Baby Remy
Baby Remy

Remy LeBeau, the mutant who would later become Gambit, was abandoned at birth by his birth father due to his unusual red-on-black eyes (they believed their child was of satanic origins). He was stolen from a New Orleans orphanage by the Thieves Guild and given to Antiquary, a collector of children, who considered Remy a perfect work of art. There he was given the name Remy and the title Le Diable Blanc (The White Devil), because of an old Guild Prophecy that spoke of a white devil.

However, Jean-Luc LeBeau greatly disliked the idea of the child being in Antiquary’s care, and arranged for Remy to grow up being watched by a gang of street thieves known as Fagan’s Mob instead. At age eight, Remy met and befriended a young girl named Bella Donna. A few days later, he was taken in and adopted by the leader of the Thieves Guild, Jean-Luc himself, after a failed pickpocket attempt which had been secretly arranged by Jean to meet with the young mutant.


Remy LeBeau
Remy LeBeau

Gambit was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Jim Lee. Gambit’s first published appearance was in The Uncanny X-Men Annual issue 14, but this issue happens after his first full appearance in The Uncanny X-Men issue 266 (1990).

Character Evolution

Marriage to Bella Donna
Marriage to Bella Donna

His powers manifested in his teenage years; however, he kept it secret from those around him. When Remy was 15, he went along with his cousin Etienne Marceaux on the Thieves Guilds ritual initiation called the “Tithing”.

They were ordered to steal from an immortal mutant known as Candra, but were subdued. Candra then recognized Remy from a battle she fought with his future self in her past (he travels to the 19th century during his tenure with the X-men). She sold the two boys to a mutant gangster and child slave trader named The Pig, who planned on selling them to HYDRA as boy soldiers. Remy escaped his holding pen and tried to escape, but when Pig caught up with the boys, Remy picked up a playing card, charged it and threw it in Pig’s face, thus discovering his new signature move. In an attempt to escape, they both jumped off a cliff into the sea. Remy was rescued by the Guild, but Etienne drowned.

Professional Thief
Professional Thief

The Thieves Guild was at war with the Assassins Guild, but Remy was meant to be the one to unite the two guilds through an arranged marriage to the head of the Assassin’s Guild’s granddaughter, Bella Donna, whom he had befriended as a child years before. On his wedding day, Remy was challenged to a duel by Bella Donna’s brother, Julien. When Remy killed him in self-defense, he was banished to ease the tension between the Guilds.

For a time, Gambit traveled the world and lived as a professional thief. He also befriended the Marauder known as Scalphunter. As Gambit’s power grew out of control, it was Scalphunter who directed Gambit to Mr. Sinister for help in controlling his mutant power. Sinister removed some brain tissue in order to reduce Remy’s power to a more controllable level. In return, Remy owed a debt to Sinister, and he became one of his henchmen.

He also had to put together a team of mutants that would become the Marauders. What Remy did not realize was that their goal was to kill all of the Morlocks, (see Mutant Massacre) a group of mutants who lived underground, because Mr. Sinister had discovered that they were created by someone using his own genetic works. Once he realized what was happening, Remy tried to put a stop to this plan and was almost killed by the mutant Sabretooth. He managed to survive, and rescue the Morlock child who would one day become Marrow.

Major Story Arcs

Enter: Gambit

Remy & Ororo
Remy & Ororo

Later, Remy met a de-aged Storm of the mutant team known as the X-Men. As a result of her transformation into a child, Storm had amnesia. Gambit helped free her from the psionic entity known as the Shadow King, as well as Nanny & Orphan Maker. The two formed a partnership as thieves and Gambit looked after her as they worked their way along the Gulf of Mexico, robbing people as they went. When Storm was restored to her true self, she lobbied for Remy to be admitted into the X-Men. Looking to make up for his part in the Mutant Massacre years ago, he accepted and joined the X-Men.

Joining the X-Men

Gambit & Rogue
Gambit & Rogue

Soon after joining the team, his partner Storm was kidnapped by Genoshan Magistrates. Gambit aided the X-Men along with other X-teams in their battle to free their teammates. Wolverine held doubts about his new Cajun teammate, which led to a Danger Room confrontation that resulted in Gambit’s victory after having distracted Wolverine with a doppelganger of Lady Deathstrike. Later, the X-Men were then taken to the Shi’ar galaxy by Lila Cheney to help the Starjammers battle the Imperial Guard and the Warskrulls.

Upon their return to Earth, they encountered the Shadow King. The psionic villain forced the X-Teams into battle against one another. This was when he first met Rogue where they both flirted with each other while having a brief fight that ended with the two of them kissing and making out. This is also where Wolverine had his rematch against Gambit, with Wolverine getting the upper hand. During this time, Gambit started to flirt with Rogue and the two would go out on dates. The X-Men would later fight Magneto and his Acolytes, and several other threats including Mojo, the Hand, and Omega Red. Later, Gambit had to go back to New Orleans and save the Guilds from the Brood Queen. With the help of the X-Men and Ghost Rider in the crossover event known as Brood Trouble in the Big Easy, Gambit was successful in defeating the Brood. Sadly, he also witnessed the death of his former wife Bella Donna during this event.

Julien’s Revenge

Gambit charms Candra to obtain the elixir
Gambit charms Candra to obtain the elixir

In Gambit’s first miniseries, the time of the Tithing is approaching, and Thieves and Assassins must participate as they have done for generations. Henri breaks into Xavier’s to convince Remy to be present for the ceremony, but Assassin bowmen kill him from a distance. Gambit, enraged, chases them until they get to what seems to be an obvious trap, but he wasn’t expecting Julien to be alive and present. He was out for blood, and planned to take down the Thieves Guild in order to get the elixir Candra would provide to them, the gift of life. Gambit beats Julien, but soon after he informs Remy that his ex-wife, Bella Donna, is alive but she doesn’t have much time left.

The ragin’ cajun goes back to New Orleans and finds Bella Donna dying. Marius, Bella’s father, and his assassins have Gambit surrounded, but Rogue (who had been following Gambit) comes to his aid him and they escape, taking Bella with them. After that, they interrupt the Tithing ceremony of the thieves. Remy demands to have some of the elixir to save Bella Donna, but not even his father, Jean-Luc, supports him, making him leave for Paris to meet directly with the Benefactress as Rogue stays to take care of Bella.

Meanwhile, Julien’s assassins and hired thieves try to take the elixir directly from the hands of the Tithe Collector. He barely manages to escape and goes back to Paris to report the situation to Candra. Gambit reaches Candra and tries to negotiate with her, but she has taken Jean-Luc prisoner, and the only way she will help Remy out is if he kills his own father. Luckily, Julien and his mercenaries break in and try to kill her, but Gambit saves her and Candra agrees not to kill his father. They seal the deal with a kiss goodbye, and he manages to steal the vial with the elixir from her cleavage. Meanwhile, in New Orleans, an involuntary reflex makes the comatose Bella Donna grab Rogues naked hand, and she absorbs all of her memories of her past with Remy. This, of course, weakens Bella critically.

When Gambit returns to New Orleans, he gets all the elixirs needed by stealing the remaining one from Julien. He is about to mix the vials to give them to Bella Donna, but Julien destroys them. Marius kills Julien, and Candra orders the Guilds to kill Remy, but Jean-Luc and Marius refuse, and deny the pact they had, with her acknowledging that the elixirs bring more pain than benefits. Gambit salvages a few drops of the elixir from the blankets on Bella Donna’s bed and is able to save her, but she becomes amnesiac. Gambit want to celebrate with Rogue the accomplishment of his quest, but she is overwhelmed by the memories she stole and flies away. Remy becomes a new urban legend in the streets of New Orleans.


Gambit must choose which one to save
Gambit must choose which one to save

Professor Charles Xavier brings the X-Men antagonist Sabretooth into his home with the hopes of rehabilitating him after learning that his actions might be caused by his mutation. Immediately, Gambit has a problem with this arrangement. Mainly because, Creed threatens to tell a dark secret from Gambit’s past. Eventually, Rogue becomes curious enough to ask Sabretooth about it. Sabretooth then tells a story about a young, seventeen year old Gambit who he met in Paris. Sabretooth was threatening a woman named Genevieve Darceneaux, and Gambit came to her rescue. Sabretooth then watched as Gambit tricked this woman into falling in love with him in order to steal a medallion from her. Once he accomplished his goal, Sabretooth captured Genevieve and beat Gambit back to the place where he was staying. He then forced Gambit to choose between saving Genevieve and his brother, Henri. Sabretooth was holding them off of a balcony and threatening to drop them. He told Gambit he could only save one before he lets go. With only a split-second decision, Gambit saves his brother Henri leaving Genevieve to fall to her death. After learning this, it puts a roadblock in the relationship of Rogue and Gambit.

