Alura-El was created as a part of DC’s Future State event by Phillip Kennedy-Johnson and Scott Godlewski. She made her first appearance in Future State: Superman: House of El #1.


Marrying Khan-El

Alura was marrying Khan-El surrounded by her family and the wedding being officiated by Superwoman. However, in the midst of this, Pyrrhos invaded and attacked. He sent everyone but Kara to the Phantom Zone, where they were struggling to fend off their attackers and find a way out until Cyborg Superman showed up. After he gave them a device to help them escape and they activated the portal, he stole the device. The group went through the portal, saved Kara, and defeated Pyrrhos and his army for the time being. They then finished Alura and Khan-El’s wedding.

The Last Battle With Pyrrhos

Years later, Alura was participating in a battle against Pyrrhos with his army, where the Earth was at stake, alongside her husband and family. During the battle, she even took on Black Racer after she killed Brainiac 4. Towards the end of the battle, she and her family were being attacked by Pyrrhos, when Superman showed up and saved them.


Alura died along with everyone else in Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #2.


Alura possesses the standard Kryptonian power set. She is also skilled with combat.

Personal Information


  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Black


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