Doctor Multiverse


Maya Chamara was an astronaut on Earth 8 that was bombarded with strange cosmic energies while in space. These energies granted her powerful abilities connected to the DC Multiverse.


Dr. Multiverse made her debut in Justice League Incarnate #1 on November 30, 2021. She was created by Dennis Culver, Brandon Peterson and Joshua Williamson. The character is a pastiche of Marvel’s Captain Universe.

Major Story Arcs

Justice League Incarnate

It is revealed that she has a previous (and acrimonious) history with Earth 8’s Retaliators. After sensing Machinehead‘s remains drifting between realities, Dr. Multiverse intercepted his remains and brought them to the Retaliators.

Shortly thereafter, Dr. Multiverse and the Retaliators’ conversation is cut short by the arrival of Tartarus and his legion of soldiers. Dr. Multiverse immediately engages Tartarus in battle, but Tartarus quickly gains the upper hand. This battle is interrupted by Darkseid emerging from a boom tube.

Tartarus throws Maya away to engage Darkseid and from that point, Darkseid’s grandfather box attempts to vaporize her. She is narrowly saved by the swift intervention of President Superman.

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Meeting up with the rest of the Justice League Incarnate, Dr. Mutltiverse comes up with a plan to un-anchor a crack/ gateway to the Great Darkness from Earth 8. With the help of Avery Ho, Dr. Multiverse successfully unanchors the crack, prompting Darkseid to teleport away. Dr. Multiverse uses her powers to keep Darkseid’s crack open so that the team may follow him.

Powers and Abilities

Doctor Multiverse was bathed in cosmic energies, cursing her with the powers of the multiverse and the vision of her place in it. The full extent of Dr. Multiverse’s powers have yet to be explored, but several abilities have been revealed thus far.

  • Dimensional Manipulation: Doctor Multiverse can sync up with vibrational frequencies.
    • Dimensional Travel: Can move through the multiverse and translocate others and objects across the multiverse.
    • Cosmic Tracking: Once Doctor Multiverse has interacted with someone or something, she can locate it anywhere in the Multiverse and transport to it

  • Energy Manipulation
  • Flight
  • Invulnerability
  • Multivision: She is able to see variants/alternate versions of people living in different realities and perceive people and objects passing between dimensions. She can also determine a person’s identity and home universe just by looking at them.
  • Superstrenght

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