Gary Meiks

Ladies man Gary Meiks was a prospective "friend with benefit" of Loren Talbane. He was killed by her while she was in a trance communicating with the demon Anth’all who tricked Loren into stabbing him to death by making her believe she was being attacked by demons.

Club rat Gary Meiks was a frequent face on the Chicago club scene. King of the weekend, he was known for his crazy dances, beer chugging and for his ability to charm the literal pants off club chicks. Gary is currently the subject of a missing person’s case.

Major Story Arc

Gary met Loren Talbane at a night club and after a night of passion with her, he became a prospective “friend with benefit”. They went on a date and back to her place. She wanted to impress him by doing a “sex meditation,” but during said meditation she went into a trance a was contacted by the demon Anthr’ll who convinced her to kill him, through use of a potent hallucination. When she woke from the trance she had stabbed him multiple times killing him and Anthr’ll used the blood as a sacrifice to get enough power to enter our world.

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