Gambit later confronts Creed and threatens him, but also talks about how much he has changed. Unbeknownst to him, Rogue eavesdrops on their conversation, and tells him that she is ready to forgive him after she takes care of her own past.

Return to New Orleans

When Rogue leaves in her own personal journey, Gambit decides to follow her. Rogue is attacked by Belladonna who was wanting revenge for Rogue stealing her memories when they last met. Here, Rogue tells Gambit about her past, and reveals that the first boy she ever kissed is still in a coma. Gambit and Rogue then team up to fight the forces of the Assassin’s Guild, where they manage to defeat Bella Donna.

The Enemy of My Enemy

At the end of Legion Quest, it appeared that the world was going to end. Not being able to bear the idea that she might die without ever kissing the man she loves, Rogue kisses Gambit. This puts Gambit into a coma for three weeks. When he awakens he learns that Rogue has run off, and decides to follow her, fearing that she may of learned his darkest secret. He confronts Rogue in a abandoned theater. She doesn’t know Gambit’s shame, but she begs him to tell her. He can’t. Not being able to say it, Gambit offers to kiss her, touch her, share all of his thoughts and his life with her, but Rogue doesn’t want to do it. She says that she needs some time to herself and leaves him alone with a broken heart.

Wolverine/Gambit: Victims

Gambit Vs. Wolverine
Gambit Vs. Wolverine

Le Diable Blanc travels to London to get to the bottom of a series of brutal murders reminiscent to the ones perpetrated by Jack the Ripper. The fifth victim is an old acquaintance of Gambit, detective Elizabeth Davies. After doing some research, Remy stumbles into what appears to be the sixth victim who turns out to be an undercover agent. In the middle of the confrontation between Gambit and the police a prime suspect emerges: Wolverine.

Remy gives the benefit of the doubt to his fellow X-Man, and while trying to escape from the police, a mysterious woman helps them out. Martinique Jason, an Interpol agent is dispatched by Nick Fury to help them. After an eventful car chase, the trio ends up in an accident when their vehicle falls into the river.

Gambit and Wolverine awaken in a dark dungeon just to find the 6th victim; Martinique, who appears to have been killed with the same animal brutality that the other crimes had. The evidence points to Logan once more.

The Trial of Gambit

While at a shopping center enjoying Christmas eve, Gambit along with Cannonball, Joseph, Rogue, Beast, and Beast’s girlfriend, Trish Tilsby, are attacked by Gladiator and teleported to a space station. During this time, Gambit and Rogue start to grow closer once more, confessing their love for each other. Thanks mostly to Beast and Bishop, they survive a battle with their old foes, the Phalanx, and manage to defeat them, saving the Shi’ar Empire.

After this battle, they are transported to Antarctica, where Gambit discovers that there are bounty hunters after him. Remy and his teammates are then captured by the Nanny, but are saved by Beast. They defeat the Nanny, but Gambit decides to turn himself over to the bounty hunters, saying that it to is time that he owned up to his sins. Rogue tries to talk to him, to get him to say what he did that was so terrible, but Gambit cannot find the words. She says that she will love him unconditionally, no matter what.

Gambit is then put on trial for his crimes, with a mysterious figure in a mask serving as judge, the X-Men serving as jury, and Warren Worthington serving as Gambit’s defense. Here Gambit admits that he used to deal with Mister Sinister, but the X-Men still are willing to forgive him. Then, from an earlier mind-scan, Psylocke remembers that Gambit was the one who put together the Marauders and caused the Mutant Massacre. After learning this, Angel turns on him when realizing that it was Gambit who caused him to lose his original wings. Rogue is then forced to kiss him, and absorbs his memories, and says in detail what Gambit went through during the Mutant Massacre. After this, Rogue loses control and attacks the man serving as judge. They escape and Rogue saves Gambit, but she then tells him that they’re through. She then leaves him stranded in the Antarctic wilderness.

First Monthly Series

Gambit going solo
Gambit going solo

After his trial, he would have perished had he not agreed to share his body for a time with a strange psionic energy of a dead mutant named Mary Purcell that kept him alive until he reached the Savage Land, where he struck a deal with the mysterious New Son. Remy did different jobs for the New Son, such as stealing artifacts, in return for passage back to America. When Gambit tries to steal the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, he encounters the X-Men and agrees to return to the team.

Mary, the wraith connected to Gambit, does not like his decision and threatens him and the X-Men if he didn’t stay with her forever. The team soon finds out about Mary. Remy and the wraith went back to her hometown where she tries to coerce Remy into merging together to become a new hybrid life form. With the help of Rogue, Gambit is able to rid himself of the mutant wraith that has bonded with him. Eventually, Remy is re-accepted by the X-Men and Rogue, but Gambit still harbors some resentment towards them for their callous condemnation.

The Hunt for the Tomorrow Stone

Published in the form of a CyberComic in the Marvel site on December 27, 1999, this was the first CyberComic considered in canonical continuity in the Marvel Universe. The story takes place shortly after issue #10 of the first monthly series. It’s about Gambit making right by Spat, stopping her de-aging condition and saving her life.

They encounter Gambit’s fellow adventurer, Sekmeht Conoway, who gets the Tomorrow Stone and intends to save her mother from her suspended animation state with it, but she finally chooses to save Spat and seek help for her mother elsewhere.

The Sunset Dawn

Soon after, Gambit became trapped over 100 years in the past. In order to return home, he was forced to have his surgery undone by Sinister. It was with his full potential being realized that Gambit was able to return to the present under his own power, now having the ability to traverse time and space by changing himself into a entity consisting of pure energy and merging with the kinetic flow of the time-stream.

Soon after, Gambit was made the patriarch of the Thieves Guild in his father’s stead. Gambit also unified the two Guilds into one, the Unified Guild, for which he served as patriarch. Around this time the New Son had organized an Assassination Game, utilizing super-powered mercenaries, such as Bullseye, Deadpool, and Crossbones to kill Gambit.

Gambit found out that the New Sun, not “New Son” as he had previously thought, was an alternate version of himself whose powers had reached their full potential, and had destroyed his own world by burning it as though he were a star. The New Sun traveled to several different realities to kill each version of himself before they made the same mistake he had. Gambit burned out the majority of his natural potential to defeat the New Sun, returning Gambit to his normal level of power.

X-Treme X-Men

X-Treme X-Men
X-Treme X-Men

Gambit was later framed by Sebastian Shaw for the murder of Australian crime lord, Viceroy. Along with former Triad member Red Lotus, Rogue, and her X-Treme X-Men, Gambit was able to clear his name. An alien race tried to invade Earth lead by the inter-dimensional warlord Khan, and used Gambit as a power source to open a portal to allow their entire fleet to pass through to Earth. Khan wanted to assemble the Madripoor set, a group of seven gems.

Vargas decided to use this particular opportunity to kill Rogue and Gambit but when Vargas tried to kill Gambit, they were both impaled on his broadsword. Remy and Rogue both found themselves de-powered and decided to live a normal life outside of the X-Men. It didn’t last for too long, as the two were pulled back into the world of the X-Men, to battle Elias Bogan. Remy’s powers were jump started by the mutant Sage.

70 years from now in Bishop‘s future, Gambit goes by the name Witness, because he is supposed to be the only one to know the identity of the person who betrayed the X-Men, leading to a world where mutants are hunted down and killed. When Bishop traveled to the present time-line, he tried to kill Gambit, but he realized that he was the same old man from his time line, henceforth, he had to be the traitor. During the Onslaught story arc it was revealed that it was actually Xavier who was the traitor.

Unused to dealing with his mutant power after having lost it, Gambit was accidentally blinded by one of his own cards shortly afterward. Rogue then began to distance herself from Gambit when he started lashing out at her. Even though he was blind, he gained the ability to read his playing cards like they were tarot cards, predicting an attack by the Brotherhood. Rogue later asked Sage to heal Remy’s vision, which he did.

Mystique was never around for her foster daughter’s decision towards a lover. So she infiltrated the school and joined Gambit’s squad in an attempt to separate Gambit and Rogue. Mystique even offered Remy the chance to sleep with her after transforming into Rogue. It is still unknown as to what exactly happened.

Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Remy becomes Death
Remy becomes Death

In Apocalypse‘s recent plan for mutant survival, Remy joined his side as a double-agent and became one of the Horsemen. After Apocalypse’s defeat, Gambit was left insane by the brainwashing, and after a failed attempt to abduct Polaris – in which Gambit attacked Rogue – Sunfire took Gambit with him to a temple in Japan where Mr. Sinister surprised them both.

