Landon Talbane

Landon Talbane is the son of billionaire real estate and tech mogul Natas Talbane and brother to Loren and Lana Talbane. Like Loren, he doesn't believe in magic and refuses to involve himself in the Rise of Magic.


Born and raised in Los Angles California, Landon Talbane is the first born son of Natas and Alana Talbane and heir to the Talbane fortune. He was mainly cared for by his mom and older sister Lana. Though a C and D student Landon was smart, he just refused to apply himself to things he wasn’t interested in. After high school He got into the LA surf culture and was amazing at it. He impressed casting agents and got a few roles then got bored with acting. When he started painting he actually got work in galleries and sold several high pieces, but again, he got bored. Thing is, he didn’t need the money so doing things was just a challenge to him to see how far he could get doing the specific thing. He’s dabbled in many things and has been successful at most of them. He currently lives a lush life built on the interest gained from his fifty million dollar trust fund. Landon has never even touched the principal.


Landon has only appeared once in Hexcraft Mechanics issue one, with Mona telling him how Loren’s trust fund would be divided after her private jet exploded on take off.


Landon is a millionaire and has access to billions. He would probably be an awesome costumed vigilante if he was interested enough.


Being raised as a Talbane, Landon became aware of his parents occult beliefs, but chose to not involve himself in them, though both his father and older sister have spoken to him about it. His mom would sometimes explain how their beliefs help them to stay in power, but he’s just not into it.

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