Nightevil is the leader and "mother" of the Sisterhood of Lilith. Said to be at least 500 years old, but believed to be much older, this daughter of Lilith bids her time waiting for the day she can bring "Earth's True Mother" back to earth in the flesh with full power and glory to decimate the planet and enslave it survivors. Some believe her to be Agrat bat Mahlat.


Little is known about the Lilitu known as Nightevil. Taking the name Atraria as she hates the name “Nightevil,” she and her sisters Akasha and Patrika are all said to be centuries old, possibly being around since or even before Biblical times. While her sisters are indifferent to humanity, Nightevil despises humanity, believing her mother was cheated out of her legacy of being the mother of human race. For this injustice, she will bring her mother back to earth to rule. To do this she must have an army of demons and satanic beings.

Nightevil first showed up in America around the 1800s along with Akasha. Having the appearance of black women made it hard for them to travel and live among people. If found they were usually thought to be runaway slaves. Bounty hunters would usually be killed trying to bring them back to their assumed masters as they were no match for Nightevil and Akasha’s magic. If they did live through a battle with Nightevil and Akasha they would run, usually injured. Patrika, having the appearance of a white woman would usually find them. They would come to her believing her to be an angel of mercy and she would eat them. Some times they let themselves be captured and taken to a plantation. Slaves would disappear one by one and finally the slaves owners. While Nightevil and Akasha would occasionally eat flesh they prefer soul energy. Patrika would usually kill and eat the owners while Nightevil and Akasha takeover and run the plantation. When needed Patrika would masquerade as the plantation owner.

Nightevil, Akasha and Patrika are all incredibly rich from wealth they’ve laid claim to over the years from plantations, claim jumping during the gold rush, locating buried treasure and simply taking the money from those that crossed them. The money was used to buy land and clothes. Many times Nightevil and Patrika bought property knowing it had gold or oil and later sold it for millions of money.

As time went on and the speed of information and image processing became faster, it became harder to stay hidden so they went back to night hunting. They have a lot land and usually choose to stay within their walls in the day. Unlike Patrika, Nightevil doesn’t hunt. She can move about during the day and can shop and do as she pleases. She eats human food and indulges in expensive wines and spirits.

While she is very rich, The Sisterhood of Lilith is considered a religion and her Chicago mansion is their base of operations. Akasha takes care of the paperwork and such to make sure they don’t bring attention to themselves. Much of the Sisterhood’s money is spent on the Breeder program and creating her Darkling army.

Powers and Abilities

As with all Lilitu Nightevil is a magic adept. She has many powers including basic spell casting, ritual magic, black magic, incantations and is proficient in most forms of magic. She can focus mystical energy into a concussive bolt, blast or shield, astral travel, move through dimensions, speak and understand any language, communicate with animals and even the dead.

Nightevil also has a high level of cosmic awareness and a precognitive danger sense allowing her to actually see different timelines and outcomes based on proposed actions. Like others her danger sense usually kicks in seconds before the danger, but if she’s focused before going into a situation it can be triggered minutes ahead a bad situation. If things get too bad she can simply fly off into the night (or day). Nightevil also has dark force manipulation meaning she can tap into the power of darkness and use it for various purposes including hexes and curses.

While Nightevil isn’t a skilled fighter she is a more than proficient brawler, her super strength and agility aiding immensely. She can also bare claws and fangs when needed and unless she wants you alive every strike is a potential killing blow. Not to mention she has a supernatural healing factor and can cast illusions as diversions and if, by chance she is captured, she is a skilled escape artist.

Atraria hates the name Nightevil as she sees such a name as beneath her. In her mind the name is almost mockery, even though it’s feared. While many of her type are considered night terrors or night evils, there is only one Nightevil.

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