Eyes of a Hero
Eyes of a Hero

Much of Lion-O’s past, and origin, is still unknown, however only fragments have been officially confirmed. Lion-O is the rightful heir, and only son of Claudis, whom was the lord of Thundera before him. After Claudis’ supposed demise at the hands of Shadowmaster, Lion-O became the new king of Thundera and began to protect his home with a brand new team of ThunderCats. Armed with the legendary Sword of Omens, Lion-O is considered the greatest ThunderCat ruler and leader that has ever walked third Earth. He and his ThunderCats continue to battle new threats, but none is ever as great as the vile immortal Mumm-Ra and the villains known as Mutants of Plun-Darr.

“We are ThunderCats! Upholding Justice. Truth. Honor. And Loyalty. ThunderCats HOOOOO!”


ThunderCats - Marvel Comics run
ThunderCats – Marvel Comics run

The ThunderCats, including Lion-O, was originally an American animated television series created by a small TV production called Rankin/Bass. Rankin/Bass was responsible for creating some of the greatest shows on television of that decade. Two of their popular shows were StarHawks and TigerSharks, among many others. The man behind the ThunderCats was the later, Tobin “Ted” Wolf. Who wrote the script and had the idea of the ThunderCats. The show followed a group of cat humanoids who were battling an evil wizard, named Mumm-Ra the immortal, who was always trying to claim Thunderian thrown, the crystal within the Sword of Omens, and also the book of Omens to make himself supreme ruler of Third Earth. The show lasted from 1985-1990.

During the show’s run on television, ThunderCats got a monthly comic book published by Marvel Comics in late 1985 (most recognized with the Star imprint on the cover). ThunderCats the comic book followed the adventures of the television series, retelling many of the stories in comic book format. The series lasted for only 24 issues which ended in 1988. The following year, Marvel UK created yet another comic book run on ThunderCats that lasted much longer than 24 issues, and got a tally of 129 issues for a total of three years. Throughout the years pass, DC Comics came to own the ‘ThunderCats’ title and began a series in 2002 which was published through Wildstorm. the book of Omens to make himself supreme ruler of Third Earth.

Character Evolution

Silver Age

The last Marvel Comics adventure
The last Marvel Comics adventure

Lion-O and the ThunderCats began their series in the late Silver Age of comic books. Mostly all of the adventures that Lion-O and his team went on during the comic book run by Marvel, just retold the stories of cartoon that was currently being published in the late 80’s. At this time much science fiction and fantasy was shown on Marvel’s run on the series. Third Earth was portrayed as a planet that didn’t use much technology and the Thundera law almost forbid technology, however Lion-O being different from his people, much of his arsenal utilized technology/sorcery. Throughout the adventures of Lion and the ThunderCats, they battled Mumm-Ra whom is sent trying to remove the Eye of Thundera, crystal in the Sword of Omens, and find the mystical book of Omens to control the third Earth. The comic book received a fair amount of recognition, but since all the comics retold stories of the cartoon series, many passed on this comic, leading to the series closing with the number 24 in mid 1988.

The series eventually was on hold until after ThunderCats the TV show ended in the year 1990.

Modern Age

In 1990, Marvel Comics (America) gave the ThunderCats title to Marvel UK, which made the title more successful than the comic book of the late 80’s. Marvel UK published ThunderCats for three years with a tally of 129 issues. In 2002, DC Comics, owned by Warner. Bros gained the rights to the LIon-O and the ThunderCats. DC Comics turned over ThunderCats to their sister publishing company, Wildstorm, which ran they created the ThunderCats adventures to be in a mini series and one-shot type manner.

In 2011’s Cartoon Network Re-vamp of the original Thundercats cartoon, we are introduced to a newer version of Lion-O.

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Lion-O at first possesses a typical, care free, head in the clouds attitude. Often shrugging off his royal responsibilities as the heir to becoming Lord of the Thundercats. Much to the disapproval of his father King Claudus and his brother Tygra, who is thought should be the next king.

Lion-o is fascinated with the ancient learnings and the mythology of technology that has been lost to his people. Through all of his immaturity it is shown that Lion-o is caring and honorable. While a group of Thunderians harass some Lizardman prisoners it is Lion-o who steps in to try and show that there is a different way and hate is not always the answer.

After the Death of King Claudus, Lion-o not only inherited the Lordship of the Thundercats but also the Sword of Omens, the Thundercats greatest weapon. He has been betrayed and is now on a quest to seek out The Book of Omens with his companions to stop Mumm-ra. Upon finding the Book of Omens and passing its test, Lion-O decides to find the stones and to unite the animals in order to stop Mumm-Ra. He briefly had feelings for Cheetara. He won the spirit stone against Mumm-Ra but lost the tech stone due to Pumyra whom he loved and she betrayed the Cats and was secretly a mole for Mumm-Ra, her real lover. He has united a small group of animals through his kindness and help.

Powers and Abilities

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This Lion-O has already shown to be a skilled hand to hand combatant and sword fighter, though he has never bested Tygra. Lion-O possesses enhanced strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability and a heightened sense of smell. He can slice through massive boulders and even metal without much difficulty. Lion-O can perform slashes faster than the eye can follow and his reflexes enable him to dodge multiple thrusts moving at blur speeds and deflect automatic laser rifle fire from multiple opponents with ease. Lion-O is starting to show better judgment in the use of strategies. Despite this, he still has a tendency to jump into some situations when he has his mind made up regardless of the consequences, even though his heart is in the right place. Lion-O has finally gotten the hang of Sight Beyond Sight. He has better judgement in strategies now and is no longer the kid he once was. The spirit stone can project a shield that even Mumm-Ra couldn’t break and block multiple blasts from an artillery cannon from a transport ship that is capable of blowing up massive boulders in a single blast with ease.

Major Story Arcs

On Wildstorms run on the series, after some years on Third Earth Thundria was reformed so Lion-O led the Thundercats to the new world where they battled their old foe Mumm-Ra for control of the planet and succeeded in defeating him again. Lion-O called the new settlement New Thundera. Lion-O sought to further his training as a True Lord of the Thundercats and entered the mystical Book of Omens via a ritual. However Mumm-Ra tricked him into spending considerably more time than planned in the Book while he carried out his plans of conquest thus Lion-O emerged to find New Thundera devastated by a despotic Mumm-Ra. With the Thundercats spread all over the world, it took all the learning, skills and powers Lion-O possessed to win back his planet from Mumm-Ra and his evil armies. After a period of stability and peace, an older bearded Lion-O was forced to team up with Mumm-Ra to defend their planet against the invading Dogstar forces.

Lion-O can command all cats and is an extremely skilled hand-to hand fighter. He is a wise, but tough leader who loves his people and strives to be the noble Lord they require.

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