Positron is an African-American woman with an gadgets which expel powerful bolts of energy. She first appeared as a villain who fought against the First Line. She was the lover of Blackjack.


Positron was created by John Byrne and Roger Stern and debuted in the Marvel:The Lost Generation, published by Marvel Comics.


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Positron was an African American woman who took the identity of a costumed villain during the 1960’s. She had somehow either come across or created certain gadgets which allowed her to shoot force blasts from her gauntlets. She not only had worked as a hired mercenary and crook for several agencies at the time but appears to had been a partner to the one time crook Blackjack. The two had also m

When the invasion finally came, the First Line gathered all their surviving members past and present as well as their various foes to work together to stop the invasion, boarding the Skrull mother-ship in an attempt to stop it. Among those involved in the battle included Positron herself.

The battle was witnessed by Cassandra Locke who was arriving on her first jump into the past and witnessed the battle. When Blackjack was killed and Positron arrived too late to rescue him, Cassandra stated that his death was her fault. Shocked and angered at her lovers death Positron took it out on the remaining Skrull forces. Soon the team’s leader Effigy was mortally wounded trying to set warp-feed phase-shifters to destruct. Dying he reverted back into his Skrull form before Pixie and Oxbow telling them he tried to be a good American before he died. Pixie then set the destruct sequence, the resulting explosion destroyed the entire alien fleet and seemingly slew all those who had not already died in battle, including its assumed Positron.

Power and Abilities

Positron is a normal human being with average strength, agility, and stamina.

Positron did possess a pair of Power Gauntlets which were attached to portable power packs which were capable of blasting powerful bolts of energy.

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