The adventures of Yataca as a child in the Amazon (N ° 1 to 20)

On the edge of the Amazon jungle, in a village destroyed by fire, a female puma, named Ram, discovers and adopts three children – aged between 5 and 6 years: a girl named Itza, Téoti a little black and Yataca . Animal friends, they learn their languages ​​and form a special friendship with Tollan, an African elephant who fled from a zoo and who has since taken up residence in the forest. Yataca particularly becomes the enemy of Gourm the caiman, of Coalt the python and (especially) of the jaguar Cob, who does not accept the supremacy of this “little man” over other animals. These three often unite to try to harm him. As the adventures progress, the children grow up … Already when the first issue comes to an end, they are around ten years old.

Yataca, often receives precious advice from Huatlan, an old man who lives alone in an abandoned temple and who reveals to him that he is Yataca “the son of the sun”, that is to say a descendant of the Inca kings.

According to the adventures, beyond his three sworn enemies, Yataca also faces some indigenous peoples and / or white men greedy for wealth.

From the fifteenth issue, we find Yataca, preteen, dressed no longer in a tunic but in an animal skin loincloth, moving from vine to vine through the trees, displaying a cry to announce his arrival.

When the twentieth and last adventure of Yataca in the Amazon comes to an end, Yataca is found by a paternal uncle who, along with Itza and Téoti, brings him back to civilization.

A final commentary indicates that fifteen years have passed and announces – from the next issue – Yataca’s adventures in Africa. He specifies that Itza got married and that Téoti has become a renowned veterinarian. As for Yataca, he becomes responsible for a reserve in the heart of the African continent.

The adventures of Yataca (adult) in Africa (N ° 21 to 203)

From N ° 21 (and the transition to small format and black and white), Yataca is an adult, his African adventures are the cover of the British series Saber, King of the Jungle. When the English episodes are exhausted, the publisher will have unpublished ones made by different cartoonists.

Yataca is a character now presenting many analogies with that of Tarzan. He is always accompanied by Umbala, his faithful black friend, armed with an ax to which he cares a lot. Despite this formidable weapon, he is content to stun his enemies without ever killing them. Umbala is also an enlightened tribal leader, who fights against the superstitions of his people.

Yataca is accompanied by a tiny monkey, Chicky, who certainly helps him, but also does a lot of nonsense. Example: Chicky frees the tied up Yataca and Umbala, among their sleeping enemies. The two friends slip away discreetly, when Chicky sees a magnificent tom-tom and, as a seasoned music lover, uses it immediately … This has the gift of exasperating Umbala, who dedicates his liberator to gemonies.

From n ° 204

The last issues abandoned the theme of the jungle to devote themselves to sport in the same way as titles like “En Piste” or “Trophée” with bands mostly British.

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