Katrina Knox


Katrina Knox was a young woman who turned to prostitution to support her drug habit. Katrina worked at a market research firm doing phone surveys, a hated profession, but it paid the bills, at least most of them for the rest she worked as a hostess during the evening. Katrina also liked to party and while she did partake in recreational drug use, she never used anything considered “hard”. She got her drugs from a specific dealer, but one day he didn’t show at the club who always had “the good stuff”. She wanted to get high, but wasn’t well versed in harder drugs. She was introduced to a dealer called L’il Ratt aka J. Ratty. He sold her a pill he claimed was just like Molly. She was already buzzed and was just happy she could get something to start the night off. But what he sold her was Meth in a pill form.

In a matter of weeks Katrina had become addicted almost instantly. While she had taken other drugs recreationally, she wanted meth all the time and had become increasingly willing to do more things to get it, which led to her getting fired from the bar for prostitution, but she got a raise at her job after propositioning her less than principled boss. She was indeed functional and able to work in the day and work the streets at night. L’il Ratt was certainly open to quid pro quo, but it would only get her discounts and he was able to talk her into other things to get small stashes. Instead of going to clubs for fun, she want to work the room and get money to get high and if she had some time party. This seemed like the way to go for a while, but eventually her boss found her sexual advances were the result of her drug use and his boss, being concerned about the harassment implications, fired them both. Katrina became a full time sex worker. She befriended two other working girls, Cassie Riser and Jessica. They would get assistance from a local Church outreach ran by Pastor Michael Damien and one of their members Victor Locke who would help them with food and other needed items and offer help if needed or wanted.

One night while working a downtown club and going through several men in a few hours, she was approached by a woman named Ashen, who was watching her work the room. She made Katrina an offer she couldn’t refuse. Ashen introduced her to the Sisterhood of Lilith and their Breeder Program. She didn’t believe what Ashen was pedaling, but she showed Katrina a small bag of meth pills she reluctantly became part of the program, moved to the Breeder Mansion and found everything she was told was very real. The healing factor bestowed on her by the process allowed her to indulge in her favorite drugs, with no ill effects, while also being encouraged to party, have unprotected sex and obviously get pregnant.

One morning, coming back from a huge mansion party with some of Ashen’s rich friends, the Breeder mansion had been ransacked. Blastreign grabbed her and told her they needed to get to a safe room. Just at that moment a huge humanoid creature burst through the wall. One of the “children” had become a full grown giant and was rampaging through the building. He grabbed Katrina and Blastreign hit it with a magic bolt. She got free, but it kept coming. Blastreign got her to the safe room with Rahaab, Jill Morgan and some of the other women, but it took Nightevil, to put the beast down using brutal strength paired with swift and blinding violence. She sent the injured half breed to a Hell dimension. This shook Katrina. She had been convinced this was all some kind of strange science project, but this was something different. She was done. She started an online certification program, not expecting it to go anywhere, but she wanted to have something she could try to move forward with.

She said she was going on vacation after this experience, instead she checked herself into a rehab program. Katrina’s healing factor aided her with recovery process. She did fifty hours and she never went back to the Breeder Mansion, but she did go back to the streets for a while as she used the last of her money to rent a room from a guy on Craigslist. Lucky for her he was legit and allowed her to live there with no problem. She soon learned that Cassie had been killed and FSI had taken the body. The killer known as Ripper Jack was operating in that area which gave her even more reason to work harder, saving money and managing to get a new credit card after paying off debts while she was in the Sisterhood. She later learned the Pastor Michael’s church burned down and he was believed dead.

Katrina did manage to finish her certification and found an entry level job as an administrative assistant. Katrina stays off the radar as much as possible, but is watched by the Sisterhood. She has been known to supply both Victor Locke and Decoy with information.

Major Story Arcs

Epitaph Bread and Salt Movie

Victor Locke questions Katrina about Cassie’s death. She tells him that FSI has the body.


Katrina give Decoy information on the Sisterhood of Lilith and tells him to talk with Ashen, Fyre or Jill Morgan for more information.


Katrina’s only power is the healing factor given to her via the bio-alchemy of the hyper birthing process.

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