Taylor Bartlett

Taylor Bartlett

Taylor work for Mr. Santo, at his gas station in Twin Buttes, when his two friends show up and the three run amok around the town. When Taylor returns to the gas station to lock up for the night, he sees something in the garage. It is Gunslinger Spawn, who demands that Taylor fix his motorcycle. Taylor quickly realizes it is just out of gas but promises Gunslinger Spawn that if doesn’t kill him, Taylor can make the motorcycle run better.

Gunslinger Spawn takes him up on his offer and the two go to Taylor’s home. On the way they are attacked by a Black Winged Angel. After Gunslinger Spawn kills the angel, he offers to teach Taylor how to do it, which Taylor quickly refuses.

Later, when Taylor goes inside his house, he finds his father Mr. Bartlette talking to some more angels. When they see Taylor the angels order Taylor killed. This is when Gunslinger Spawn comes to the rescue and fights the angels.

Gunslinger Spawn trades one of the angels for Taylor, and the remaining angels fly off. It looks like Gunslinger Spawn and Taylor have survived but then Gunslinger is shot in the back by Mr. Bartlette and ambushed by an almost dead angel.

Taylor now comes to the rescue and is almost forced to kill his father, after learning that his father killed his mother to keep the angels secret. It looks like Mr. Bartlette is going to kill Taylor but then Gunslinger gets the drop on him and kills Mr. Bartlette.

Later, Taylor buries his father in the backyard, claiming to hate Gunslinger but knowing the Gunslinger is his only chance against the angels and demons that are now after him. So the pair head back to the Gas station where Taylor learns about Gunslinger’s history.

The pair then go around town looking for Gunslinger’s buried gold and guns. Gunslinger gives Taylor some gold coins as payment for his help and drops him off the Motel II for safety.

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