Blinded By The Light

Rejoining the Marauders
Rejoining the Marauders

Gambit had reemerged with the Marauders after being confronted by Sinister, who assigned Gambit to work with Sunfire and attack the Island of Providence where they encountered Cable. After having a short conversation filled with insults and threats, Gambit and Sunfire attacked Cable. Nathan then was forced to use a self-destruct weapon which caused the entire Island of Providence to be destroyed. After the encounter, Gambit returned to Sinister’s headquarters where they conversed about their next step for their plan. Gambit reprimanded Mystique for shooting Rogue, since Remy still believed that Rogue needs to survive for the betterment of their plans. Though, it was given controversy that he said that for his love for Rogue.

Despite his loyalty to Sinister’s orders, his heart still remains with the X-Men. When Scalphunter is about to slay Cannonball, Gambit surfaced to stop his attempt. He saved his former teammate from death. Thus, Gambit’s decisions seem to be difficult to understand, and his loyalty with Sinister and the Marauders seems to be more unsure as he destroyed Destiny’s Diaries which the Marauders have attempted to obtain to further their plans. But with the diaries destroyed, their plans were difficult to view in possibility.

Messiah Complex

Messiah Complex
Messiah Complex

As the X-Men then assaulted Sinister’s Antarctic Base, Wolverine saw Gambit and personally targeted him. Wolverine then tortured Gambit for information about the Mutant Baby. Gambit then revealed that Cable had the baby before Sinister. Thus, Sinister’s plans for the baby have not been brought possible.

Bishop then attempted to kill the baby, which was later revealed because of the future that he wants to avoid. Gambit then stopped Lucas, and exerted effort on bringing down the ceiling for Bishop to be harmed. Gambit still wonders about Bishop’s real reasons for his attempt. Realizing that the X-Men would soon appear, Gambit together with his team mates in the Marauders have stepped out of the scene with the Messiah Baby. The X-Men then made their next step to retrieve the baby mutant as they locate Gambit using the Cerebro. Unknowingly, it was all part of Gambit’s plan for the X-Men to locate him.

The X-Men discovered that the Marauder’s headquarters was on Muir Island where Gambit delivers the baby mutant to Sinister who was actually Mystique in disguise. Meanwhile, the real Sinister was murdered. Mystique and Gambit were revealed to have their own plans for the baby which opposed Sinister’s. Sinister was killed by Rogue’s powers that have intensified too much being enough to kill him. It was revealed that Mystique is only doing the plan because of Irene Adler’s precognition about the event where she must let Rogue touch the baby to save her.

Gambit realized that Rogue was not the kind of mutant who would dare to use an innocent life to save her own. The baby was however not harmed by Rogue’s powers and instead cured her for a while from those personalities that she absorbed before and still consumed her entire being. Gambit then delivered the baby to Professor X and stated that he would rather be with Rogue than with the baby. Meanwhile, Rogue was still shocked by the encounter and told Gambit not to follow her as she pondered her new future.

Divided We Stand

Together again?
Together again?

Gambit discovers that the Assassins Guild of New Orleans have targeted Professor X. After making this discovery, he saves the Professor from the assassination attempt and defeats the assassins. He then found a list of the next mutants to be assaulted from one of the attackers. The list had the names Juggernaut, Sebastian Shaw, and Hazard. With Professor X’s help, he tried to stop the Guild’s plans by informing Cain and Ryking. He tried to also contact Shaw, but it was disrupted.

Gambit and Xavier then went to a mental institution which held Ryking, only to discover that he had been killed by a brain hemorrhage. Gambit and the Professor then went to the Nuclear Research Facility in Alamogordo. Due to several headaches experienced by Xavier, they have decided to wait, but the Assassins Guild then attacked them. Professor X was then abducted and had discovered that the one responsible for the attacks was Sinister’s former lover. Meanwhile, Gambit together with the conjunction of Sebastian Shaw’s efforts, defeated the remaining assassins.

Together, they formed a team to destroy the Cronus machine, which led to Xavier’s rescue. Gambit made a very dangerous attempt as he used his powers on Shaw and charged him with enough energy to destroy the machine. After the mission against the Assassins, Gambit together with Xavier went to Australia to look for Rogue who was still affected by the events of the Messiah Complex.

Later though, Remy refuses to continue looking for Rogue since she had requested him not to follow her and leave her alone. Professor X understands the situation and does not attempt to continue the mission. Remy and Charles then went to the plains and came in contact with Rogue’s past experiences, which were projecting all around them. Seeing his love experience so much pain, Gambit became emotional. Professor X then told Remy not to be emotional, because what they were seeing wasn’t real.

Then, they met Shi’Ar hunters in Genoshan prison cells and discovered that Danger was the one responsible for the projections, who was using Rogue to seek revenge against the X-Men. Gambit and the Professor then confronted Rogue and found out that her powers were uncontrollable because of the mental walls that stopped her powers from developing well as she absorbed the psyches of others. Professor X was able to heal Rogue. Rogue and Gambit then kissed, and discovered that she can now touch anyone without absorbing their powers.


Gambit, Rogue, and Danger
Gambit, Rogue, and Danger

Along with Rogue and Danger, Gambit decides to go to San Francisco to re-group with the other members of the X-Men. While they were on the way there, they meet Pixie who teleports them into the city which is in chaos because of anti-mutant actions. Cyclops then sends the three of them on a mission to locate and rescue some missing students. While on the look out for the missing students, Gambit comes across Trance, Dragoness and Toad who are being chased by H.A.M.M.E.R agents. Ariel and Onyxx appear and rescue Trance from the agents. Afterwards, Gambit runs into Erg and Avalanche, who are attacking Ares. Gambit tries to intervene but gets knocked aside by Ares.

Danger and Rogue come to his aid and Rogue ends up absorbing Ares’s powers. They then dispatch a small group of H.A.M.M.E.R agents and steal their tank to go and look for the remaining students and Trance. Trance then gets lost in the city and gets attacked by Moonstone, posing as Ms Marvel, on Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers team. Gambit, Rogue and Danger manage to defeat Ms Marvel and they take Trance back to the base. After the battle between the X-Men and the Dark Avengers is finished, Cyclops asks Gambit to destroy the Omega Machine chair that Norman Osborn built to get rid of mutant powers. Remy makes his way into the H.A.M.M.E.R headquarters and has a run in with Hijack and Input who are guards of H.A.M.M.E.R. He easily defeats Hijack, but Input manages to use his telepathic powers to get inside Gambit’s head.

While there, he discovers some of the leftover parts or Remy’s Death persona, and it re-merges and controls Remy. Input gets defeated by Remy’s Death persona and he returns to normal and destroys the chair. After he returns to Utopia. Gambit gets into a argument with Cyclops due to him letting Rogue face Emplate alone and leaves the group. He then turns into Death again and he remembers how Apocalypse told him that he would never be normal. He manages to calm himself however, but is left worried about his condition.

Second Coming

Gambit: Hellbound
Gambit: Hellbound

Along with Dazzler, Anole, Cannonball, Northstar, Trance and Pixie, Gambit goes to Limbo to rescue Magik, who was trapped there. While there, the team gets attacked by demons and Dazzler calls for Remy’s help. However, Gambit turns to Death again and the team gets overwhelmed. As Death, Gambit transformed Dazzler and Northstar into beings like himself with his charged cards. After fighting Cannonball, Gambit is stabbed by Magik and Pixie with their Soul daggers, which turns him back normal.

Curse of the Mutants

Gambit appeared briefly in this story and was called upon by Storm to help steal the body of Dracula in order for him to be resurrected in the fight against his son Xarus.

Age of X

For further information: New Mutants and X-Men Legacy

In the Age of X reality, Gambit fights alongside the Pixie, Frenzy and Tempo against the humans and their Exonims. Later that night Gambit is sent, along with others, to apprehend an escapee from the brig, Katherine Pride. The next day, in another similar battle against the humans, Gambit takes down an Exonim by charging up bullets and firing them from his rifle.

Rogue aids Kitty in escaping and Magneto sends the New Mutants after her. Dust catches up with her but is blown apart when Gambit fires a charged bullet into her. Magneto arrives and in front of the other mutants, crushes Rogue and Gambit under heaps of metal. Magneto reveals to have kept them alive and asks them to investigate a room at the center of the fortress which he has no idea about. Rogue kisses Gambit and takes some of his powers as they break into the room.

They find a box at the center of the room which contains the rest of the universe. As they attempt to leave with the box, Moira MacTaggert stops them and demands the box. She pulls Gambit’s rifle on them but he cuts it in half with a card before she knocks him out with it. Gambit and Rogue both return during the final battle against the humans before Legion sets reality back to normal. During the aftermath of Age of X, Gambit breaks up a fight between Toad and Frenzy as they both storm off. After cutting her hair to closer resemble her Age of X look, Frenzy approaches Gambit to say she is staying with the X-Men.


