Owl Weiss

Problem solver Owl Weiss is a fixer for both the Rise of Magic and Sisterhood of Lilith. Need evidence of your involvement in a crime, affair or cult sacrifice to disappear, or you just need to send a message, this ex-CIA agent is the one to call. A skilled martial artist, markswoman and investigator she’s very capable and with her CIA ties very well connected.


After serving two terms in the US Army, Owl Weiss joined the CIA. With a keen intellect and mind for problem solving she rose rapidly from a field agent to an Operations Officer. After a seven year stint with “The Agency” she returned to the private sector as a PI, security consultant and general problem solver.

Tech and real estate mogul Natas Talbane was implicated in a series of unethical practices, but instead of going public, the ex-employee with the information chose to blackmail Mr. Talbane. Owl was hired to make this go away. Her fee was higher than the blackmail itself, but a drop in the bucket for the billionaire. A few days later, she contacted him, stating, he’d have no more issues. Months later during an outing with his wife Alana, Natas had a strange encounter with the ex-worker. He apologized, acting as if Natas might beat him right there in public. Reading the room, Mr. Talbane simply said, “We have an understanding right?” The ex-employed agreed then quickly walked off. Honestly, Talbane was surprised to see him alive and well, but was curious as to what had been done to him to cause this reaction.

After working with the Talbane family for a few times, Natas introduced Owl to Ashen Yu, an associate of his who was seeking to end an investigation into a cult called the Sisterhood of Lilith, by truth seeking, but fame hungry independent journalist and vlogger Amy May Ames. The story disappeared and Ames became an anchorwoman and investigative reporter for a local Chicago news station.

Owl became intrigued with the Tailbanes and Sisterhood and their supposed use of magic, but instead of choosing to surveil them, she decided to schedule a meeting with Natas and Ashen individually to ask them about it. While Ashen thought it would be good to have her on their side, she wouldn’t be allowed to join the Sisterhood. Natas felt the same way about The Rise, but was so impressed by Weiss, he took her under his wing.

Many times Owl has come in conflict with the Talbane’s daughter Loren. Seeing her as reckless and a threat to the family’s secrecy she wants Loren reigned in. The Talbane family seeks to stay out of the limelight, but Loren loves it and plays the part of party girl socialite to the highest degree. Owl believes Loren needs to be “tamed” and not allowed to bring attention to the family as she does. But Loren lives her own life and lucky for the Talbane’s, and Loren, the attention is mostly on her and not them.

Powers and Abilities

Owl is a trained solider skilled in Army Combatives, marksmanship, Systema and Kali Knife Fighting. She’s studied advanced chemistry, biology and criminal investigation techniques. With her high intellect, keen sense of deduction and intuition, she’s incredibly helpful in both criminal and civil investigations.

While Ms. Weiss does know some ceremonial magic and invocation, she sees her dabbling as more of a hobby. While it’s useful in some ways she doesn’t trust it for important matters, choosing to rely mainly on her skills. She has seen the CIA’s files on supernatural incidents and though she finds it all fascinating, she rarely uses magic for anything in the field, but does work on honing her skills in her spare time.

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