Newest emperor of the Ninja Mafia and friend of Fuzzy. Sam suffers from financial issues after converting the Ninja Mafia into a helping service.

Pre Fix your problem

 Sam was a struggling college student when he met Fuzzy, a talking Teddy Bear like creature. The two ended up becoming friends of sort, and after Sam dropped out of college they shared an apartment together while working together as cab drivers. Eventually after Sam too a job meant for his super spy co-worker Sam was fired. He then began working at a book store with Fuzzy, and he also started dating his mail lady. After a while Sam ended up being kidnapped by his girlfriend and was brought to the Ninja Mafia emperor, who turned out to be possessed by a demon that had once lived in Sam’s fridge. Sam’s now ex-girlfriend freed Sam and went on a rampage, killing the emperor and all his possible replacements. Sam went into hiding as a roadie for a popular metal band. As Sam began dating the lead guitarist things seemed to look up, until Blank Face, a higher up Ninja in the Ninja Mafia, appeared. Blank revealed that due to a loophole in the Ninja Mafia system it turned out that Sam was the new emperor. Sam then had to work his way through the Underground in order to reach the Ninja Mafia headquarters and claim his crown. Sam did so, but it turned out that the entire thing was part of a plot by Blank Face to bring the Ninja Mafia back to it’s former glory. After a confrontation with Blank Face that led to Blank Face’s death Sam became the official leader of the Ninja Mafia and he resolved to turn it into a legitimate business.  

Fix Your Problem

As the events of Fix Your Problem begin, it turns out that Sam has succeeded in his goal and the Ninja Mafia is now a legitimate business that helps people deal with strange occurrences. One of said occurrences is an invasion of gangster gerbils at a local restaurant. Sam is able to convince the gerbils to stop with the help of his soon to be new employee, Dev. Sam then has to deal with Edwin, a vampire that has a problem with stalking people. Sam is unable to keep Edwin from stalking even with Dev’s help and Edwin is sent to the Stake institute for vampires. Real problems begin to start as two of Sam’s ninja employees begin causing trouble as one kills the other and begins protecting Sam like he would the emperor.   

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