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Gambit is a regular character, mentoring X-23 in her monthly series. After she leaves Utopia and is brought back to the infirmary after an incident in NYC, Storm and Gambit discuss Laura and how Gambit can be a positive influence on her. Gambit says he will “bring a smile to her face even if (he) has to steal one for her”. While traveling the world they encounter Miss Sinister and a hidden clone factory.


For further information: X-23 and Daken: Dark Wolverine

Gambit and X-23 travel to Madripoor to find Daken and find out about the newly resurrected Weapon X program. X-23 passes on getting a hold of Daken to save a boy from being kidnapped. Gambit takes X-23 and the boy to Tyger Tiger to be safe as he is warmly embraced by her. Gambit and X-23 return to Tyger’s office the next day for a staged argument for Daken to see.

Daken approaches them after they leave and gets into a bloody fight with X-23 in the streets before convincing her that they should work together to get Malcolm Colcord. As Daken meets with Colcord later in the night, Gambit and Laura attack them. While Laura is torturing Colcord, Daken approaches Gambit and offers him a partnership. Gambit turns him down as they have a vicious fight. Gambit winds up blowing the flesh off of Daken’s arm before realizing the fight was a distraction as Colcord has knocked out X-23. Daken knocks Gambit out from behind.


for more information: Gambit

Gambit (2012)
Gambit (2012)

In his latest ongoing, Gambit attends a fund raiser for Borya Cich, a collector of rare items with an expected reputation. Remy is looking to scratch one of his old itches as he makes his way to Cich’s trophy room. He meets a woman who aids in keeping his cover before finally reaching his prize, some sort of ancient beetle relic. When Remy returns to his apartment the relic activates and a starfish like creature erupts from it and burrows into his chest.

Remy seeks out the help of his friend Fence who is unable to remove it and has only limited knowledge on it. Gambit heads to a museum in DC owned by Cich where he also has a research facility. While seeking out answers Remy comes across another masked thief who turns out to be the woman from the fund raiser. After a brief fight they agree to team up in their search.

They go to South America for a lost temple that is somehow related to the starfish like creature and discover that there are other mysterious and strange things at works like being attacked by strange creatures. They find the other part of the Starfish creature and it opens a portal where massive, serpentine god-like creatures come out and one kidnaps the mysterious girl. Gambit enters the portal and manages to save her and he blows up the starfish object to close the portal. He asks for her name and she tells him it is Joelle and kisses him before knocking him unconscious. Gambit recovers and heads home where he enters a limo with Cich inside it holding him at gunpoint.

Cich uses Gambit to stage another heist where he steals teleporters from a weapons lab. He attempts to escape and as punishment is dropped out of a plane but is teleported back. Cich tells him he still needs Remy for the real heist. The real heist ends up being that Gambit must steal Excalibur. Gambit attempts to charm the queen to get the sword but he is captured by MI:13 and Pete Wisdom. Gambit is brought into MI:13’s headquarters where Cich uses the teleportation devices and Remy as bait to find MI:13’s weapon stash to replace his own.

He retracts Gambit and in doing so, Wisdom now deems Gambit armed with weapons of mass destruction and an enemy of the ground. Gambit manages to escape the ankle device and uses the device’s signal as a way to get MI:13 the evidence they need to locate Cich and Gambit. MI:13 shows up and a battle between Cich’s squad, MI:13, and Gambit ensue. Cich gets defeated and Gambit is sent off in a plane to go free, courtesy of Wisdom. Gambit contacts Fence and Fence shows Gambit a message from a E.S.U professor that something is hunting her and her students in the Forever City.

Gambit does manage to save them from the creatures and makes sure they are in a secure place so someone can come pick them. He also decides to find Joelle again to help her from going down a dark path.

Joelle is in a villain’s nightclub performing a transaction with Tombstone. Gambit attempts to help and talk with her but she refuses. Gambit decides to force the situation to help her by telling all the villains she is a thief from the guild on an unsanctioned mission. This causes a riot and Gambit cuffs himself to Joelle where they manage to steal the Intel promised to Tombstone which would have led him to Baron Von Strucker.

The two escape with the aid of Fence, and Gambit finally gets Joelle to come clean about her reasons where she reveals to him she has a daughter that is dying. Joelle and Gambit invade the secret HYDRA base and manage to steal the formula Joelle was after. On their way back to civilization, they camp in the woods only to be awakened by Rogue.

Gambit watches as Rogue and Joelle have a brief fight before Tombstone’s goons come to attack them. Rogue and Gambit team up to fight the armed men as Joelle leaves them by stealing Rogue’s jet. Gambit and Rogue defeat the hired guns and take one of their helicopters to find Joelle. They fly to New York and find Tombstone being sent through a window with the canister with the compound in it. Gambit attempts to stop Tombstone and retrieve the canister. A bit spills out and it is revealed the compound separates the carbon bonds causes anything or anyone to break down and die.

Gambit and Joelle
Gambit and Joelle

Joelle sends the helicopter into Tombstone, causing him to fly away and some of the compound presumably gets on him. Joelle reveals to Gambit that she has lived for a long time as she almost died during labor and a strange man gave her immortality upon her wish to see her daughter grow up. Joelle ends up killing herself to be with her passed on daughter right in front of a surprised and reluctant Gambit. Gambit returns home and has a final conversation with Rogue before remembering to find Fence, but he finds his friend beaten up and in a pool of blood.

Remy manages to find the parts to save Fence by stealing them from Tony Stark. Unfortunately, War Machine doesn’t take to kindly to this and attacks Gambit. Gambit manages to evade Rhodes by using one of Stark’s armors and flying to Fence. Rhodes sees this and helps Gambit save Fence. Gambit ends up traveling to the Faerie dimension with Pete Wisdom and stops a sorceress. Gambit is caught at a crossroads of what to do next with his life, whether it remain a thief, join Rogue in the Uncanny Avengers, or just start teaching again.

Someone has managed to break into his house and a mysterious person leaves him a message to just turn on the TV. Gambit watches as the news covers someone stealing the New York Stock Exchange bell. This hits Gambit as odd since this was his dream target, but just never could. He meets up with a now completely human looking Fence, due to the new upgrades, at the stock exchange building and the two investigate the area where Gambit finds a custom made playing card and realizes that someone is possibly toying with him or taunting him.

Him and Fence investigate around some more and find out the address of who is toying with Remy. He breaks into the mansion and is soon double crossed by Fence. Gambit is taken into a well where he is shackled in by vibranium chains so his powers won’t work and the well soon begins to flood. It is revealed that it was his father was the one to set him up and this is a Thieves’ Guild trial. Gambit easily breaks the chains that are keeping him held under water via charging them. This explosion sends him up through the air and he is congratulated by his father, Jean-Luc. His dad reveals that he brought Remy to the Thieves Guild island, a place where all the guilds across the world have come to unite and make a home. Remy’s dad brought Remy here to offer him the position as the Guild’s leader. Remy must undergo a real trial and must steal a memento for a technomancer named Nil. Gambit infiltrates the prison where it is being held but is revealed to have been set up by Nil when a bomb goes off and Mr. Cich and Remlik are there.

Gambit begins to fight off some of the convicts. MI:13 and the Avengers show up to help as Gambit called in a few favors. The teams help fight off the super powered by convicts but Cich shoots Remy in the head. Faiza of MI:13 manages to resurrect Gambit by taking out the bullet. Gambit charges the bullet and spits it at Cich, resulting in Cich being blown to death. Gambit remarks that Faiza seemed to change him, most likely meaning his powers have been upgraded. Gambit leaves and returns to the island and explains that it was no trial but a death trap, and he will not be the leader of the guild if they base their beliefs off of an old book. Gambit also returns to the school but it is also revealed that he has indeed become the Guild’s new leader.

All-New X-Factor

for more information: All-New X-Factor

A new team of corporate superheroes
A new team of corporate superheroes

After a long time of thieving solo, Remy is confronted by Wolverine in the middle of a heist he had planned in order to prevent an ancient artifact from transporting Hell to Earth. Howlett is mad at him because of his affairs as the King of the Thieves Guild and his disappearing acted performed on the students of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning and his X-Men team mates.

In the middle of his dichotomy, he goes to get a couple of drinks. Polaris tracks him down to the bar and has a small conversation with the Cajun. She invites him to join her in a new iteration of X-Factor, and even though he is skeptical of the whole “corporate superheroes” angle, he agrees to check out the situation. At Serval Industries, CEO Harrison Snow informs the mutant thief that he has purchased the right to the X-Factor team name from Madrox and wants to fund a team “specialized in helping people.” Quicksilver quickly enters the meeting as a character witness in favor of the corporation and also asks to be part of the team.

Harrison informs them A.I.M.’s Dr. Terrance Hoffman has been experimenting with mutants, so the all-new X-Factor rushes to the rescue, without an actual plan or an idea of who are they supposed to save. While trying to figure things out, in the middle of an A.I.M. facility, Gambit falls into a trap, but he manages to make it out by exploding the device that was about to fry him. As soon as he manages to land safely, a lot of armed guards show-up, but Quicksilver easily takes their guns away because the trap that got him was a piece of cake to escape for a speedster, Gambit quickly does one of his explosive card tricks to end the fight.

