Marissa Sanchez

Marissa Sanchez was a student of Hanover Blake's Humanities class. She contacted a demonic force after playing with a Ouija board after a discussion about it in class. She sought help from her pastor, Rev. Michael Damien, who burned the board. He approached Ms. Blake about it at her job, eventually resulting in her losing said job and she still harbors a grudge against her and the Pastor Damien.

Marissa Sanchez was a student of Hanover Blake‘s Humanities class where Ms. Blake frequently shoehorned topics involving witchcraft into the conversation. One day Ms. Blake Ouija board did a whole break down on the creation and use of Ouija boards she, Savanni Harrison and some others in her class decided to get one and see what happens.

While the night was mostly uneventful, they began hearing knocks and noises. Things fell in the kitchen and the board answered questions in a way people were uncomfortable with. They tried to end the session, but the planchette flew off the board. They all got scared, but Marissa was so afraid she ran to a local church called “Praise Him Outreach” Her pastor, Reverend Michael Damien, had stayed behind late to counsel a member and was leaving when she came. He burned the board and prayed over the students. They all left feeling better aside from her friend Steve who wanted the board and offered to take it before it was burned.

Major Story Arcs

Rev. Michael Damien took Hanover to task for encouraging students to use the board. Though indirectly, this ending up cost Hanover her job as a professor. Hanover holds a grudge against the preacher and her.

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