: Ultimate

Ultimate Juggernaut
Ultimate Juggernaut

In the Ultimate universe Juggernaut is a mutant and was a member of the Weapon X program and later the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants. He’s also in love with Rogue, another former Weapon-X member. Juggernaut absorbed the gem of Cyttorak that Rogue and Gambit stole. In an unrequited lover’s quarrel between Juggernaut and Rogue, Gambit was caught in between the altercation trying to protect Rogue and was killed by a falling building that he brought down to kill Juggernaut. Juggernaut escaped.


After the Ultimatum Wave, Juggernaut is seen hiding out with Sabretooth at a strip club in Canada. Vindicator and Rogue get the drop on them and take them into custody. Vindicator beats on Juggernaut for information about Magneto to which he pleads to Rogue he knows nothing about. Psylocke interrupts them with a message for help, telepathically, to all mutants. Juggernaut, Rogue, Sabretooth and Vindicator take a final stand against William Stryker and his cyborg Sentinels at the X-Mansion. During the battle Cain is hit with a poison dart that deflects into his eye. He falls and reaches out for Rogue and asks to hold her hand one last time as he ties.

What If…?

Smashing the Sentinels
Smashing the Sentinels

In an alternate reality where Cain killed all the X-Men and Xavier in their first meeting, he ended up dooming the entire world. With no one to stop the Sentinels, they took over Earth and released a lethal amount of radiation. Juggernaut was the only person on Earth who survived, apart from the Sentinels, who he managed to defeat over a few months. Juggernaut found out about a secret underground community, led by Magneto. However, in his eagerness to see another human, he smashed down the walls, which had been the only things protecting the community from the radiation. Juggernaut was now the last person on Earth.

X-Men: The End

Juggernaut appears here as a member of the X-Men, he helps to fight off Stryfe along with Polaris. Juggernaut lunges at Stryfe effectively sending the two of them tumbling through the floors of the X-Mansion to the ground below. As Juggernaut is punching Stryfe on the floor, Stryfe turns out to be a War Skrull in disguise with a bomb strapped to his chest. The bomb detonates, killing Juggernaut and many others that were caught in the blast, not to mention completely destroying the X-Mansion.

Earth-2149: Zombieverse

In the Zombieverse, Juggernaut has been infected and fought the cosmic-powered zombies over Galactus’ corpse. In this reality, Juggernaut’s armor gave him his powers and anything his armor didn’t cover was vulnerable, allowing zombie- Wolverine to “kill” him.

In Other Media


X-Men : The Last Stand

Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut
Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut

Juggernaut appears in the third X-Men film, portrayed by Vinnie Jones. He is recruited by Magneto to join his expanded Brotherhood after he breaks Juggernaut and other mutants out of a prison transport vehicle. Here he is an apparently British mutant with super-strength and durability; if he gains any forward momentum, he cannot be stopped. He also gets stabbed multiple times by Wolverines claws with no effects. However, he is vulnerable to a lightning blast to the brain, which was executed by Wolverine’s right-handed claws in the back of Juggernaut’s head and Storm striking his left-handed claws. Also, his powers can be neutralized by Leech. Unlike his usual counterpart in the comics, he is a mutant here. He also appears to be unrelated to Professor X. Very little is known about Juggernaut’s past. His infamous “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!” quote is considered to be out of character by some fans and it has been made fun of multiple times on the internet.

Deadpool 2

Juggernaut in the Deadpool sequel
Juggernaut in the Deadpool sequel

Juggernaut appears as a third-act villain in Deadpool 2, where he is a mostly CG character voiced by Ryan Reynolds. The film alludes to Cain’s origins by mentioning that he has a crippled stepbrother with telepathic powers. In the film, Juggernaut is imprisoned in the mutant prison called the Ice Box, where he is described as “the monster in the basement”, i.e. the most powerful and dangerous prisoner that the Ice Box holds. With Firefist’s help, he breaks free from his confinement while the guards are transporting him and other prisoners to a more secure facility. Upon escape, he rips Deadpool in half with his bare hands, and escorts Firefist to the Essex Academy so Rusty can get his revenge on the people who tortured him. At the academy, Juggernaut and Firefist are accosted by Deadpool, Cable, Domino and the X-Men, and after a no-holds-barred battle with Colossus, Juggernaut is defeated by Piotr, Yukio and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.


Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

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In the episode “A Firestar is Born,” Juggernaut was shown being fought by the X-Men during a flashback of Firestar‘s past. He attacked the mansion and fought with Wolverine, Angel, Professor X, Firestar, Iceman and the entire team. He was voiced by William H. Marshall.

Pryde of the X-Men

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Juggernaut is Professor X’s half-brother. He is also a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Terrorists. They have attacked the mansion to steal the power circuit. During the X-Men’s attempt to retrieve the machine, He showed his superhuman strength that led into a tough fight of heavy muscles versus Colossus. He was voiced by Ron Gans.

