Deep in the enchanted forest, in the village of elves, Oliver was the smallest one. His friends were Centipede, Flea, Spider, and Scorpion.

Oliver was the smallest of the elves in his village, but with friends like Centipede, Flea, Spider, and Scorpion, that didn’t bother him in the least. They would play lots of games, have fun, and eat mushrooms together.

But one day an evil wizard turns the villagers food supply (mushrooms) and the villagers themselves into toadstools. Luckily for Oliver, the wizard, while trying to zap Oliver into a toadstool, crashed into a house and dropped his wand.But in order to defeat Oliver, for now the mage is almost powerless to stop the brave elf, the evil old man hypnotized Oliver’s bug friends to attack him. What is Oliver to do?!

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