The Brains of "Team Fearless", a group of assassins. Roy can communicate with his teammates telepathically, if he is asleep.

Lady Neyn hired Team Fearless to find and kidnap her daughter Fuyumi, as well as kill Fuyumi’s traveling companion Staz Blood. They succeed in finding them, and was close to fulfill their mission, but Staz managed to defeat them by consuming all their magic, and threatened to kill them, unless they brought him to Demon World Acropolis. Shamkid agreed to the surrender, believing that they might get another chance to kill Staz(that, and he was scared as heck).

Powers & Abilities

Roy’s “Chat Room.”

Roy is a demon with the magic ability known as “Chat Room.” As long as he is asleep, Roy can create a telepathic link between himself and all the other members of Team Fearless, so that the all are communicating, no mater where they are.

Roy also has genius level intellect, and is both the teams tactician, as well as responsible for all their tech.

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