Meanwhile, Lorna has overpowered the base’s trap and has found one of the captive mutants, Fatale. She lets Polaris know that her half-brother provoked her entrapment.

Bursting with new-found mutant power, Dr. Hoffman poses a threat to everyone in the surrounding area, but Pietro carries Remy directly in front of the energy giant’s ear, where he drops and explosive card and stops the monster as he drops a Star Wars reference.

As soon as the dust sets the team realizes they saved Abyss, Reaper, and Fatale, mutants Quicksilver almost managed to kill in their last encounter. Things are very hot, Reaper tries to finish-off Hoffman against Polaris’ advice but Pietro prevents the murder. The mutants leave the premises very angry as Gambit cracks wise.

Lorna, Remy and Pietro are now living at Serval’s headquarters. Polaris visits Gambit to see if he is liking his new home. They are playing with Remy’s kittens (Oliver, FIgaro and Lucifer) and casually chatting when Oliver gets grumpy and scratches Lorna’s hand, she instantly get furious and elevates the cat with her power. Remy is worried and upset about the situation, but she gets her cool back and leaves the cat alone. As Mrs. Dane leaves both superheroes are summoned to the server room to meet Dr. Anton Wexler, the resident computer genius of the company. He is very upset because someone managed to hack into their systems and that’s next to impossible. He traced the source of the trespass back to an uncharted island in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Remy knows this place, the Stolen Island, because it’s where the current headquarters of the Thieves Guild is located. He gets a little nervous about the situation because he knows exactly who is behind the mess, the technomancer Nil, and has to come clean to his team mates. Pietro joins them ans they are getting ready to board their company-sponsored aircraft baptized “the Raptor” by Lorna.

Remy confesses his current status as the King of Thieves to the team and explains who is behind the hacking of the systems. As soon as they arrive on the island they are received by Jean-Luc LeBeau and they immediately pay a visit to Nil, he reveals he has acquired a weapon to enhance his hacking proficiency; Danger. Lorna doesn’t hesitate and releases her from captivity using her powers, only to discover the alien computer will attack anyone on site.

Later, Gambit aids in a mission to rescue a young mutant girl from her oppressive adoptive father. As it turns out, her real father is the villain Memento Mori. X-Factor is forced to fight Mori, who captures Gambit when Harrison Snow teleports the rest of the team away; it is theorized he leaves Gambit after discovering that Remy slept with his wife the night before. X-Factor returns, frees Gambit, and defeats Mori, before taking the girl back with them to Serval headquarters.


Husband and Wife
Husband and Wife

Gambit’s romance with Rogue reignited when Kitty Pryde sent them undercover to couples’ therapy, at the Paraiso Island Retreat Center, where Charmaine’s powers forced them to confront the events of their past from each other’s point of view. Not long afterwards, Kitty Pryde and Colossus held a wedding ceremony after becoming engaged; however, Kitty backed down at the last second and left Piotr at the altar. During the would-be reception, Gambit became inspired by Storm’s words on marriage, and decided to propose to Rogue on the spot. She accepted, and they were married shortly afterwards by the rabbi that was going to officiate the marriage that was originally planned for that day.

Mr. and Mrs. X

While Gambit and Rogue are spending their honeymoon in space, they receive a call from Kitty who tells them that she needs them to find an unknown package which involves the Shi’ar. The package turns out to be an egg which at first appears to be a clone of Rogue, however it is later learned from Kitty that the egg contains Xandra, the bio-engineered daughter of Xavier and Lilandra, who at first took the form of Rogue, but after reading their minds of who her parents were, Xandra took a form similar to her mother. While trying to go under disguise, Gambit and Rogue are caught by the Shi’ar guards. With a kiss from Rogue, she slips a lock pick to Gambit and frees himself and Rogue. When they locate Xandra, she’s able to change their appearance.

They are soon met by the Starjammers and Cerise, gratefully for their help after escaping, Xandra offers to fix Rogue’s powers. Rogue however refuses, Remy questions her why and she explains to him that the last time it happen, it didn’t last since she never learned to control it herself before losing the ability to touch.

They are interrupted when the Imperial Guard show up, a fight ensues, at first they are winning but things soon become worse when Deathbird show up. Xandra can see that they’re losing, when Gambit is injured by Deathbird, she decides to fake her and Rogue’s death.

Once the Imperial Guard and Deathbird leave, Xandra and Rogue return, Gambit is upset but there argument is interrupted when Rogue’s powers become uncontrollable when she absorbs everyone’s memories without touching anyone. Gambit gives her the inhibitor collar, in-shocked due to absorbing so many memories at once, Gambit comforts her, telling Rogue that he’ll be with her every step of the way through this. Xandra explains that her abilities have evolved, that she will have to control them on her. Cerise and Xandra leave for parts unknown, while Gambit and Rogue return to Earth.

Opening an unknown gift during the holidays, Gambit and Rogue are teleported to the Mojoverse, but before there able to figure out what’s going on, Mojo resets their lives to a Noir setting called “Honey Moonlighting“. However, since Rogue’s abilities have evolved, she becomes self-aware of what’s going on, destroying the fake reality and killing Remy by absorbing him. Mojo resets their lives several times to different genres, but they all end with Rogue killing Gambit. Discussing their relationship on a reality TV show, Gambit leaves and goes to a bar where he meets a strange brunette woman, but he quickly brushes her off. The woman revels herself to be Spiral who restores his memories.

She explains to Gambit that she brought them here since Mojo wanted a famous super hero couple for his newest programming, but Spiral’s reason was due to her needing the greatest thief to steal something for her, but she was unaware that Rogue’s abilities had changed. Spiral doesn’t tell Gambit what she wants stolen, but if he does, she’ll help Rogue with her powers and escape. Exploring the real Mojoverse, Gambit is told to locate an object called the Coeur Enroulé, however when he finds it, it’s a baby with six arms. Returning to Spiral he helps fight off Mojo and his army. After exploring her pasts, Rogue is able to fully control her powers, Gambit tells Spiral that’s he’s uneasy bringing a baby into war zone, however Spiral tells him that it’s not a child, that the Coeur Enroulé is always different to whoever holds it. After Spiral merges with it there able to defeat Mojo, Gambit and Rogue are then sent back home.

Unaware of the events with the X-Men that unfolded in the months since they’ve been gone, Rogue is about to check her phone, but Gambit stops her and wants time alone with her, the two spend the next few hours in bed together. Knowing something important has happen, Rogue checks her phone to see she has dozens of messages from Carol Danvers, Rogue then goes to her aid. Gambit’s father, Jean-Luc Lebeau, appears and tells him that he needs to return to the Thieves Guild in New Orleans.


Gambit and Rogue join Psyclocke’s new Excalibur team when Morgan La Fay wishes to destroy the island of Krakoa for the island is interfering with her influence on Earth. Morgan captures Brian Braddock and turns him into a new pawn while gives his status as Captain Britain to Betsy. With Rogue becoming trapped in a crystal like coffin and asleep, Gambit becomes increasingly frustrated. He and Rictor get sent to a special cave to gather crystals needed for a ritual by Apocalypse to free Rogue. Gambit begins to attack Apocalypse out of frustration over him putting Rogue in the coffin for his ritual. However, Gambit secretly got Rachel to help nudge her awake, after a brief fight in which Remy is knocked unconscious, Rogue awakens and defeats Apocalypse by absorbing him.

Powers & Abilities

Kinetically-Charged Cards
Kinetically-Charged Cards

Gambit has the mutant ability to tap into the potential energy contained within an object and transform it into kinetic energy by touching it. When Gambit thus charges an object and throws it at a target, the object releases this energy explosively on contact. Gambit is also able to prolong the kinetic energy detonation of an object, but it’s unknown for how long.

Gambit over the years has seemingly grown into the ability to charge organic material. This was shown in such instances as charging Sebastian Shaw, stating he could charge anything or anyone. He also charged Daken‘s arm and once used a small lizard as a bomb.

He once charged a wad of gum, and spat it in the face of X-Cutioner while he was restrained. At his full power, Gambit is able to charge any organic or non-organic matter within his line of sight through thought. The failure to control his abilities in his youth forced him to turn to Mister Sinister, who excised the portion of his brain stem responsible for his full abilities. Later, while he is trapped in Victorian England, he returns to Sinister to have his grey matter re-implanted, restoring his abilities to their full potential. He uses his powers to return to present-day by transforming himself into living energy, which joins with the kinetic flow of the time stream. After the surgery performed by Mister Sinister, Gambit’s powers were restored to their natural potential.

