Major Story Arcs

The Devil May Care

Dana is the director of a hospital in Indianapolis, where the local Grendel clan, led by Hack, is always going wild and sending people to the hospital–so many that she can barely find beds for them all. The clan runs an enormous event in the region, the Indianapolis 5000 race, so the population excuses a lot of their excesses. Dana is well-meaning and smart, and is getting fed up with the Grendels. Meanwhile, her son Albert is becoming more and more remote and angry, and wants to join the very Grendels she hates.

One day the Grendels show up at her hospital asking to see one of their own, and beat up one of the doctors, Klein, when he doesn’t answer quickly enough. This sends Dana over the top, and she shoots one of the Grendels, Skid, in the leg, and tells them to leave. Amazingly, they do: Hack feels that its better to have a well-run hospital than get revenge.

Hack is impressed with her courage, and comes back to see her. She is surprised to find herself attracted to him too. Soon they start a secret affair, which leads to problems for both of them at work–they both stop paying attention to their duties as much as they should.

She asks Hack to keep Albert out of the Grendels, hoping it will keep him from being so violent. Hack has his champion racer, Malka, challenge him to a race. She beats Albert and he is so embarrassed that he never comes back. He confronts his mom, and Dana is ashamed; she feels responsible but didn’t think Hack would go so far to keep him out. Albert ends up swearing revenge on his mom and the Grendels.

Dana and Hack fight often, but always get back together. Albert goes into hiding and starts attacking the Grendels at night, and blows up part of the hospital, but Dana doesn’t know it’s him. Dana and Hack’s relationship moves from a fling to real, deep love.

Then Hack is deposed as leader due to his perceived weakness in protecting the clan against Albert’s predations. He is given to a rival clan whose racer was killed, and they torture Hack. Dana is distraught but can’t do anything about it.

Albert attacks the race itself, and kills many racers and Grendels. The entire region descends into chaos. Hack escapes and finds Dana and tells her they have to run away. She agrees, and begins to see a little possibility for future happiness. But Albert sets off another bomb, and Dana is knocked out. Albert grabs her and confronts Hack, shooting him in the leg. Dana wakes up and shoots Albert in the back of the head, killing him. In despair over her actions and their perceived lack of a future together, Dana shoots Hack and herself in the head, killing them both.

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