Mister X


Mister-X is an elusive masked gentleman thief with red tights. Seen as both a criminal and a defender of the weak, after each shot he leaves a business card. His arch enemy is a young cop named André Roux who works alongside sergeant Laredo in the homicide squad. Mister X has works with his fashionable girlfriend, Timy Lang.


Like many of the Italian fumetti neri comics of the 1960’s, Mister X was significantly influence by Diabolik. However, despite being labeled “for adults”, Mister X Differed from the other series by rarely using violence as a means to resolve a story. Mister X did not stray as far from the traditional protagonist as many of his contemporaries but was still criticized heavily when Italian comics came under fire from groups looking to censor the content.

The first volume of Mister X was published by Cervinia and ran 53 issues. The second was published by Edizioni Alhambra for 9 issues.


In 1967 a live action film about Mister X was released.

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