Michelle Wilson

Smart, sexy, Michelle Wilson is a model, vlogger, PR/Marketer and friend of socialite Loren Talbane. Michelle uses her friendship with Loren to push her modeling and social media career while Loren works with her to control press coverage. Using a burner phone, Michelle calls various news sites, tabloids and the paparazzi as well as providing photos and video at Loren's behest. Loren lets her keep finder fees. The press usually catch the ladies together.


Michelle Wilson is a model and vlogger who befriended socialite Loren Talbane after helping her escape the paparazzi. After taking a few modeling classes at CPAA, Michelle majored in communications and minored in photography at Columbia College in Chicago as well as taking a few classes in acting. She became a Youtube fashion vlogger and started an Instagram page. The Youtube algorithm loved her constant Youtube uploads and pushed her channel into people’s feeds. As her fame grew she begin writing sending press releases about herself, using a cheap smart phone as her PR company’s line. She started getting notice and with a successful Youtube and Instagram she made good money.

One night, at a Chicago dance club she noticed a large amount of paparazzi swarming the area, some of them she knew. When she went in, she noticed Loren Talbane was there. When she went to the bathroom Michelle went in with her. She wanted to find a way to talk to her, but upon getting Loren’s attention, her face lit up, Loren was a fan. They spoke for a few minutes and Michelle mentioned the photographers. Loren didn’t even know they were there and didn’t want to deal with it. Michelle talked to the bar tender, gave Loren a hoodie she carried in her bag and she called a friend to pick them up. The manager let them leave though the service entrance. They became friends that night, Loren even popping up in her vlogs a few times.

She worked out a deal with Loren to help her control the press coverage. She would call various news sites, tabloids and the paparazzi and take photos and video at Loren’s behest. She would keep the finder’s fee as payment. She would usually get the first photos and “leaked” video others simply couldn’t get. She is also Loren’s voice of discernment when possible. This arrangement worked out well for both of them until Loren’s plane crash.

Major Story Arcs

In the original Epitaph “Beginning of the End” series Michelle was with Loren when she met Gary.

Powers and Abilities

Michelle is smart and sexy and knows how to use the social media, the paparazzi and public relations to her benefit.

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