He was able to use his power simply by looking at an object that he wished to charge, including living objects. Gambit could also manipulate the potency of the energy release and could even exercise a measure of control over time. With access to his full power, Gambit is able to manipulate the potency of his bio-kinetic energy to burn, cause molecular discomfort, incinerate and create timed detonations. However, he burns out all of his power after fighting New Son, and it is left back at its normal level.

Upon his subsequent death at the hands of Mr. Cich, Gambit was brought back shortly after by Faiza of MI:13, resulting in his powers becoming amplified. He charged the bullet he was shot with and spat it out at Cich, the resulting explosion instantly engulfed and disintegrated Mr. Cich, much to Remy’s surprise. He even questioned if Faiza “put him back together right”.

Gambit's mutation gives him unusually colored eyes
Gambit’s mutation gives him unusually colored eyes

Gambit is also able to heal himself by stimulating his cellular activity, although this ability has only been demonstrated once.

After having a card explode in his face and being blinded, Gambit showed the ability to see the future in his cards. A tarot reading ability that was only shown while he was blind.

Gambit’s ability to tap into energy also grants him superhuman agility and dexterity, as well as creating a static interference that shields his mind from detection and intrusion by even the most powerful telepaths.

Gambit also possesses a hypnotic charm that allows him to exert a subtle influence over any sentient mind. This power allows Gambit to compel others to believe what he says and agree with anything he suggests. However, powerful minds have proven immune to Gambit’s charm.

Former Abilities

As the Horseman Death, Gambit demonstrated the ability to convert inert materials into toxic substances (such as transforming breathable air into poisonous gases) and has the potential to ingest diseases and plagues. He could control deadly gases as well. Gambit seems to be somehow suppressing the Horseman in his mind. If the Horseman is psychically tempered with, it seems that Gambit can again transform into him causing his appearance to once again change.

While in this form again, he has been able to sense a telepath that was erasing his presence. He has also shown to still be able to charge his cards, though when hitting someone the person’s skin turns black (seemingly associated with severe pain), and they disintegrate or possibly get sucked into the card (seeing as the card is still present, still charged, and smoking with energy). Gambit has shown to be able to transform back into his regular form. Remy can also corrupt other individuals through direct skin contact or use of his cards. Those corrupted take on the same black skin, white hair and red eyes as his Death Persona. However, Gambit no longer has these abilities since they have not been seen in years.

Other Abilities

Ragin' Cajun
Ragin’ Cajun

Remy is an expert weapon fighter. He specializes in the Savate style of fighting with a Bo-Staff, while he is also trained in traditional dueling and fencing. He can throw small objects with extraordinary accuracy. Though never confirmed, this uncanny accuracy may be a factor of his mutant powers, given that he very often throws playing cards much farther and with much greater accuracy than any human has ever been known to achieve.

He is also a skilled duelist and fencer. Gambit is bilingual (fluent in both English and Cajun French). He can also change his accent to reflect his role. He is cunning, observant, patient as well as a master thief. He is also a master card shark and gambler. Gambit can weigh the risks based on what is to be gained or lost. He is willing to gamble everything for those he loves most. Hence his name.


Armored Costume

Gambit's armor
Gambit’s armor

Gambit’s guild costume is armored, providing better protection than a normal X-Men uniform.


Gambit often wields a deck of playing cards, throwing spikes and a telescopic Bo-Staff.


  • Name: Remy LeBeau
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 6’2″
  • Weight: 179 lbs.
  • Eyes: Red irises on black sclera
  • Hair: Auburn
  • Place of Birth: New Orleans
  • Marital Status: Married (Rogue)
  • Occupation: Head of the Thieves’ Guild, member of X-Factor, X-Men, Teacher at X-Mansion
  • Affiliation: X-Men, formally X-Factor, Thieves’ Guild

Alternate Universes

Earth-295: Age of Apocalypse

Gambit during Age of Apocalypse
Gambit during Age of Apocalypse

In the reality known as Age of Apocalypse Gambit also fell in love with Rogue, but she ultimately chose Magneto since she was able to touch him through the protection of their magnetic powers. He formed a different thieves guild and named them the X-Ternals, which included his new lover Lila Cheney , Jubilee, and Guido (Strong Guy). However, despite the long running animosity between them, Magneto summoned Gambit asking for his help. His team were to use Lila’s previously untested teleportation powers to travel across the galaxy and steal the M’Kraan Crystal.

He lost both the crystal and Magneto’s son Charles to Guido, who betrays the team. Nevertheless, he was accepted back in the X-men and in a mission to save Magneto in Apocalypse’s citadel, he was forced to kill a crazed Colossus for the greater good.

After Apocalypse’s demise, he rejoins the X-Men and joins Magneto in the hunt for the remaining forces of Apocalypse. Confronting Cloak; Dazzler, Nightcrawler and him are sucked into Cloak’s Darkforce Dimension. Nightcrawler is unable to save him and only him and Dazzler make it back, Remy is presumed dead. At the burial ceremony for the fallen X-Men, Gambit’s epitaph reads at the end “… luck always be on his side.”, and he later appears in the X-Men roster when Wolverine’s X-Force is forced to travel to the Age of Apocalypse in order to save Warren from being consumed by his Archangel alter-ego.

Gambit, Rogue, Sunfire, and Fantomex are in charge of stealing the life seeds, but they find out there is only one, and it’s very heavily guarded. After trying to battle the Celestial tech guarding it, the only way Gambit figures his team mates and his loved one will make it out alive, is by staying behind and blowing everything up, sacrificing himself.

Earth-1610: Ultimate X-Men

Ultimate Gambit
Ultimate Gambit

In the Ultimate Universe we first see Gambit as a street urchin. After a young girl is orphaned by Hammerhead, Gambit takes care of the girl for a little while. She is taken by Hammerhead, but Gambit gets her back. During this time Professor Xavier invites him to join the X-Men, but he refuses. Gambit later drops the girl of with two people who had offered to help early and then leaves.

The next time we see Gambit he is working for the Ferris twins. He abducts Rogue for his employers, fighting Wolverine and the X-Men to do so. At first Rogue seems to hate him, but her feelings towards him seem to change after coming into skin contact with him and seeing his memories for the first time. Gambit eventually realizes that his employers are not the good guys and he and Rogue escape. Rogue then leaves the X-Men to join Gambit.

The next time we see gambit, he and Rogue are robbing a bank. Layer, Juggernaut shows up and claims to have feelings for Rogue. Gambit and Juggernaut get into a long fight, which results in Gambit being mortally wounded. He dies in Rogue’s arms giving her one last kiss.

Earth-1298: Mutant X

Mutant X
Mutant X

Gambit was the former leader of the New Orleans Thief Guild and was the husband of Bella Donna. During one of his missions, he have met Bloodstorm, an X-Woman named Storm who have been converted into a vampire. He offered loyalty to her and requested her to convert him to a vampire as well. Bloodstorm then bit him on his neck and his transformation as a vampire then started.

As he joined forces with Bloodstorm, they both have saved a pair of clone girl and boy in Sinister’s headquarters. The girl who was named Raven have been adopted by Gambit and brought her to his hometown to live as a family together with his wife. Julien, Bella Donna’s brother then attacked their hometown where his wife was killed. Gambit then decided to join The Six, a group of mutant vampires.

As he became a target for most of their enemies, he assured himself about the safety of Raven and sent him to Magneto and the X-Men in the moon. He continued his membership with the Six and became active in various missions. The day then came when they have been attacked by Dracula and most of the team wee slaughtered. Gambit then escaped using a plane.



In Earth-371 Gambit was a member of Weapon X. He sacrificed himself in a battle with Hyperion by charging Magik’s Soulsword and stabbing it in Hyperion’s exposed spinal column, killing them both in the explosion.

Earth-8545: Legacy Virus Merged with Warlock

Gambit was one of those powered beings and humans that were infected by a pandemic consisting of the Legacy Virus that had mutated with Warlock’s technarch virus



New Sun is an alternate reality Gambit. In his own reality, the New Sun’s kinetic charging powers had flared out of control, burning the world and killing everyone. As a result, the New Sun hunted down and killed versions of himself in other realities to ensure that they would not repeat his mistakes


Gambit as the Witness
Gambit as the Witness

In the future Bishop comes from, Gambit was an aged, but immensely powerful figure known as the Witness. See Witness.


In this world Gambit was a good friend of Namor who, after his death, gave his firstborn son the name Remy in honor of him. Thus the Gambit of New Exiles is the son of Namor and Invisible Woman. See Remy McKenzie.

Earth-58163: House of M

Gambit was a thief that was captured by Ms. Marvel. Though, his full history was not discussed and differentiated from his original counterpart.

