The woman Fantomex believes to be his mother. She is the woman who worked alongside Father & Brother to replicate Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch.


Mother is a scientist and former employee of the Weapon Plus program. She was tasked with creating superhumans out of the remains of the original Human Torch. She parented Fantomax in the facility known as The World. While Fantomax was trained to become a weapon, Mother tried to give Fantomax a sense of responisbility and compasion.


Mother was created by Grant Morrison and Igor Kordey and first appeared in New X-Men issue 129 (2002). She was further developed by Rick Remender.

Major Story Arcs

Seeming Death

Mother lived on a secure location in the Swiss Alps. It was when Fantomax visited her, that they where attacked by a group of Deathlok cyborgs looking like a number of Earth’s superheroes. Mother was seemingly killed by the Deathlok that looked like Spider-Man.

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