X-Men: The Animated Series

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Xavier’s Mansion was destroyed and Colossus was thought to be the perpetrator, but Wolverine’s nose told him otherwise. Colossus got mad and wanted to seek revenge on the real perpetrator. With Wolverine’s investigation, he found out that the one responsible for that was the Juggernaut. The X-Men had a hard time fighting him but after ripping his helmet off, Rogue drained his power right out and Jean Grey used her psychic powers against him and defeated the unstoppable giant. As other episodes go for his appearances, he always seek revenge against the Professor but always fail. The Juggernaut once lost his powers after a young scientist found the Gem of Cyttorak in the lost Temple of Cyttorak and claimed it his own. The Juggernaut went into a coma and was in a brink of death. Wolverine and Cyclops were ordered to retrieve the lost gem to recover the Juggernaut even though they were against it. Meanwhile, Professor X dove into the Juggernaut’s mind and discovered the true reason behind his half brother’s hatred towards him, which he had forgotten through the ages. After the X-Men brought the Juggernaut back into his superhuman self, the big brute threw the Gem of Cyttorak into the sky (which flew all the way into outer space) and left the Xavier Mansion, not harming the X-Men along the way. Professor X’s reaction was, “I believe it’s his way of saying ‘thank you’.”

X-Men: Evolution

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Mystique released the Juggernaut from a specialized prison, tasking him with attacking Xavier’s Mansion and retrieving Cerebro. Juggernaut doesn’t care about Cerebro and goes just to kill Charles, as well as Mystique. It led the X-Men and the Brotherhood to join forces as Juggernaut’s powers are too strong for them alone. With the help of each other, they defeated him by taking his helmet off and allowing Professor X to attack him psychically. They say that the kind of team work that they have seen is not a thing that always happen. In his second appearance, the X-Men were able to defeat him again with the help of the environmental situation.

Wolverine and the X-Men

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He appears in the episode “Battle Lines,” where he is sent by Magneto to break Tildie Soames out of an MRD facility. Juggernaut places a device on her but she sees monsters in her nightmares. He was voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Super Hero Squad Show

Juggernaut appears in the episode “Enter Dormammu,” voiced by Tom Kenny.

Black Panther

Juggernaut appears in the mini-series, voiced by Peter Lurie. He fills the role held by the Rhino in the original Who Is The Black Panther? story.

Ultimate Spider-Man

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Juggernaut appears in several episodes of the series, voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. In his final appearance, he is defeated by Squirrel Girl and her army of squirrels during an attempted robbery.

Video Games

The Uncanny X-Men


Captain America and the Avengers

Captain America & the Avengers
Captain America & the Avengers

In this game the Juggernaut is a sub-boss in a space station that takes place in the fourth stage. He appears before the real main boss of that stage, Ultron. Although this video game character appears to be Juggernaut, it has been often rumored that it can either be a random robot or even a Mandroid, when taking under consideration how easily he can be defeated.He has two different dialogue lines, according the console used: My function is to destroy you and Obey me or die.

X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse

Mutant Apocalypse
Mutant Apocalypse

He appears as an Hologram in Danger Room, it serves as training to face Magneto. During the battle the setting is changing.

X-Men: Children of the Atom

Children of the Atom
Children of the Atom

He is the semi boss of the game, it needs to defeat him in order to battle Magneto. He has a enormous power and resistance, many of his attacks cannot be blocked. His also a unlockable character with a special code.

He is voiced by Rick Bennett.

Marvel Super Heroes

Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel Super Heroes

Now he is a playable character from the beginning. He has the same powers as the version of Children of Atom, but now he has less resistance. In his ending, he defeats Thanos and finds the gauntlet of gems lying in front of him but Adam Warlock appears thanking him for defeated Thanos and says to Juggernaut that such power does not belong to him and sends him to the Earth with only a gesture.

X-Men vs Street Fighter

X-Men vs Street Fighter
X-Men vs Street Fighter

Again he is a playable character from the initial roster. After he defeat Apocalypse, Cain tells him that he is not dumb and he was not to his level.

Marvel vs Capcom 2

Marvel vs Capcom
Marvel vs Capcom

He is a playable character. He has strong punches and can do massive damage, is bigger than the average fighters and receives only 85% of damage due to his armor. His weakness is that he´s slowly horizontally.

X-Men Mutant Academy 2


He is a playable character on this fighting game. In his ending is shown how the earth shakes at Magneto´s lair and then Juggernaut break a wall which was next to a door and his actions are very irritating to Magneto.

X-Men Next Dimension

Next Dimension
Next Dimension

He is a playable character of this fighting game. In story mode he manages to get to Bastion´s hideout along with Wolverine, Magneto and Phoenix. But he is teleported away by Bastion. At the end of the credits he appears alone in a desert planet playing with a rock, he only says: “This sucks”.