Earth-2149: Zombies Universe


Gambit was infected by a virus that have caused him to become a zombie. Gambit was one of the residents of the Xavier Institute when it was attacked by the virus-containing zombies. Gambit arrives at the SHIELD helicarrier with his other team mates and Magneto. He then became one of the zombie horde that have attacked the Silver Surfer.

Earth-9997: Earth X

On Earth X it is said that Remy died, but it was not mentioned how.

Earth-41001 (X-Men: The End)

X-Men: The End
X-Men: The End

Here Gambit is revealed to be Mr. Sinister’s son/clone, from his own DNA before it was altered by Apocalypse. The reason for Gambit’s creation is that when Sinister switches bodies he needed one that was unscathed by Apocalypse, in order to defeat him this had to be the case, Gambit’s powers are derived from some DNA of Scott Summers that is included in his own DNA.

But after Apocalypse heard of the plan, Gambit was stolen and left in the care of the Thieves Guild. In this version Gambit is married to his on-again off-again girlfriend Rogue, together the two have sired two children Oliver and Rebecca. Oliver is a member and leader of the team GeNEXT in another different time-line.


Gambit and Storm had a daughter who was named Medea. Their daughter possesses both of their powers and also joined the X-Men. Their daughter also works with the children of some of their former X-Men co members led by Kitty Pryde and Logan.

Earth-1038: The Retro Men

The old retro fashion have come back to fashion which influenced the X-Men’s fashion sense. Gambit, as a member of the X-Men have worn retro based uniform that looks like the original uniform of the first X-Men.

Earth-95120: Marvel Riot Age of Apocalypse

Gambit was a member of the X-Men led by Magneto. Magneto then have to split the team to perform different missions in fixing the reality.

X-Men: Misfits

X-Men: Misfits
X-Men: Misfits

In a manga re-imagining of the X-Men universe, Gambit was a pupil at Xavier’s Academy for the Gifted. He was a loner, preferring to be a loner than mingle with the other students. However, Kitty Pryde discovered him cooking in the middle of the night. He silently showed her what he was cooking, and let her taste it afterward. She was in heaven at the taste of his food, and as a thanks he gave her a kiss on the hand.

As with the Gambit of regular Earth-616, he has distinguished eyes that are black instead of white. He is a very mysterious and silent character, having spoken only the once. During school time Gambit was seen playing with his deck of cards, but has yet to be seen using his mutant powers.

Earth-161: X-Men Forever

X-Men Forever
X-Men Forever

Gambit AKA Remy Picard is a thief and ally of the X-Men. After Wolverine is killed by Perfect Storm, Gambit encounters a young Ororo (like in Uncanny X-Men #266), after being analyzed by Beast, it’s determined both Storms are identical.

He becomes a mentor for little ‘Ro, and also looks out for Shadowcat, who is dealing with the merging of her DNA with Wolverine’s and becoming much like he was. Later on, Remy and Kitty become attracted to each other, but they are hesitant about their feelings.

What if…? Universes

Earth-979: What If Mr. Sinister Learned the Greatest Secrets of the Marvel Universe?

Gambit is a member of the X-Men, but he betrayed them for Mr. Sinister’s mission. He stole the files from Cerebro and gave it to Mr. Sinister, in exchange, Mr. Sinister offered a cure for the Legacy Virus. Gambit then reappeared to propose marriage to Rogue. Rogue became angry and refused, knowing that Gambit had betrayed the team.

He also offered a cure for Rogue’s powers which would enable her to have a normal life. When Rogue took the serum, she kissed Gambit to prove that the cure was fake. She consumed too much life force from Gambit, and he died as a result.

Earth-983: What if Gambit Condemned Gambit to Death?

The X-Men discovered Gambit’s connections to the villainous Mr. Sinister. He was sent to Antarctica, but his efforts moved him all the way to Paris where he conversed with the X-Men. The X-Men then had a discussion with him about his life.

Wolverine sided with Gambit, fighting for his life; meanwhile, Angel chose to spare his life only so as to shun him from the team forever. Marrow, wanting Gambit to die, impaled Gambit with a bone causing his immediate death.

Earth-97913: What if Wolverine Had Remained Feral?

Gambit was shown as a hologram in Wolverine’s past. Though, his status and history regarding Wolverine’s past were not revealed.

Earth-200524: What if Cyclops Got an Eye Infection?

Gambit was a member of the X-Men and witnessed Cyclops’ eye infection to worsen as he blasts unconsciously.

Earth-1031: X-Men Millennial Visions

In this reality, the X-Men stay together even after Professor Xavier’s death. Gambit marries Rogue and they live happily. His trademark in using cards as weapons is imitated by his wife.

Earth-1043: Brotherhood Millennial Visions

Destiny foresees a possible future for her Brotherhood members. Gambit is a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants led by Magneto, though, he displays no superhuman abilities. He has feelings for Magneto’s wife, Rogue Darkholme, (Rogue and Mystique as one). They start seeing each other secretly without the knowledge of Magneto and they end up having a daughter.

Other Media


X-Men: The Animated Series

X-Men: The Animated Series
X-Men: The Animated Series

Gambit is a prominent member of the X-Men. He and Rogue have a complicated relationship in the beginning of the show as he keeps flirting with her and she has to keep reminding him of how her powers could put him in a coma. Gambit would then insist that it was worth the risk. In one mission where the X-Men’s powers were neutralized, Gambit tells Rogue that he loves her and kisses her. The rest of the series implies that they will always be a couple.

His past is also shown which includes the Thieves Guild and Bella Donna. He was then accused by Bishop as a traitor to humanity, that he assassinated Senator Kelly, which then led to a “Days Of Future Past” type future. It was revealed that it was Mystique who disguised herself as Gambit. Gambit also pretended to be a traitor so that he would have the chance to free his team mates during the “Slave Island” episodes. He was voiced by Chris Potter and Tony Daniels.

X-Men: Evolution

X-Men: Evolution
X-Men: Evolution

He appeared in numerous episodes here as one of Magneto’s henchmen for hire. Again, Gambit and Rogue’s relationship is never really shown although there is some romantic tension between them. Gambit abducts Rogue while she is on her way to school. He then takes Rogue on a train and brings her to his father’s location. Using her powers to help him save his father, Jean-Luc, from kidnappers.

Both of them study each others’ psychology and develop an affection for each other. When the situation gets worse, the X-Men find Rogue and save her. Gambit also became one of Magneto’s Acolytes, who helped him avoid the existence of Apocalypse. As Rogue was being mentally controlled by Mesmero, she kissed Gambit using her powers of absorption to gain some of Gambit’s powers for a time. Though not depowered, his powers became a contribution for Apocalypse to be reanimated. In the final episode when Xavier glimpses into the future, Gambit along with many others are shown to be new additions to the X-Men. He was voiced by Alessandro Juliani.

Wolverine and the X-Men

Gambit is first introduced in the episode “Thieves Gambit”, working as a thief and always pushing his loyalty to the highest bidder. He was hired by Sybil Zane and Bolivar Trask to go and steal a collar invented by Forge which allowed mutants to lose energy for their powers, thus leaving them helpless. He was able to steal the collar, but not without being caught through scent by Wolverine.

Wolverine then hires Gambit to go and retrieve the collar from Zane for double the price. They eventually get the collar back, but then Gambit double crosses him and takes the collar container for another bidder who’d pay more. Later, it is revealed that Wolverine expected the double cross and took the collar out of the container leaving Gambit with only the empty case and no money.

Gambit later is hired by Senator Kelly to steal Magneto’s helmet as a symbol of declaring war, which would eventually in Prof. X’s future would lead to the release of the Sentinels on the human side. There, he reveals the truth about Kelly’s intentions, and in the meantime, woos Polaris, much to Scarlet Witch’s disappointment. Polaris and Gambit share an unexpected kiss, planted by Polaris, and Wanda throws Gambit in prison. However, that was not a problem for long, because Polaris released him within hours probably, and then they agreed to run away together.

In between wooing Polaris, angering Wanda, and annoying Magneto, Gambit still manages to pull off stealing the helmet. In the end, it is revealed, that Gambit’s true intention was never to really steal the helmet, but to destroy Genosha from the inside. However, he still does manage to pull off stealing the helmet, but is in return stopped by Polaris, whom he betrayed minutes before. He leaves with a broken boat, no dice, and without the girl.

Unlike other animated versions of X-Men, Remy Lebeau did not have any interaction or assume flirting with the character of Rogue during the entire season, when usually, the essences of flirtation and sexual attraction is usually associated with his character when she is introduced. The character of Bella Dona has not been introduced into the show either, and relatively little is known about Remy’s past, only that he’s an accomplished thief.

It is shown in the show that Remy had some lingering feelings for Polaris, but was forced to do the needful, and betrayed her in the end, but not without teaching her a lesson she’d use in the finale only five episodes away. However, that didn’t stop her from stumping him and retrieving her father’s helmet, and that didn’t stop her from still holding on to her feelings for him either.

