Rahaab is a former Sisterhood of Lilith breeder who left the Sisterhood to regain her own independence after the toll the hyper birthing process had on her mind and body. She is an informant to both Decoy and Victor Locke and is watched by the Sisterhood.


Raised in a strict Muslim household, Rahaab Canaan longed for adventure and romance, all things that were restricted in her home. Mocked and bullied at school for her religion she grew to hate herself and the things associated with it. She applied for college, but against her parents wishes went to a college outside her hometown of Dearborn Michigan. Rahaab was very smart and computer savvy. She researched, applied for and received several scholarships that paid her way. She moved to Chicago to attend the prestigious arts and entertainment school Columbia College. Finally, being away from her parents, she rebelled. She was very pretty and voluptuous and knew she it. When her parents would visit she was wore her Hijab and traditional clothing, when they were away, she absolutely refused to do so choosing revealing, attention grabbing clothing. She was into men and loved the attention and attraction.

Rahaab majored in Business and minored Arts and Communications. She started painting and got her work in galleries and also did her own PR and marketing. She was popular in Chicago’s art scene, which lead to more romances and a lot of sex, sometimes unprotected. During a routine check up, HIV antibodies were discovered in her blood. While she had contracted STDs before, they were all curable and she was no stranger to the Morning After pill. While this would be a major set-up for many Rahaab continued to live her life. The one thing she did take from her parents was knowing how to accept the things she couldn’t change, while plowing headlong into changing the things she could.

Burying herself in her work, she got into many galleries and while she did miss consistent sex and romance she was making money from her art. She would engage in protected intercourse every once in a while, but told no one about her medical issues. One day she met with socialite Ashen Yu, a friend and buyer. Ashen inquired about her change as in the past they had shared stories of their exploits, but she wasn’t as forthcoming anymore. While Rahaab tried to dodge the issue a simple touch from Ashen and she knew her secret instantly. Ashen let her know she knew what was going on and could help. Rahaab was freakout that Ashen could know, but Ashen calmed her down and asked her to come with her.

Ashen introduced Rahaab to Blue and the Breeder program. Rahaab thought the whole thing was BS and wanted nothing to do with their cult, but after a day she called Ashen back to discuss it some more. They performed the procedure on her and she was tested again and indeed HIV free. She couldn’t believe it. Her life was hers again… sort of. She became enthralled with the Sisterhood of Lilith and their world of magic, mysticism and the hyperbirthing process.

Rahaab stayed with the Breeder program for a few years until one day she was working on a painting heard a loud crack. She went to see what it was going on and there was a huge hole in the wall. She ran out to see what was happening. Blastreign, the security guard, grabbed her and lead her to a safe room. She turned around giant humanoid creature burst through a wall. One of the “children” had become a full grown nephilim and was rampaging through the building. Blastreign ran off get another woman named Katrina. She had just come back from a party and the creature had snatched her up. He then he hit the monster with a magic blast and it let her go focusing its attention on him. Katrina got to the safe room with her and some of the other women, but it took Nightevil, the leader of the Sisterhood, to put the beast down using brutal strength paired with magic and swift and blinding violence. She sent the injured half breed to a Hell dimension.

Rahaab wondered what she had gotten herself into. She didn’t fool herself, she knew it was wrong, but she was doing it anyway. All she was told was true and she had seen the outcome up close and personal. Katrina was also having second thoughts and left to go on a vacation, but Katrina never came back. Rahaab began searching for a way out. She was drawn to big Church that was open in the evening. She would go there, sit and sometimes whisper Islamic prayers her parents had taught her, though unsure what she was praying to, but surmised if giants, ghost and monsters existed maybe God did too. Or maybe she was crazy and this was all some kind of full scale mental break. She heard a voice ask, “Why do you come here?” A pale man with pointy ears spoke to her. She should’ve been afraid, but at this point she’d seen it all. She didn’t tell him everything, but did tell him she was in a situation she wanted to leave. He explained that he knew who and what she was and if she wanted “salvation” he could help her. Believing him to be an angel she mused, “I don’t want salvation, I want freedom.” He spoke soft, but coldly, telling her either way, leaving was her choice. She thought about it, but when she went to speak, he was gone. She knew the Breeders were watched, but she it had never been a problem before.

Though discouraged, she was already renting her own apartment, but only left the program after being chastised for going to the church. She would come to know the “angel” as Decoy and would become an informant to both him and Victor Locke.

Major Story Arcs

In earlier versions of Decoy: Secrets and Sanity, Rahaab is seen leaving Fixmaster after receiving an injection of some unnamed drug. In later revisions of the book she is already an informant to Decoy and that scene became part of the Rahaab: Absolution/ Hexcraft Mechanics: Ultimate Control books which tell the story of Rahaab leaving the Sisterhood of Lilith. The scene also appears in the second series of Epitaph Bread and Salt. She had a scene in the third issue of Victor Locke Demon Hunter, but it was never released.

Powers and Abilities

Rahaab has the stamina and healing factor given to her via the hyperbirthing process.


Rahaab currently attends counseling for sex and drug addiction.

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