Born in Ghana, the woman known as Godiva claims to be the child of a Chinese Prince and an African Princess. She is a mercenary who works on espionage, assassination and theft missions for whomever can pay her fee. Her base of operations is in the Swiss Alps. Godiva treats her missions as games and often has a film crew follow her around, taking her orders. Obsessed with her own beauty, she stares into mirrors constantly and has a pathological need to be the center of attention.

Once, Godiva kidnapped the parents of Danny Chase. Danny helped the Teen Titans save his parents but Godiva was able to escape. Soon after Godiva put her sights on a British spy. The bomb she tried to kill him with almost killed Nightwing. She then threw the agent off a tall building to his death and then she escaped and disappeared.


Godiva has hypnosis powers that charm her victims into doing her will.

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