Gambit has also made a small cameo appearance in the ninth episode of the first season titled “Future X”, his face is shown side by side on a screen with other known mutants. He was voiced by Phil LaMarr.

Wolverine: The Long Night

Gambit appears in the second season of the Wolverine podcast series, he was voiced by Bill Heck.


X2: X-Men United

Gambit’s name is listed in William Stryker’s files on Lady Deathstrike‘s computer.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Taylor Kitch as Gambit
Taylor Kitch as Gambit

Gambit finally made his full cinematic appearance in the Wolverine spin-off movie, portrayed by Taylor Kitsch. His full origin story was unexplained by a brief explanation provided by Blob reveals that Gambit was a hustler from New Orleans who was captured by Victor Creed and imprisoned by William Stryker in a mutant prison on Three Mile Island.

He earned the nickname Gambit because he constantly won money from the guards in card games and after two years, he escaped to New Orleans where he became a popular presence in back alley casinos and bars. Logan tracks him down so that Gambit can lead him to Stryker but during their conversation, Gambit notices Logan’s dog tags and assuming that Logan was there to recapture him, he attacked and used his powers to throw Logan through a brick wall.

Gambit unintentionally intervened in a fight between Logan and Creed, allowing Creed to get away and then resumed his fight with Logan, who quickly defeated him. Logan finally convinces Gambit to take him to the Island so he can take revenge on Creed & Stryker and Gambit obliges, flying him there in a light aircraft that he won in a poker game.

Gambit is absent for Logan’s battle on Three Mile Island, appearing only to save Logan from being crushed by a large piece of debris before being sent to find the now liberated mutant prisoners. Gambit finds them boarding a helicopter operated by Professor Xavier and returns to inform Logan, who had just been shot in the head repeatedly with adamantium bullets and subsequently lost his entire memory.

Not knowing who Gambit was, Logan angrily demanded answers from Gambit, who informed him that his name was Logan and that they had to leave the island before the authorities arrived. As they made their way to Gambit’s plane, they came across the body of Logan’s girlfriend Kayla and Gambit asked Logan who she was, but the feral mutant didn’t remember, though he obviously still had an attachment to her. Gambit offers to take Logan off the island but Logan replies that he can find his own way, and the two went their separate ways at the end of the film, leaving Gambit’s ultimate fate unknown.

Gambit was portrayed slightly differently to the comic version, as he spoke with a New Orleans accent instead of his distinctive Cajun speech and his eyes appear human until he uses his powers, at which point they glow red. His powers were also notably different as when he uses his signature attack of throwing charged playing cards, the cards do not explode on impact but merely hit with much greater force, demonstrated when he knocks Wolverine through a brick wall. He is shown to be extremely agile and durable, as he takes a direct blow from Wolverine’s adamantium enhanced fist to the face, only to resume fighting moments later with no ill effect, and is skilled in the use of a Bo staff.

Video Games

Spider-Man/X-Men: Arcade’s Revenge

Spider-Man and the X-Men
Spider-Man and the X-Men

This is the first video game that features Gambit, originally released for the SNES system in 1992. He is one of the five playable characters. You have to use Gambit in two chess-themed stages where a giant spiked ball chases him. He has to beat a mini-boss which is an over-sized card, and his final boss is Selene, the Black Queen.

In the first Gambit stage you can “farm” for infinite lives as long as you let the ball kill the character before completing the mission.

X-Men (Sega Genesis & Game Gear games)

Gambit is one of the playable characters of both X-Men and X-Men 2: Clone Wars games for the Sega Genesis console. He uses his Bo staff for hand-to-hand combat and can throw cards that track his enemies.

He also appears as one of the playable character line-up in the Game Gear games X-Men 2: Game Master’s Legacy (loosely based on the X-Cutioner’s Song storyline) and X-Men 3: Mojo World.

X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse

Gambit vs the Brood Queen
Gambit vs the Brood Queen

The ragin’ Cajun is one of the five playable characters of the game. He has a Bo staff-based combo attack and three different card attacks. Gambit’s individual mission consists in attacking the Genoshan harbor base while Psylocke attacks the main base, drawing the attention towards her. If you beat the game without losing anyone, you will see a special scene of Gambit and Rogue at the end.

Marvel Versus Capcom Series

Marvel Vs Capcom
Marvel Vs Capcom

Gambit is one of the playable characters in most of the games of this series. His first appearance was in the debut fighting game crossover X-Men VS. Street Fighter (the third of the Marvel fighting arcade games), his stage is Manhattan by night. Later he makes a cameo appearance in Marvel Super Heroes VS. Street Fighter, and returns as a playable character for both Marvel VS. Capcom and Marvel VS. Capcom 2, gaining the special Cajun Explosion in addition to his Royal Flush special.

X-Men: Ravages Of The Apocalypse

In this peculiar game (it is a Quake conversion, and the game consists in killing cyborg clones of the X-Men) Gambit is one of the targets to kill throughout the levels.

X-Men: Mutant Academy Series

Gambit versus Cyclops
Gambit versus Cyclops

Gambit is a playable character in the polygon-based 2D fighting games X-Men: Mutant Academy and Mutant Academy 2 and Mutant Academy for Game Boy Color. His stage is the Bayou.

X-Men Legends and X-Men Legends 2: Rise Of Apocalypse

X-Men Legends II
X-Men Legends II

Gambit is a playable character in both versions of the game, that served as basis to Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Gambit posses staff attacks, energy attacks, playing card attacks and thieving abilities. In the rest game, Gambit is acquired after the fourth mission. He has special dialog with Rogue while in the mansion. There are not any bonus costumes for him in this game.

In the second game in the series, Gambit is a playable character from the beginning. He will have special dialogue with Pyro during a mission in the first area, and later on when you meet Sebastian Shaw. Diffrent uniforms can be chosen for the character, including the one from Age Of Apocalypse, X-Treme X-Men, and his classic attire from the 90’s comics.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Gambit appears in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 as a playable character, receiving a slightly redesigned version of his signature comic costume. His powers in the game are basically the same as the comics, attacking with his Bo staff and using charged playing cards as special attacks.

After defeating 50 enemies, the player can unlock his alternate costume which is modeled on his Death persona, when Gambit became one of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

In the game, Gambit has slightly different traits than his film version of himself. Wolverine chases down Gambit in a construction area fighting-off Stryker’s soldiers.

X-Men: Destiny

Gambit in X-Men: Destiny
Gambit in X-Men: Destiny

Gambit has been confirmed as a non-playable character in the new game X-Men Destiny set for release in the Fall of 2011.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Marvel: Avengers Alliance
Marvel: Avengers Alliance

In this Facebook game Gambit is a playable character that can be unlocked for 90 Command Points and is featured wearing his “Classic” Costume which is currently his only costume available. The attacks available are Bo Roulette, Ace of Spades, Ragin’ Cajun, and Royal Flush.

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes
Marvel Heroes

Gambit is now a playable character in Gazillion’s MMO/RPG Marvel Heroes and can be played in his classic and modern costumes.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Ultimate Alliance 3
Ultimate Alliance 3

Gambit returns in the third Ultimate Alliance game as part of the X-Men: Rise of Phoenix DLC pack. He was voiced by Rick Pasqualone.


Gambit has appeared in many X-Men themed merchandising lines since the 90’s, ranging from toys and statues to apparel.

From ToyBiz, Kotobukiya, Hasbro and Kaiyodo
From ToyBiz, Kotobukiya, Hasbro and Kaiyodo
  • Gambit was featured in ToyBiz’s various X-Men lines throughout the 90s.
  • Gambit was featured in ToyBiz’s Marvel vs. Capcom line as part of a two-pack with Zangief from the Street Fighter series.
  • Gambit was featured in ToyBiz’s Marvel Legends line as part of the fourth series. The figure was later released as part of an X-Men box set.
  • Gambit was featured in ToyBiz’s X-Men Classics line, which was a 6″ line done in the scale and style of the Marvel Legends figures.
  • Various companies like Sideshow Collectibles, Bowen Designs, Diamond Collectibles and Kotobukiya released various statues and busts of Gambit.
  • Gambit was featured in Diamond Select’s Minimates lie.
  • Diamond Select released a Gambit figure for the Marvel Select line.
  • Gambit was featured in Hasbro’s toy line for X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
  • Gambit was featured in Hasbro’s Greatest Battles: Comic Packs line as part of a two-pack with Mr. Sinister.
  • Gambit was featured in Hasbro’s Super Hero Squad line as part of a two-pack with Rogue.
  • Eaglemoss released a Gambit figurine as part of The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection.
  • Gambit was featured in Kaiyodo’s Revoltech line.
  • Gambit was featured in Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line as part of the Caliban Build-a-Figure wave.

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