In his Bio, Xavier says: “Not actually a mutant at all, my stepbrother Cain Marko was given power beyond measure when he came in to contact with the mystic energies of Cytorak. Now he uses his new found power as the unstoppable Juggernaut, to create mayhem and hint to the efforts to anyone wearing the symbol X”.

X2: Wolverine´s Revenge

Wolverine´s Revenge
Wolverine´s Revenge

He is one of the bosses of the game.

X-Men Legends


He appears two times, first in a flashback attacking the X-Mansion and confronted four of the original X-Men, the mission is stopped him before he can reach the Professor X. Later, he is on the loose at the Mutant Research Center on Muir Island.

X-Men Legends 2

Legends 2
Legends 2

He also appears in this role game but this time he is a playable character. He is part of the Brotherhood of Mutants. He is part of the Tanks, which can destroy walls and lift heavier objects, he is very strong but a little slow. Using his upgrades make of him a valuable ally.

He has two color outfits (red and black) and his AOA version as alternate skins. He is voiced by John Dimaggio again.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Juggernaut from Ultimate Alliance 2
Juggernaut from Ultimate Alliance 2

As a playable character if you pre-order the game from GameStop. And a patch was released to allow those who do not have Juggernaut installed to play with others who have the character. But later was announced that p layers could purchase both the five character DLC pack and the Juggernaut pre-order character for the same cost. Activision, however, stipulated that the content would only be available until December 31, 2010.

He is voiced by John Dimaggio once again.

Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions

Juggernaut in Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions
Juggernaut in Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

Juggernaut appears as the third and last boss for the Amazing Spider-Man. While running from Silver Sable, Juggernaut unknowingly picks up the tablet and is unaware it is in his possession. Later when Spider-Man makes Juggernaut move downward he finds the tablet and boost his strength. He is voiced by Matthew Willig.

Super Hero Squad Online

Super Hero Squad
Super Hero Squad

Cain appears as boss of the game.

X-Men: Destiny

Juggernaut appears in this game, voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Juggernaut artwork from Marvel: Avengers Alliance
Juggernaut artwork from Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Juggernaut is a boss villain, and playable character, in the Marvel based social media game. He is a bruiser class character.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Juggernaut in Ultimate Alliance 3
Juggernaut in Ultimate Alliance 3

Juggernaut appears as a boss character in the third Ultimate Alliance game, with Peter Lurie reprising his role. He is a member of Magneto’s Brotherhood, and takes part in the assault on the Xavier Institute.


Action figures

From ToyBiz (left) and Hasbro (right)
From ToyBiz (left) and Hasbro (right)
  • Juggernaut was featured in Toy Biz’s various X-Men lines in the 90’s.
  • Juggernaut was featured in Toy Biz’s Marvel Legends line as part of Series VI. The figure came with a display base depicting the X-Mansion’s crushed front gate
  • Juggernaut was featured in Toy Biz’s X-Men Classics line.
  • Juggernaut was featured in Hasbro’s Marvel Super Hero Squad line.
  • Diamond Select released a Juggernaut figure for the Marvel Select line. An unmasked variant was also released.
  • Juggernaut appeared in Diamond Select’s Minimates line several times. These appearances include his classic look, his cinematic X-Men: The Last Stand look, and his Fear Itself look.
  • Hasbro released a Juggernaut figure for the Marvel Mashers line.
  • The X-Men: The Last Stand version of Juggernaut was featured in Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line as part of the Blob Build-a-Figure wave.
  • Juggernaut was featured in Hasbro’s Spider-Man Classics line.
  • Juggernaut was the subject of a Build-a-Figure wave for the Marvel Legends line from Hasbro. The figure could be completed by purchasing the figures in the wave (Wolverine, Iceman, Phoenix, Rogue, Cable, Kitty Pryde and Havok) that came with the corresponding Juggernaut pieces.

Statues and figurines

  • Kotobukiya

    Bowen Designs released several Juggernaut statues.

  • Bowen also released a mini-bust depicting the Juggernaut.
  • Gentle Giant Studios produced a Juggernaut bust.
  • Sideshow Collectibles released a special maquette based on the Juggernaut as he appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand.
  • Diamond Select released a bust depicting Juggernaut as he appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand.
  • Juggernaut was featured in the HeroClix figurine game.
  • One2One Collectibles released a Juggernaut statue based on his appearance in the Wolverine and the X-Men animated series.
  • Eaglemoss produced a Juggernaut figurine.
  • Juggernaut also appeared as a black rook in Eaglemoss’ Marvel Chess line.
  • Kotobukiya released a Juggernaut statue for their Fine Art line.
  • HM Studios planned a Juggernaut statue, but it was never released, despite prototype pictures being released online.
  • Juggernaut was featured in Funko’s Pop! line of bobbleheads, as well as the Dorbz line.
  • Iron Studios released a diorama depicting a battle between the Juggernaut and Wolverine.

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