Creation and Evolution

Pyrrhos was created by Phillip Kennedy-Johnson and Scott Godlewski. He first appearance in Future State: Superman: House of El #1.

Despite first appearing as a villain, Pyrrhos later turned a new leaf when he encountered his father.


Crashing the Wedding

In the middle of Alura Val-El and Khan-El‘s wedding, Pyrrhos barged in and attacked the House of El. He sent them to the Phantom Zone and then overpowered Superwoman and trapped her with his magic. However, when the House of El returned, they defeated him and his army for the time being.

Destroying the Earth

Years later, Pyrrhos now titled The Red King assembled an army and launched a war against Earth and the House of El. Before arriving in the Sol System Pyrrhos waged campaigns against The New Gods then United Planets. After winning he incorporated Parademons, Doomsday clones, the new Black Racer(Tanda) into his army. For most of it, he sat back and let his army due their work. However, towards the end, he came and fought the House of El. He would of won, had Superman not come and stop him. Superman then gave him the choice to be better and stop his evilness and he accepted.

Powers and Abilities

Pyrrhos possesses the powers of a standard Kryptonian. However, due to his mother being a Demigod, he also possesses magic. Pyrrhos has combat skills and was able to lead an army.

Personal Information


  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair Color: Black and white


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