Major Story Arcs

Devil’s Choices

Borna and his lover, Ivana, have a son. He deserts his clan, the Agrami, in order to keep his family safe from their continual wars. They go on a journey to the sea, which Borna had promised his father he would one day visit. On the way they go through several mishaps and argue constantly, but they are clearly in love.

When they finally see the ocean, Borna steps on a land mine. It won’t go off until he removes his foot. They freak out, but he takes the stance of a hero, telling Ivana to leave and have a good life. He jumps off in an attempt to minimize his wounds, but it doesn’t go off–some soldiers for the new Grendel-Khan’s army tell him, laughing, that they just disarmed it all the day before. They are taken in by the Khan’s army.

It’s general, Antwerpen, asks Borna to complete a special mission for him. He wants Borna’s clan to give up and join the Khan instead of fighting back. The Khan’s army is so much larger, it would be suicidal for the Agrami to fight, but they are very prideful. Borna doesn’t want to do it, since he has just started his new life with his family, but he also loves his people. Ivana doesn’t want him to go, but he feels like he has to try. He names his son Jadran, after his father and the sea. He and a small squad of the Khan’s men fly back to the Agrami.

Unfortunately, Borna and the Khan’s men are captured by Igor, leader of the Agrami, who sees Borna’s entreaties as traitorous. He kills the other soldiers and tortures Borna to death.

The Khan’s army eventually conquers the Agrami and Ivana sees Borna’s dead body. She takes Jadran and leaves the area forever, sick of the price of war.

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